Cub Cadet 19A70041100 42-inch Mulch Kit Instruction Manual

InstallatIon Manual42-inch Mulch Kit — 19A70041100

Model 19A70041100 mulch kit is designed for use with select 42inch two-blade cutting decks.Refer to your tractor’s Operator’s Manual to assure compatibility.Carton ContentsBefore beginning installation, remove all parts from the carton to make sure everything is present. Carton contents are listed below and shown in Figure 1-1. Part numbers are listed in parentheses.

  • Two Mulching Blades (742-0616A)
  • One Deck Mulch Plug Assembly (631-05195A)
  • One Wing Knob (720-04122)
  • One Flat Washer (736-0159)
  • One Mulch Plug Wire (747-06686)

Blade Installation

WARNING: Before beginning installation, place the tractor on a firm and level surface set the parking brake, place the PTO in the disengaged (OFF) position, stop the tractor’s motor and remove the ignition key to prevent unintended starting.WARNING: Cutting blades are sharp. Always protect hands by wearing heavy leather work gloves to grasp blades.

  1. Remove the cutting deck from beneath the tractor as instructed in your tractor’s Operator’s Manual.
  2. Gently flip the deck over to expose its underside.
  3. Stabilize one of the cutting blades with a blade lock tool or a block of wood. See Figure 1-2.
  4. Remove the hex flange nut that secures the blade to the spindle.IMPORTANT: The hex flange nuts have a right-handed (normal) thread pattern. Do NOT attempt to force the nuts in the opposite direction. Doing so may damage the nuts.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other cutting blade.
  6. Replace the blades with the blades included in the kit. Be sure to install each blade with the side marked ‘‘Bottom’’ (or with a part number stamped in it) facing the ground when the mower is in the operating position.IMPORTANT: Use a torque wrench to tighten each blade spindle’s hex flange nut to between 90 ft-lb and 110 ft-lb.

Installing the Mulch Plug

  1. Pivot the chute deflector upward and remove the protective cover from the pin found on the deck’s surface.See Figure 1-3.
  2. To install the mulch plug, pivot the discharge chute upward. Refer to Figure 1-4:a. Insert the mulch plug rod into the hole found on the bracket (or deck wheel bracket, on models so equipped).b. Position the rear of the mulch plug over the pin found on the deck’s surface.Important: Be certain that the bottom edge of the mulch plug is installed on the inside of the lip of the deck opening, as shown in Figure 1-5.
  3. Slide the mulch plug wire (747-06686) over the pin on the deck’s surface, position the washer over the wire, and secure the mulch plug with the wing knob. See Figure 1-6.NOTE: Make sure that the wing knob is snug, and the wire is positioned inside the lip of the deck to keep the mulch plug securely in place. See the inset in Figure 1-6.
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