Cylon Gaming Case User Manual

User’s Manual

Front I/O Panel Cabel Connection

(Please refer to the motherboard’s manual for further instructions).

Front Panel Connector


Accessory Bag Contents

     Fan Screw

      MB Standoff

  SSD Screw  MB Screw

  PSU Screw  PCI Screw

How to Install Guide

(1) Motherboard

  Install Motherboard

(2) PSU

  Install PSU

(3) Add-on Card

   Install Add-on Card

(4) 3.5″ HDD x 2

Install 3.5″ HDD

Install 3.5″ HDD

(5) 2.5″ SSD x 2

Install 2.5″ SSD

Install 2.5″ SSD

(6) Radiator

   Install the fan and radiator

(7) Fan

   Install Fan

LED Switch

LED Mode Switch ( Hold switch for secs to turn off LED )

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