Warning!Please read the user manual included in this work as it contains important information related to the safety of installation and use of the device.Only persons who read the user manual may use the device.The user manual must be kept because it may be required in the future. The device is to be used exclusively for purposes specified in this user manual.The device must be unpacked prior to starting up. After removing the packaging make sure the device is in working order. If the product has defects, it should not be used until it is repaired.The product is intended for use at home and commercial use and may not be used for other than intended use.The manufacturer is not liable for damages resulting from not adhering to the rules contained in the user manual, therefore, we recommend following the aforementioned safety rules for the operation and maintenance of the device. In this way, you will ensure your safety and avoid causing damage to the device.The manufacturer and the supplier are not liable for losses or damages arising out of the product, including financial or intangible losses, loss of profits, income, data, pleasure from the use of the product or other products related with it – indirect, incidental, or consequential loss or damage. The above provisions apply whether the loss or damage concerns:

  1. Deterioration of quality or the lack of operation of the products or products related with it due to damage as well as the lack of access to the product when it is undergoing repair, which results in stoppage the loss of users time or a break in business activity;
  2. Improper results of operation of the product or products related with it;
  3. It applies to losses and damages according to any legal category, including negligence and other losses, termination of a contract, expressed or implied guarantee, and strict liability (even if the manufacturer or the supplier was notified about the possibility of occurrence of such damages).

Safety measures:Particular attention at designing was directed to quality standards of the device were ensuring the safety of operation is the most important factor.The device must be secured against contact with caustic, staining, and viscous fluids.The device was designed in such a way that it restarts operation when the power supply is restored after a break.Attention! We recommend using protections to further protect the device from possible overvoltages in installations. Surge protectors are effective protection against the accidental pass to the device voltages higher than the rated. Damages caused to bypass the voltages higher than specified in manual, are not under warranty.Turn off the device before transporting it.Prior to connecting the device to a power source check whether the supplied voltage is consistent with the rated voltage specified in the user manual.Proper product disposal:A marking of a crossed-out waste bin indicates that the product may not be disposed of together with other household waste in the entire EU. To avoid possible damage to the natural environment of health due to uncontrolled waste disposal, therefore, it should be handed over for recycling, propagating in this way sustainable use of natural resources.To return a worn-out product, use a collection and disposal system of this type of equipment or contact a seller from whom it was purchased. It will then be recycled in an environmentally-friendly way.

The XVRSIO4HS-12 digital recorder with AHD (Analog High Definition), HD-CTI (High Definition Composite Video Interface), HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface). TCP/IP and CVBS interface is a professional device applicable in surveillance systems.The menu options layout has been designed for all users, even beginners can easily navigate and change parameters in DVR settings without any problem.

Video inputs: 4 pcs BNC
Video outputs:

1 pcs HDMI

1 pcs HDMI1 pcs VGA
Audio inputs: • 1 pcs – CINCH• 4 – Audio support via coaxial cable, HD-CVI only
Audio outputs: 1 pcs CINCH
Image compression method: AI Coding / H.265+ / H.265 / H.264+ / H.264
Image records resolutions:
  • AHD / HD-CVI / HD-TVI :5M-N – 1296 x 1440 ,4M-N – 1280 x 1440 ,1080p – 1920 x 1080 ,1080N – 960 x 1080 ,720p – 1280 x 720 ,
  • CVBS :960H – 960 x 576
  • IP :max. 6 Mpx – 3072 x 2048
Recording speed adjustment: 6 Mpx IP @ 1 … 25 fps5M-N @ 1 … 10 fps4M-N @ 1 … 15 fps1080p @ 1 … 15 fps1080N @ 1 … 25 fps720p @ 1 … 25 fps960H @ 1 … 25 fpsfor each channel
Operation modes: 4 x AHD / HD-CVI / HD-TVI / CVBS / IP + 2 x IP
Recording modes: Manual, Motion Detection, Schedule
Supported hard drives: 1 x 6 TB SATA
External storage devices backup: Save single frames and whole records from the DVR drive to the USB drive
Searching and playback the records: Records searching: by time + timeline with record type. Playback: forward, fast, slow, stepAdvanced searching (to the one-second accuracy)Intelligent face search AI – simultaneous search in the archive of face recordings based on max 8 photos taking into account the similarity threshold (for each photo separately)
Network functions: Network Client Software and IE browser: live view, playback, and backup of the records, partial configuration of the recorder parameters
Mobile phones support: Port no.: 37777 or access by a cloud (P2P)• Android: Free application gDMSS Plus• iOS (iPhone): Free application iDMSS Plus
See how to configure the P2P function in Dahua recorders and how to enable the mobile application
Alarm inputs / outputs:
PTZ control: IP Speed Dome CamerasControl compatible with coax PTZ HD-CVIRS-485 – PELCO-D/P
Motion Detection: Split the screen into zones: 22 x 18 motion zones
Main features:
  • Cooperation with Dahua devices working in the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT),
  • POS – support the machines installed in the points of sales and display the date from them as overlaid text on selected channel window,
  • Coax Audio/Alarm support,
  • Intelligent Image Analysis: crossing the line (tripwire), crossing the line (tripwire), abandoned/missing object, classification of people and vehicles
  • advanced face and vehicle recognition and search functions
  • Support for up to 10 face databases, including 10 000 face images
  • Detection of faces not included in the device database
  • Searching for faces in recordings based on max 8 selected photos with the ability to independently set the similarity threshold for each photo
USB: 2 pcs USB 2.0
Mouse support:
IR remote controller in the set:
Power supply: 12 V DC / 1.5 A (power adapter included)
Color: Black
Weight: 0.84 kg
Dimensions: 260 x 236 x 48 mm
Supported languages: Polish, English, Czech, Danish, Finnish, French, Greek, Spanish, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Hungarian, Italian
Country of origin: China
Manufacturer / Brand: DAHUA
Guarantee: 3 years

Front panel:


In the kit:

Example captures of device interface:


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