deerma DX900 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Instruction Manual

deerma DX900 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Instruction Manual

Continuous large suction can take away the dust

It is great at picking up fine dust rapidly and flexibly for each corner.It is effective storing the dust not backflow to give you a clean living area.


  1. Handgrip
  2. Power cord hock
  3. Power cord
  4. Handgrip assembly base
  5. Main body
  6. Dust collection box release button
  7. Floor brush
  8. 2 in 1 brush
  9. Dust collection box
  10. Filter
  11. Switch
  12. Metal tube


  1. Vacuum cleaner is an electric appliance, it must be used in accordance with the conditions of the specification, the specification must be properly preserved for future reference.
  2. Check and confirm that the vacuum cleaner uses voltage must be consistent with the power supply voltage.
  3. .Do not inhale the following objects, or may damage the vacuum cleaner or cause a fire, resulting in personal injury and other accidents.
    • A. heating objects, such as carbon fire, etc.;
    • B. cut sharp fragments, such as glass, etc.;
    • C. harmful objects or water and liquids (solvents, corrosive agents, etc.)
    • D. flammable and explosive substances, such as gasoline or alcohol products
  4. To clean, repair or temporarily do not use vacuum cleaner, must be cut off the power supply. When cutting off the power supply is not allow to pull the power line, should be hand up the plastic part of the plug pull it out..
  5. Avoid the vacuum cleaner be immersed in water, avoid closing to heating equipment or exposure, so as to avoid fire.
  6. Don’t let the children play with the vacuum cleaner, so as to avoid accident.
  7. Please do not use the vacuum cleaner in the following situations:
    • A. fall and appear obviously damaged or running is not normal;
    • B. power cord breakage.In above case, do not starting the machine, in a timely hand it over to our company designated maintenance Department to repair.
  8. Avoid long running in the state of the suction mouth blocking, so as to avoid motor damage and vacuum cleaner heating deformation.
  9. This product power line and motor using Y type connection, if the power line is damaged, must use the special equipment to be replaced, or send it to the professional maintenance department.
Welcome to use our vacuum cleaner. DX900

Welcome to use our vacuum cleaner. You should read this manual before operation and keep the manual properly for reference later.

Photos and information of products in the picture album are for your reference only and they may not 100% reflect the actual products. Our albums and products are subject to change without prior notice.


  • Product Name: Vacuum Cleaner
  • Model: DX900
  • Voltage: 220-240V~ 50-60Hz
  • Power: 600W
  • Dust capacity: 1.2L
  • Vacuum: ≥15KPa
  • Noise level: ≤82dB(A)


This appliance has a polarized plug(one blade is wider than the other). As a safety feature, this plug will fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still dose not fit, contact qualified electrician. Do not attempt to modify the plug in any way.


Handle push mode

  1. Press dust cup button , take out the dust cup to insure there is a filter inside it, insure all parts are connected together fasten and set power switch to”0/OFF” before using.
  2. Install the handgrip: open handle button, insert handgrip into the main body, then rotate slowly until reach the bottom then release the button and fasten it to handle assembly.
  3. Insert the floor brush according to figure 3 and confirm it’s fasten.
  4. Insert the power plug into the power supply socket, turn on the switch, machine start work.
  5. Turn off the machine and unplugged.
  6. Roll the power cord to power cord hook and store the machine upright.
Compact Vacuum Cleaner mode

  1. Spin the power cord hook for unwound the power cord
  2. Remove the handgrip
  3. Remove the floor nozzle
  4. Insert the 2 in 1 brush
  5. Inset the plug into the outlet, Turn on the switch(ON)
  6. Turn off the switch(OFF),Unplug the plug from the outlet
  7. Press and hold one side release button and make the dust cup incline, remove the dust cup when release button away the button placement.


Routine Maintenance

Open dust cup, take out the filter, wash it by water and drying naturally.

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  1. filter should be cleaned monthly and washed immediately when there is obvious sediments;
  2. filter should be installed correct and dry before using;
  3. make sure the steel core and HEPA sponge are in good condition before using.


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