DELL E1715S 17-Inch 5:4 LED-Backlit TN LCD Monitor User Guide

Step Figure Remark
S1. Remove the STAND BASE ASS’Y. Turn off power, Unplug external cables from product
S1. Remove the STAND BASE ASS’Y. Note: Put the monitor on a flat, soft and clean surface. Press the button on  the red circle then pull out the stand follow the arrow, stand-base assy will  be remove.
S2. Remove the REAR COVER. Use a Philips-head screwdriver to remove 6 screws for unlocking mechanisms.(No.1~2 screw size=M4x10; Torque=12±2kgf.cmNo.5~6 screw size=P3x4; Torque=6±
S2. Remove the REAR COVER. Use Penknife to separate the bezel and rear cove follow the arrows in sequence, then you can take out rear cover.
S3. Remove the Cable.

Disconnect the keyboard harness.
S4. Disconnect the LEDHARNESS and FFC CABLE.

S5. Remove the MAIN and POWERBOARD.

1. Turn over the main frame.2. Remove the Insulatingsheet. Use a Philips-head screwdriver to removescrews for unlocking Mainboard and Power board (No.1~3 screw  size=M3x6; Torque=6± No.4 screw size=M4x6; Torque=6± a Philips-head screwdriver to remove 1 screws for unlocking Main board(No.1 screw size=M3x5; Torque=6± a hex screwdriver to remove 2 screws for unlocking mainboard(No.2~3 Hex screw Torque= 4.5 ±
S6. Disconnect the HARNESS.  


S7. Remove the MAIN FRAME  

S8. Remove the PANELfrom Bezel  

S9. Removethe KEYBOARD.

Use a Philips-head screwdriver to remove 4  screws for unlocking Key board(No.1~4 screw size=M2x2.5; Torque=0.7±
S10.Remove capacitors Remove electrolyte capacitors (red mark) from printed circuit boards
S10.Remove capacitors  

Take out the bulk cap. pin solder with soldering iron and absorber
Lift the bulk cap. up and away from the PCB

2. Product material informationThe following substances, preparations, or components should be disposed of or recovered separately from other WEEE in compliance with Article 4 of EU Council Directive 75/442/EEC.

Capacitors / condensers (containing PCB/PCT) No used
Mercury-containing components No used
Batteries No used
Printed circuit boards (with a surface greater than 10 square cm) The product has printed circuit boards (with a surface greater than 10 square cm)
The component contains toner, ink, and liquids No used
Plastic containing BFR No used
Component and waste contain asbestos No used
CRT No used
Component contain CFC, HCFC, HFC and HC No used
Gas discharge lamps No used
LCD display > 100 cm2 The product has an LCD greater than 100 cm2
External electric cable The product has external cables
The component contains refractory ceramic fibers No used
The component contains radioactive substances No used
Electrolyte capacitors (height > 25mm, diameter > 25mm) Product has electrolyte capacitors (height > 25mm, diameter > 25mm)
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3. Tools RequiredList the type and size of the tools that would typically can be used to disassemble the product to a point where components and materials requiring selective treatment can be removed.Tool Description:‐ Phillip head Screwdriver‐ Hex Screwdriver‐ Penknife‐ Soldering iron and absorber

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