DELL U2720Q Ultrasharp 27 inch 4K USB-C Monitor User Guide


Disassembly Procedures:

S1 Open the carton with a proper tool.

S2 Take out all accessories including UAE label, QSG, Delta-e-paper, user’s manual, DP cable, USB cable, power cable, and other packing materials from the carton. (Note: It depends on whether users return the accessories)

S3 Take out the base, Paper-Top, and stand from the carton, then take out the monitor from the pizza carton.

S4 Take out the monitor from the EPE bag and put the LCD monitor on a protective cushion.S5 Use a Philips-head screwdriver to remove four screws for unlocking mechanisms.(No.1~4 screw size=M4x11; Torque=11±1kgfxcm)

S6 Wedge your fingers between the rear cover and the middle bezel on the corners of the top side of the monitor to release the rear cover, then use one hand to press the middle bezel, the other hand to pull up carefully the rear cover in order of arrow preference for unlocking mechanisms of rear cover.

S7 Lift the rear cover up carefully. Disconnect the USB LVDS cable and function key cable from the connectors of the interface board, and then remove the rear cover.

S8 Use a Philips-head screwdriver to remove a 1pcs screw for unlocking the USB board unit, then release the USB board unit and put it aside.(No.1 screw size=M3x6, Torque=4±0.5kgfxcm)

S9 Tear off 4pcs aluminum foil for releasing the bracket. Use a Philips-head screwdriver to release 12 screws for unlocking the middle bezel away from the assembled unit.(No.1~12 screw size=M3x4, Torque=3~4kgfxcm)

S10 Use a Philips-head screwdriver to remove four screws for unlocking the bracket chassis module with the panel module.(No.1~4 Screw size= M3x0.5×4, Torque=3~4kgfxcm)

S11 Disconnect the panel power cable from the two connectors of the panel module, then release the panel power cables from the hooks of the middle bezel.

S12 Move up the bracket, then push the earing-lock and disconnect the EDP cable away from the connector of the panel module.

S13 Remove the bracket chassis module and then put the bracket on a protector cushion.

S14 Tear off the adhesive tape for releasing the function key cable, and then a Philips-head screwdriver to remove 3pcs screws for unlocking the function keyboard. Tear off the mylar tape, then use remove the middle bezel with the function keyboard.(No.1~3 screw size=M2x2.4, Torque=0.8~1kgfxcm)

S15 Turn over the bracket chassis module. Remove the Mylar tape from the hooks of the bracket.

 S16 Use a Philips-head screwdriver to remove two screws for unlocking the AC power outlet.(No.1~2 screw size=M3x8, Torque=7±1kgfxcm)

S17 Remove the panel lamp cable from the hook of the bracket. Use a Philips-head screwdriver to remove 6pcs screws for the interface board and power board.(No.1 screw size=M4x8, Torque=7±1kgfxcm;No.2~6 screw size=M3x7.5, Torque=7±1kgfxcm)

S18 Remove the power board and interface board from the bracket chassis module carefully, and then disconnecting all of the cables.

S19 Remove electrolyte capacitors (red mark) from printed circuit boards.S19-1 Cut the glue between bulk caps. and PCB with a knife.

S19-2 Ensure cutting path within the glue, don’t touch bulk cap. or PCB.

S19-3 Cut into the bottom of the bulk cap. and pull it up carefully.

S19-4 Take out the bulk cap. pin solder with soldering iron and absorber.

S19-5 Lift the bulk cap. up and away from the PCB.

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Product material information

The following substances, preparations, or components should be disposed of or recovered separately from other WEEE in compliance with Article 4  of EU Council Directive 75/442/EEC.

Capacitors / condensers (containing PCB/PCT) No used
Mercury-containing components No used
Batteries No used
Printed circuit boards (with a surface greater than 10 square cm) The product has printed circuit boards (with a surface greater than 10 square cm)
The component contains toner, ink, and liquids No used
Plastic containing BFR No used
Component and waste contain asbestos No used
CRT No used
Component contain CFC, HCFC, HFC and HC No used
Gas discharge lamps No used
LCD display > 100 cm2 The product has an LCD greater than 100 cm2
External electric cable The product has external cables
The component contains refractory ceramic fibers No used
Component contain radioactive substances No used
Electrolyte capacitors (height > 25mm, diameter > 25mm) Product has electrolyte capacitors (height > 25mm, diameter > 25mm)

Tools Required

List the type and size of the tools that would typically can be used to disassemble the product to a point where components and materials requiring selective treatment can be removed.Tool Description:– Screwdriver (Phillip head) #1– Screwdriver (Phillip head) #2– Penknife– Soldering iron and absorber

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