digitech 2-in-One Wterproof 360 Speake XC5242 User Manual

2-In- Waterproof 360° Speakerwith Bluetooth® Technology

User Manual XC5242

Box Contents: x

1×2 In-Waterproof 360° Speaker1 ×2-Way USB Charging Cable


  • 2-In-1 Separated Speaker Design
  • 360° Stereo Surround Sound
  • True Wireless Stereo (TWS)
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Hands-free Calls

Product Diagram:

Bluetooth Pairing

Step 1 – Power On :Press and hold both the power button of the master and slave speaker simultaneously for up to 2 seconds. The speaker will turn on, and you will hear a beeping sound. The LED indicator of the bottom (slave) speaker will stay blue and the top (master) speaker will begin flashing.Step 2 – Pair Your Smartphone:Open your smartphone settings and ensure Bluetooth® is enabled. Scan for devices and “Digitech XC5242” will appear. Once it appears; press the button and the speaker will connect.

Step 3 – Pairing Successful: The blue LED indicator will stay lit once the pairing is complete, you can now start playing music.

Bluetooth® Operation:Power On/Off / Call Button:Power: Press and hold the power button for up to 2 seconds to power on and offPlay/Pause: Press the power button to play or pauseAccept Incoming Calls: Press the power button to answer an incoming callRefuse Incoming Calls: Press the power button twice to reject a callHang Up: Press the power button to hang up the call once you have already accepted itVolume Up/Next Track:Volume Up: Press the volume up button to turn the music upNext Track: Press and hold the volume up button to skip to the next trackVolume Down/Previous Track:Volume Down: Press the volume down button to turn the music downPrevious Track: Press and hold the volume down button to skip to the previous trackTWS Disconnect: Press the power button three times to disconnect the TWS pairing.Bluetooth® Disconnect: Press the power button two times to disconnect the current Bluetooth® device connectedNote: The volume buttons on both speakers control the main volume no matter which speaker you control while they’re both connected.LED Status Indicator:



Blue Flashing Bluetooth Pairing, Out Of Bluetooth Range
Blue On Bluetooth Connected Successfully
Read On Charging
Red Flashing Low Battery
LED Off Fully Charged, Power Off

True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Pairing:

By default, the speaker is connected as one which can be controlled by the main volume buttons on the front of the speaker. If you take off the silicon rubber cover, twist and rotate the speakers to separate them into twin speakers providing you true left and right stereo audio.Press and hold the power button simultaneously on both speakers for up to two seconds. It will connect automatically to one another once the Bluetooth is successful. You can also just turn on one speaker if you prefer and control it using the power and volume buttons.


Bluetooth® Version:Output Power:Transmission Range:Frequency Response:IP Rating:Playback Time:Charging Time:Battery:Power:Power Consumption:Dimensions: 5.015WRMS (2 x 7.5WRMS)Up to 10m68Hz-20KHzIPX73-15 Hours3-4 HoursLi-ion 3.7V, lSOOmA x 25VDC, lA (Micro B USB)500mA(Max)210(H) x 84(Dia)mm

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What USB Charger should I use?A. Any 5VDC, lA USB mains power adaptor can be used or a standard USB 500mA computer port.Q. Why is there background noise when playing music?A. The speaker has a Bluetooth® range of up to 10m, reduce the distance to improve the sound coming from the speaker.Q. Why does the speaker shut down when it’s working?A. When there is no Bluetooth® device paired, the speaker will automatically shut down after 10 minutes to save battery.Q. Why won’t the speaker connect to a phone that has been previously paired?A. Remove the speaker’s pairing name “Digitech XC5242” from the Bluetooth® device list of your smartphone. Press the Bluetooth® disconnection button to restart the pairing mode.Q. Why won’t the speaker turn on?A. Please leave the speaker plugged into a charger and try to turn it on after a few minutes due to a flat battery.

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