digitech Turntable In Built Speakers User Manual

digitech Turntable In Built
Speakers User Manual

Box Contents:

Product Diagram:


Mains Connection:Connect the mains power adaptor to a standard 240VAC wall socket and connect the plug to the socket of the turntable.

Amp Connection:Connect audio plugs to Alert input on your mixer or amplifier:

  • Red plug into R/H channel input.

Playing Record:

  • Place the record of your choice on the turntable. If it is a 45rpm, doNot forget to place the adapter on the record spindle.
  • Choose the desired playing speed using the Speed select switch between 33.3, 45 and 78rpm.
  • Turn on the Rotary Power Switch.
  • Release the tone arm lock.
  • Push in the arm with your hand lightly.
  • Place the stylus vertically over the first track of the record the turntable will start turning automatically.
  • Put down the cartridge slowly to the record then the turntable will play.
  • When a record comes to the end, the turntable will stop automatically if the Auto-stop switch is in the ON position. If the switch is in the off position, then it will be suitable for Long Play records.


  • Lift up the tone arm and put it on the rest.
  • Replace the protective cap on the stylus and close the tonearm lock.
  • Turn off power at mains.

Replacing The Stylus:

-Refer to the figures 1-8

Installing A New Stylus:

-Refer to the figures 5 & 6

NOTESWe advise you to clean your records with an anti-static cloth to gain maximum enjoyment from them and to make them last.

We would also point out that for the same reason your stylus should be replaced periodically {approximately every 250 hours)

Dust the stylus from time to time using a very soft brush dipped in alcohol (brushing from back to front of the cartridge)


  • Replace the protective cap on the stylus.
  • Put the rest clip into the pick-up arm.


  1. Do not open the case of the turntable to avoid damage and injury.
  2. Keep the turntable away from high temperatures as it may cause damage to the turntable and speakers.
  3. Do not expose the turntable to water, moisture or liquids to prevent the unit from damage.
  4. Make sure the mains power adaptor is connected correctly to a standard 240VAC wall socket.
  5. If using a replacement or third party mains power adaptor; make sure the voltage and current match the specifications as 5VDC, 1.


Turntable Drive System: Belt DriveCartridge Type: Ceramic Stereo StylusInputs: USB, SDOutput: 1 x External Speaker, 1 x RCA (L & R)Speed: 33/45/78RPMSpeakers: 2 x 3WFrequency Response: 160Hz-14KHzUSB/SD Capacity: Up to 32GBPower: 5VDC, 1 ADimensions: 430(W) x 350(0) x 120(H)mm

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