DOSS ICON True Wireless Earbuds User Manual


True Wireless Earbuds

Device ID : FreePodsModel No.: DOSS ICON


Thank you for purchasing DOSS ICON. This user manual contains instructions for setting up your new ICON with ease, so please read our guide carefully, and keep it for future reference.


Charging case

USB Type-C


S             M                      L

Ear tips (S / M/ L)

User Manual

Single-earbud Mode

Removing the right or left earbud from the charging case, it will automatically turn on, and select “FreePods” (Left earbud) or “FreePods” (Right earbud) in the Bluetooth list to connect earbuds.

Resetting of earbuds

Keep your earbuds in the charging case, and keep the charging case plugged in. You can clear your earbuds’ Bluetooth memory by pressing and hold the multi-function button for 8 seconds.The left and right earbud’s Bluetooth memories may need to be cleared individually, if you have used the earbuds in Single Earbud Mode.


Resetting of left earbud           Resetting of right earbud

Note: The earbuds are powered on & off individually.

Button Control

LED Indicator

Earbud status indicatorCharging: Steady RedFully charged: Light offReady to pair: Rapidly Flash BlueSuccessfully paired: Alternately flash Red and BlueCharging case status indicatorCharging: Flashing WhiteFully charged: Steady WhiteBattery level low: Slowly Flash White (<25% power level)

Product Overview

  1. Multi-function Touch Button
  2. Microphone/ Earbuds Indicator Light
  3. Charging Case Indicator Lights
  4. Portable Charging Case

Replace Ear-tip


Note: Please try out the different size ear tips to find the most comfortable fit for you!

Charging case

Connect the DOSS ICON to computer or USB 5V output device.

Voice Prompt

Turn on the earbuds:“Power on”     Right earbud: “Right channel”Turn off the earbuds: “Power off “  Successfully paired to device: “Connected”Paired to each earbud: “Pairing “     Battery level low: “Battery low”Left earbud: “Left channel “            Unpaired: “Disconnected”


Fully dry off the earbuds before putting in the charging case to avoid any damage to the case.The earbuds are sweat / water resistant but the charging case is not.


  1. Insert the earbuds into your ear canal.
  2. Feel free to rotate/adjust your earbuds for the most comfortable fit.



R                                     L


X                     X                 X                      X

Bluetooth Pairing

1. Auto-connectingThe earbuds switch on and connect to each other automatically when taken out of the charging case. And the earbuds will flash blue lights to indicate that the earbuds are automatically pairing to each other. Once paired successfully, one of the earbud will alternately flash the red light and blue light, and the other will flash blue light.

2. Connecting to Bluetooth deviceTurn on the phone’s Bluetooth function, and select ” FreePods” in your Bluetooth list.


  1. To manually switch on, touch the multi-function button on both earbuds for 2 secs.
  2. If the earbuds have not successfully connected to Bluetooth for more than 5 minutes, they will automatically shut down. they will automatically shut down.
  3. The earbuds switch off automatically when placed back in the charging case.
  4. Do not leave the left and right earbuds too far when you take out them from the charging case for pairing. The recommended distance is no more than 15 CM.


Bluetooth Version: V5.0Device ID: FreePodsInput: DC 5V, 1ACharging Time: earbuds ≤ 2 Hours, charging case ≤ 4 HoursPlaytime: Up to 6 Hours + 24 Hours (with charging case)Standby Time: 120 HoursEarbud Battery: 2 x 55mAhCharging Case Battery: 3.7V, 500mAhDriver (full range): 6mm x 2Bluetooth Range: 10m / 33ftAudio Code: SBC, MCSupport Protocols: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, SPP


  1. Avoid extreme heat, cold and humidity.
  2. Avoid dropping or crushing the earbuds, stressing the cable by rapid pulling or extreme force, or bending the cable at s sharp angle
  3. Wax may build up in the earbud tips, lowering the sound quality. Carefully remove the wax with a cotton swab or other small tool to improve the sound quality.
  4. If you experience discomfort or pain, try lowering the volume or discontinuing use temporarily.
  5. If you experience regular discomfort while using this product, discontinue use and consult the physician.

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DOSS ICON True Wireless Earbuds User Manual – DOSS ICON True Wireless Earbuds User Manual –

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