DRAGON TOUCH B08DHSYSY3 Touch Talkiecam Kids Camera User Manual

USER MANUALDragon Touch Talkiecam Kids CameraV1.0

What’s in the box

Product Specifications

Dimension: 4.9×2.6×1.0in (125×66.3×24.3mm)Weight: 6.0oz (169.7g)Display: 2″ IPS, 320×240 resolutionPhoto Resolution: 8MP/5MP/1.3MPVideo Resolution: FHD(1920×1080)/HD(1280×720)Lens: Fixed focus, F2.8, 3.56mm focal length, 100° viewing angleCommunication Frequency: 462.5652MHzIndicator Lights: Blue working light, Red charging lightStorage: 2MB internal memory; support an up to 32GB external microSD cardBattery Capacity: 900mAhBattery Life: Approximately 50 minutesCharging Input: Micro-USBFile formats: jpg (still images), avi (video)

Product Features

1. Speaker2. Front Lens3. Push-to-talk Button4. Screen5. Up/Light on Button6. Power/Exit 7. Right/Next8.Down9. Left/Previous10. OK/Shutter11. Microphone12. Indicator

13. Flashlight14. Rear Lens15. Back Clip16. Battery 17. Micro USB Port18. Power Switch19. MicroSD Card Slot

Photo/Video mode

MicroSD Card Status Digital Zoom Battery Status


Getting Started

Charging and Power On/OffPress and hold for 3 seconds to power on/off the camera. Please charge it for at least 30 minutes if it doesn’t power on. Charging in power off status is highly recommended.

Insert a microSD cardPlease insert a microSD card into the card slot before taking photos or videos. Format the microSD card on the camera before using, then restart the camera after formatting.

Turn the Flashlight On/OffPress and hold to turn the flashlight on/off.

Auto Power OffThis camera will automatically turn the display off after 3 minutes of inactivity. To save energy, the camera will power off after 5 minutes of inactivity.


Photo ModePress to take photos.Press or to select different photo modes, photo frames, filters and special effects.Press and hold or to zoom out/in.Press to exit.

Video ModePress to start recording, and press it again to end recording.Press or to select different filters.Press to exit.

Music ModePress to select MP3 or Story, and press to confirm.While playing,① Press or to switch songs or stories.② Press to pause/continue.③ Press or button to adjust volume.Press to exit.


  • Please insert a microSD card to automatically build MP3 and Story folders.
  • Please download music and stories to MP3 and Story folders respectively on your microSD card.

Playback ModePress or to view photos or videos saved in the camera.Press to play/pause the video.Press and hold to show the delete interface, then press to confirm.Press to exit.

Game ModePress or to select the game you want to play, then press to enter the game.Press to exit.

Walkie Talkie ModeNote: The range is around 150m in an open area; 50m in the residential area.To use the walkie talkie function, please make sure the Flight Mode has been turned off (Settings → Flight Mode → Off).

  • TransmitPress Push-to-talk (PTT) button to speak, release it to stop talking and to transmit.While talking and transmitting, the camera cannot receive messages.
  • ReceiveThe camera will automatically receive messages if the Flight Mode is off and if thePTT button is not being pressed.


You can change and check following settings under this menu. Use the arrow and OK buttons to navigate the settings menu.

Format SD cardPress to format the microSD card.Please format the microSD card before using the camera. To prevent data stored on the microSD card from becoming corrupt, reformat it on a regular basis. Reformatting erases all your content, so please make sure to download your photos and videos before reformatting.

Walkie Talkie Mode Note: The range is around 150m in an open area; 50m in the residential area. To use the walkie talkie function, please make sure the Flight Mode has been turned off (Settings ¹Flight Mode ¹Off).

Camera VersionYou can check the system information of your camera under this setting.

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Default SettingThis setting will reset the camera to the factory default settings.

Language SelectionEnglish/Deutsch/Français/Italiano/Español/

Airplane ModeIf the airplane mode is turned on, the walkie talkie function cannot be used.

Camera Resolution8MP/5MP/1.3MP

Video Resolution1080P/720P

VolumeYou can adjust the key tone volume under this setting.

Date/TimeYou can set the date and time under this setting.


Why the walkie talkie mode doesn’t work?Please make sure the airplane mode has been turned off (Settings¹Flight mode ¹Off). Also, the effective communication range is approximately 330-500 feet (100-150 meters) in an open space, and 150 feet (50 meters) in a residential area. Any obstacles (homes, trees, other structures) may interfere with the signal and decrease the effective communication range.

How can I upload MP3 and audio stories onto the camera?When you insert the microSD card for the first time, it will create a directory named Music, with two subfolders named MP3 and Story. You can upload your music to the folders accordingly.

Contact Us

For any inquiries with Dragon Touch products, please feel free to contact us. We will respond within 24 hours.E-mail: [email protected]Tel: 888-811-1140 (US) Mon-Fri (except holidays) 9am-5pm (EST)Official website: www.dragontouch.com


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