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INDUCTION COOKTOPTo reduce the risk of fi re, injury or electrical shock along with extending the life of your cooktop, please read and follow all of the information in this manual before using it and save it for future reference.


Read all instructions thoroughly before operating your new duxtop ® Induction Cooktop to avoid injury to yourself or others, avoid property damage, and to extend the life of your cooktop.Keep this manual as a reference.Electrical HazardsObserve the following precautions.


  • submerse the cooktop unit or electrical cord in liquid, touch the unit with wet hands, or use in a wet outdoor environment
  • use if cooktop surface is cracked
  • operate if the electrical cord is frayed or if wires are exposed
  • let the electrical cord hang over the edge of a table or counter-top
  • move the unit by pulling on the power cord

Electric shock hazard. Only qualifi ed experts may perform repair and maintenance work on the cooktop unit. Never disassemble or attempt to repair the cooktop yourself.Personal SafetyFor your own personal safety and the safety of others:


  • touch the cooktop surface or cookware bottom for several minutes after using as both will be hot
  •  move the cooktop unit while cooking or with hot cookware on the cooktop surface
  • place any metal objects on the cooktop surface other than authorized metal cookware or an Induction Interface Disk
  • place the cooktop on any metal surface as the surface could become hot
  • heat unopened cans of food as they could expand and explode
  • use in or around flammable or explosive environments
  • allow children to use or be near the cooktop while it is in use.
  • use the unit to heat or warm the room

CAUTION: This cooktop unit emits an electromagnetic fi eld, therefore people with pacemakers should consult with their physician before using.Product & Property DamageTo prevent damage to the cooktop or surrounding area:DO NOT

  • heat empty containers on the cooktop surface
  • place any metal object other than cookware on the cooktop surface
  • place objects weighing more than 25 pounds on the cooktop surface
  • block the cool air inlet and fan
  • operate cooktop on flammable surfaces
  • clean a duxtop ® induction cooktop in a dishwasher
  • use the cooktop unit for anything other than its intended purpose
  • place objects affected by a magnet, such as a credit card, radio, television, etc, near the unit while operating the unit
  • share a 120V, 15 amp electrical outlet with another electrical item
  • block the rear and sides of the unit – keep at least 4” from walls for proper ventilation
  • place any combustible material such as paper or towels, near or on the cooktop while it is in use or heat.

Warning: Changes or modifi cations to this unit could void the user’s warranty.

To avoid circuit overload, do not operate another electrical appliance on the same outlet or circuit. Always follow basic safety precautions when using any electrical products, especially when children are present.

CAUTION: HOT SURFACES – This appliance generates heat during use. Proper precautions must be taken to prevent the risk of burns, fires, or another injury to persons or damage to property.HOUSEHOLD USE ONLYDO NOT IMMERSE IN LIQUIDSAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS



Your induction cooktop will not operate without compatible cookware. Read the following information in this section carefully to get the maximum effi ciency from your cooking unit. The rule of thumb for selecting cookware is, if a magnet sticks to the cookware bottom, the cookware will work on your duxtop ® Induction Cooktop.The bottom surface of the cookware must:

  • • Be made of ferrous magnetic material.
  • If the cookware bottom is made of material with lower ferrous magnetic content, the “E0” error code Be made of ferrous magnetic material.
  • may display, indicating the cookware is not suitable for induction cooking.
  • cookware’s magnetic layer to be large enough to catch the magnetic wave, otherwise, the cooktop can not operate(displays “E0″ error code). This is a safety mechanism.Have a flat the bottom surface with a minimum bottom diameter of 5”. The diameter and thickness of the Touch the cooktop or rise no more than 1″ above it.


  • cast iron;
  • iron;
  • magnetic steel;
  • enameled iron,
  • stainless steel manufactured with a magnetic bottom

DO NOT use cookware made out of:

  • glass
  • ceramic
  • copper
  • aluminum
  • non-magnetic stainless steel (18/10,18/8)


CAUTION: ALWAYS USE A DEDICATED OUTLET. This unit is designed to operate using a 120V electrical outlet having a 15 amp capacity. This is a high draw appliance and should not share an outlet or circuit with any other electrical appliance.Setup

  1.  Place the unit on a dry, stable, level and non-combustible, non-metallic surface.
  2. Allow at least 4 inches of space around all sides of unit for proper ventilation.
  3. Plug the POWER CORD into a 120V/15 amp electrical socket. The unit will “beep” and the POWER INDICATOR light will illuminate red.
  4. Before turning the unit on, make sure the ingredients are in the compatible cookware with the cookware centered within the COOKWARE ALIGNMENT GUIDE on the  COOKTOP SURFACE.
  5.  Turn on power by touching the ON/OFF button once. The COOL AIR FAN will turn on.
  6. Touch the “FUNCTION” button, the cooktop will activate at the default power setting of 5.0. Touch the “FUNCTION” button again to switch to Temperature Mode.
  7. Touch the LOCK button for 3 seconds to lock the control panel. When the control panel is locked, the only button that functions is the ON/OFF button. Touch and hold the LOCK button again for 3 seconds to unlock the control panel.
  8. After cooking is completed, touch the ON/OFF button to turn off the unit. When turned off, the COOLING FAN will continue to run and “Hot” will show on the LED  DISPLAY until the unit has fully cooled.
  9. If the unit doesn’t operate as intended, see the Troubleshooting Guide.

Operation Modes 

  • This unit offers both Temperature(Temp) and Power(Heating) Modes for convenient and effi client cooking, along with a 170-minute automatic TIMER MODE.
  •  Switch between each mode by touching the FUNCTION button.
  • The POWER and TEMPERATURE MODES work independently.
  • Both POWER and TEMPERATURE MODES have twenty settings. A description of each with a chart is shown on the following page.

POWER MODE V.S.  TEMPERATURE MODEIf a specifi c cooking temperature is not required, we suggest using Power Mode instead of Temperature Mode. To quickly bring a pot of water to boil, use a higher power level setting. For frying or browning food, Temperature Mode is preferred because the built-in micro-process monitor regulates the cookware temperature to the preset temperature.  Frying or browning food using Power Mode may overheat the cookware, and in some cases, extremely high temperatures may damage your cookware or cooktop. The duxtop(c)  induction cooktop has a built-in safety mechanism to detect such situations and the unit can switch to Temp Mode from Power Mode automatically when overheating is detected. When this happens it is an indication that Temp Mode may be more suitable for your current cooking task.

Limitations of Temperature ModeLike all other cooktops with a glass top, the temperature sensor is located underneath the glass cooktop. As a result, and that different cookware yields different temperatures, the temperature readout is only an estimate of the actual cooking temperature. It is accurate enough for daily cooking requirements. The temperature in your pan may be different than the setting you have selected. Please test a few times to fi nd the proper temperature setting for your particular cooking task and cookware.

TEMPERATURE MODE OPERATIONTEMPERATURE MODE should be used when a specific cooking temperature is required. Once the cookware has reached the selected temperature, the unit will automatically cycle to maintain that cooking temperature.The default temperature setting is 300°F. Touch the “+” or “-” button to adjust the temperature setting. Use the Temperature Mode when the specifi c temperatures must be maintained. This mode has twenty settings:

Temp Setting Temp °F Temp °C
1 100 38
2 120 49
3 140 60
4 160 71
5 180 82
6 200 93
7 220 104
8 240 116
9 260 127
10 280 138
11 300 149
12 320 160
13 340 171
14 360 182
15 370 188
16 390 199
17 400 204
18 420 216
19 440 227
20 460 238

POWER MODE OPERATIONThe power level selected relates directly to the wattage, or the BTU/hr equivalent, the cooktop generates. A higher setting will increase cooking speed.The default power setting is 5.0. Touch the “+” or “-” button to adjust the power level from 0.5 to 10. If the “E2” error code displays while in use, follow the steps listed in the Error  Code Guide under Troubleshooting and use the TEMPERATURE MODE to continue cooking.

PowerLevel Watts CookingLevel
0.5 100 Simmer-keep warm
1.0 180 Simmer-keep warm
2. 260 Simmer-keep warm
2.0 340 Simmer-keep warm
3. 420 Low
3.0 500 Low
4. 580 Low
4.0 660 Low
5. 740 Medium-low
5.0 820 Medium-low
6. 900 Medium-low
6.0 1000 Medium-low
7. 1100 Medium-high
7.0 1200 Medium-high
8. 1300 Medium-high
8.0 1400 Medium-high
9. 1500 High
9.0 1600 High
10. 1700 High
10 1800 High

170-MINUTE AUTOMATIC TIMERThe automatic TIMER may be used with either the TEMPERATURE or POWER MODE. Press the “TIMER” button to activate the timer after pressing the “FUNCTION”  button. The TIMER light will illuminate red and “0” will appear in the LED DISPLAY.To set the desired cooking time, use the “+” and “-” buttons. Time will increase or decrease 1 minute each time one of the buttons is pressed. Press and hold the + or – button  helps to set the desired cooking time quickly.The timer may be adjusted at any point during operation. When the timer reaches “0”, the unit will “beep” and shut off.AUTOMATIC SHUT OFFUnless the timer has been set, this unit will automatically shut off if the controls are not touched for 120 minutes, as required by safety regulations.NOTE: The cooktop unit will shut off and “beep”, if:

  • The incompatible type of cookware is put on the cooktop
  • No cookware is placed on the unit

NOTE: Remove cookware from the cooktop when the unit is not in use.


The cooktop is easy to maintain. Use a moist cloth with a mild liquid detergent to wipe off grease or spills and let dry. Protect the cooktop from dust by covering it when not in use. Avoid the following:DO NOT:

  • clean the COOKTOP SURFACE with metal scouring pads, abrasives, or solvents
  • immerse cord or cooktop unit in water or other liquids
  • keep the unit plugged in while cleaning
  • keep the unit plugged in when not in use
  • store or clean the unit while still hot
  • place objects heavier than 25 pounds on COOKTOP SURFACE
  • use the unit if COOKTOP SURFACE or POWER CORD is damaged
  • keep the cooktop unit on or near other heat sources


If after reviewing the troubleshooting guide, the problem is not resolved, do not attempt to repair the unit yourself. Please contact us at [email protected] for assistance.PROBLEM – After plugging in the power cord, the POWER INDICATOR LIGHT does not illuminate red and/or the exhaust fan does not run:

  • The circuit breaker may be inoperative or tripped.
  • The plug may be loose in the electrical outlet.

PROBLEM – The POWER INDICATOR LIGHT is lit, but the fan is not running and cookware is not heating up:

  • Pan is not centered on the COOKTOP ALIGNMENT GUIDE
  • Using the incompatible type of cookware (non-magnetic)
  • The COOKTOP SURFACE may be cracked

PROBLEM – The induction cooktop suddenly stops heating during operation and shuts down:

  • The unit shuts down because the overheating sensor detected an excessive surface temperature caused by heating empty cookware
  • A blocked COOL AIR INLET & FAN or WARM AIR OUTLET caused the cooktop to overheat  Unit was unplugged while in use;
  • Fuse or circuit breaker tripped during use. (Do not plug other appliances into the same circuit while using the cooktop)

PROBLEM – The induction cooktop switches from Power Mode to Temperature Mode automatically: This is a safety feature. The unit switches to Temperature Mode (140°F)  when the cookware is overheated under Power Mode. This is most likely to happens when you are trying to fry or sauté food. These cooking methods involve high heat and need a regulating temperature within a certain range. If the temperature is too low, it may not cook your food properly. However, if the temperature is too high, it may burn your food. Once in Temperature Mode, you can adjust the temperature to the appropriate setting that fi ts your cooking task.For information about when to use Power Mode or Temperature Mode, please refer to the POWER MODE V.S. TEMPERATURE MODE section in this manual.

Error code guide:If an error code appears in the LED DISPLAY, follow the instructions below according to the error code displayed to correct the problem:

EO No cookware is detected, incompatible cookware is detected or cookware isnot centered onthe COOKWARE ALIGNMENT GUIDE. If no cookware is on the cooktop, place cookware on the top within 1 minute. If incompatible cookware is detected, replace it with proper cookware. If the cookware is misaligned, move itwithin the COOKWARE ALIGNMENT GUIDE. The unit will shut down automatically after 1 minute if none of these actions are taken.
El Excessive high temperature, cooling fan malfunction, or inadequate ventilation for the cooktop. Unplug the cord from the electrical outlet. Ensure proper ventilation by making sure the fan is at least 4″ away from any obstruction. Wait 10 minutes for the cooktop and cookware to cool down and then plug it back into a 120V electrical outlet. Turn the unit on and listen for the fan to confirm it is running.
E2 Cooking surface temperature exceeds 460 °F (238 °C) limit and the unit shuts down automatically. This is a safety feature to prevent the cooking surface from overheating. It usually happens while using POWER MODE, when the cookware bottom is above 460 °F (238 °C). Extremely high temperatures could damage your cookware and cooktop. If E2 error code happens during frying or sautéing while using the POWER MODE, switch to the TEMPERATURE MODE. If E2 happens while boiling water, unplug the unit from the electrical outlet, wait 10 minutes for the cooktop and cookware to cool down and reconnect the cord to the outlet. Turn the unit on, listen for the fan to start and ensure the unit is at least 4″ away from any obstructions.
E3 Voltage input is toohigh or too low and the unit shuts down after 1 minute. Unplug the cord from the electrical outlet. Verify the voltage is 110/120V AC with a voltage tester. If not, switch to a different electrical outlet with the proper voltage level before operating the unit.

Note: If any of the above remedies fail to correct the problem, please contact [email protected].


What are induction cooktop advantages?To serious cooks, the most important advantage of induction cooktops is that you can adjust the cooking heat instantly and with great precision. The induction cooktop uses a  standard 110/120 volts of electrical power and plugs into a standard household electrical outlet. Because duxtop ® cooktops produce up to 1800 watts of power, they are almost  50% more powerful than gas stoves and heat up to temperature nearly twice as fast as electric cooking elements, yet they do not require the high amperage of 220-volt  power not commonly found in household kitchens.Is induction cooking more effi cient than gas?With an 83% energy effi ciency, induction cooking is more effi cient than both electric or gas. While gas-burning cooktops are only 30-35% effi client and cost approximately  $1.65 per hour to operate, an induction cooktop costs only $0.12 per hour to operate.How safe is induction cooking?Because there is no open fl ame or hot cooking element, the induction process produces heat only within the cookware. The cooktop surface remains cool except for the heat transferred from the bottom of the cookware to the glass surface (immediately below the cookware).What are the electrical power requirements? Single burner induction units designed for household use in the U.S. market are all capable of operating effi ciently on a standard 110/120-volt outlet. It is strongly recommended to dedicate an outlet for each individual unit when being used since each unit will draw about 15 amps, the amperage of most common household electrical outlets.What type of cookware can I use?The general rule of thumb is, if a magnet sticks to it, it will work with the duxtop ® cooktop. Cookware made from cast iron, iron, enameled steel or iron, or magnetic stainless steel work very well. duxtop ® offers a large selection of Whole-clad Tri-ply Induction Ready Premium Cookware™.How is induction cooking different than electric cooking?Induction units place the electrical energy directly into the cookware without using energy towards a heating element. Regular electric cooking elements use energy to heat the heating element and then through conduction, the heat is transferred to the cooking pan. Induction cooking heating is very fast and responsive to temperature control changes making them even faster and more efficlient than gas cooking. Resistance-type heating elements are very inefficlient and are slow to respond.Is it easy to use?The rapid heating of the cookware makes all kinds of cooking fast and easy, especially when warming, sautéing, frying, and boiling pasta. Cleaning a duxtop ® induction cooktop unit is easy.With no open flame or heating element, food does not burn on so you can just wipe the cooktop surface clean with a damp towel.


Model E200A
Power Source 120V/60Hz 15 amp circuit
Output 100 – 1800 watts
Power Levels 0.5 – 10 (20 settings)
Temperature 100ºF – 460ºF (38ºC-238ºC) (20 settings)
Weight 8lbs  128oz
Dimensions 11.6″ x 14.7″ x 2.2″
Cord Length 5ft

DISPOSALWhen this appliance has reached the end of its life, please dispose of the unit properly. This and other electrical appliances contain valuable materials that can be recycled.  Electronic waste may be harmful to our environment if not disposed of properly. We ask that you follow your governing agency’s rules and regulations when disposing of electronic appliances. Please fi nd an authorized recycling facility near you.


If you have any questions or concerns not addressed in this user manual, please call our customer service department at 888-792-2360 or email: [email protected].Please read operating instructions before using this product.Please keep the original box and packaging materials in the event that service is required.

Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

The Manufacturer of this product warrants to the original purchaser of this product that this product will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for 2 years from date of purchase. The manufacturer will, at its option, repair or replace with a new or refurbished product. The Manufacturer reserves the right, before having any obligation under this limited warranty, to inspect the product, and all costs of shipping the product for inspection and warranty service shall be borne solely by the purchaser.For the fastest processing of a warranty claim, the Purchaser should e-mail [email protected] and include the product name and model #, proof of original purchase, complete contact information, and detailed information about the issue, including pictures when applicable.The manufacturer’s limited warranty is valid only in accordance with the following conditions:

  1. The product is purchased directly from the manufacturer or an authorized reseller or distributor.
  2. Only the original purchaser is covered by this warranty. This warranty is not transferable.
  3. Product is for personal use only. This warranty is void if the product is used in a commercial or institutional establishment.
  4. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by misuse, abuse, negligence, accident, acts of nature, or unauthorized modification or repair.
  5. Purchaser must present acceptable proof of purchase for the product.
  6. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

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For the fastest processing of a warranty claim, the owner should e-mail [email protected] and include the product name and model #, proof of original purchase,  complete contact information, and detailed information about the issue, including pictures when applicable.

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