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E-SC1-V2ELECTRIC SCOOTERThank you for choosing electriQPlease read the manual before using this scooter and keep it safe for future reference.Visit our page www.electriQ.co.uk for our entire product range


  • Carefully read the user manual before use to avoid the risk of injury. Keep the user manual safe for future reference.
  • The scooter can only be used by people aged 12 years old and over. Persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or who lack experience and knowledge can also use this scooter if they are supervised, or have been given the correct instructions concerning the use of the scooter and understand the hazards involved.
  • Do not leave children unattended with the scooter.
  • Cleaning and user maintenance must not be performed by a child under the age of 12 unless supervised by an adult.
  • The user is responsible for all consequences from improper use of the scooter.
  • The scooter is for personal use only and must be operated in accordance with current local legislation.
  • Only one person can use the scooter at a time.
  • Inspect the scooter before use. Do not attempt operation if any damage is found or suspected.
  • Keep fingers clear of the folding mechanism when folding or unfolding the electric scooter.
  • Do not allow children to fold or unfold the scooter.
  • This scooter is to be ridden responsibly. If you lose control you could cause serious injury.
  • Wear suitable clothing and footwear, including, but not limited to, flat shoes, helmets, knee protectors, and elbow protectors.
  • Do not ride after consuming alcohol, or under the influence of drugs.
  • Verify that use of the scooter is allowed in the area you wish to ride.
  • Do not use the scooter at night, or when visibility is low.
  • Always check the battery level using the LED display. If the battery is low, the scooter might stop suddenly and cause injury.
  • Always ensure that the battery is locked in position and the key removed before attempting to ride the scooter.
  • The scooter is designed to be used on smooth flat ground.
  • Do not use the scooter in wet conditions, including snow, mud, and ice.
  • Maintain a slow speed if traveling downhill. Use both brakes together to stop from high speeds.
  • Do not carry children while using the scooter.
  • This scooter is not a toy.NOTE: Pictures and information in this manual may vary from the product, due to continuous product improvement.


  • The scooter comes supplied with a lithium battery. Care must be taken with the battery and charging to maintain its lifespan.
  • Do not expose the scooter or battery to naked flames or extreme heat.
  • Do not expose the scooter or battery to extreme cold.
  • Do not allow moisture to enter the battery compartment or charging port.
  • Only use the provided charger.
  • Do not overcharge the battery or leave unattended whilst charging.
  • The battery must be removed if disposing of the product.
  • The battery is to be disposed of safely.
  • Lithium batteries are considered dangerous goods. Check your countries laws on transportation and use.



To assemble the handlebar, it must first be fitted into the top of the handlebar stem. Slide the silver base of the handlebars into the stem and align the 4 holes (2  on either side). Then insert the 4 bolts provided loosely into the holes. Once all 4 are in position tighten them to fix the handlebar into place, taking care not to damage any of the interior wiring.


IMPORTANT: Before using the scooter for the first time, fully charge the battery. After turning on the scooter, check the battery power on the display and verify that all lights are working.

  • Remove the protective cover from the charging port on the scooter.
  • Ensure that the charging port is dry and not damaged before inserting the charger into the port. (Refer to the scooter diagram for location).
  • When the indicator on the charger is red, the scooter is charging.
  • The indicator light on the charger will turn green when the battery is fully charged. This usually takes 5-6 hours.
  • Do not overcharge as long-term battery life may be affected. Do not leave unattended while charging.
  • When charging has completed, remove the charger and ensure that the protective cover is placed securely over the charging port.


From the folded position, unclip the handlebar from the hook on the rear mudguard.

When the handlebar is in the vertical position, lock it into place using the clamp on the front of the handlebars. Ensure that the clamp is fully secure before using.


Unfasten the handlebar clamp and fold the handlebars from the clamp towards the back wheel.

Fix the handlebar to the hook on the mudguard, ensuring it is securely locked in position.


IMPORTANT: Make sure the scooter is upright and placed on a flat surface before starting.

Press and hold the power button below the handlebar, for around 2 seconds to turn on the scooter.Press and hold the power button again to turn off the scooter.



1. Place one foot firmly on the deck, keeping your other foot on the ground for balance.2. Press the accelerator on the right handle and put your other foot on the scooter when it begins to move. This should all be done at very low speed.3. Press the accelerator gradually to increase speed. Release the accelerator to gently slow down, or pull the brake lever for more immediate braking.4. When the scooter has stopped, remove your feet one by one.


If your scooters steering feels loose and unstable, or the front wheel is out of alignment, the handlebar stem should be adjusted following the procedure below:

1. Lock the scooter in its folded position.2. Use the provided allen key to loosen the bolt on the clamp as shown.3. Once the wheel is aligned, use the allen key to tighten the bolt until it is tight. Do not overtighten.4. Once tightened the handlebars can be unfolded.


• The LED display on the handlebar will turn on after powering up the scooter.• The scooter’s battery level is displayed at the bottom of the display. During use, the number of bars on the battery level indicator will decrease.• When the battery level reduces, the bars will disappear until the battery is empty. The battery warning indicator will illuminate when the battery is at critical level.• When the battery warning light is blinking, you must slow down and find a power source immediately, as continued use may risk damaging the battery.

When the scooter is turned on it will be set at speed level 1, this is the lowest speed and highly recommended for beginners and inexperienced users.To change between the three power levels, press the power button. After speed 3 has been reached, if the power button is pressed again it will cycle back to speed 1.Quickly press the power button twice to turn the front/rear lights on or off.The speed is shown in km/h on the top of the display.


The scooter requires routine cleaning and maintenance.

  • Before any work is carried out on the scooter, ensure that the charging cable is not connected and that the scooter is powered off.
  • To clean the scooter, wipe the exterior with a soft damp cloth, then dry immediately.
  • The exterior of the scooter is dustproof and splash proof with a water ingress rating of IPX4.
  • Do not allow water to get inside of the scooter. There is a high risk of the internal electronics becoming permanently damaged.
  • The tyres on the scooter must be regularly checked for deflation and damage. If the tyres are deflated, pump them up to the recommended tyre pressure 2.0 bar.


Your scooters battery can be removed using the key provided. The battery can be removed for storage purposes or replacement. The battery DOES NOT need to be removed for charging. See storage for correct methods of battery storage.

Locate the battery cover behind the front wheel under the deck and open the battery door

Insert the key into the lock.

Turn the key anti-clockwise and gently slide the battery out until it disconnects from the rail.


• To protect the battery, ensure it is charged until the display shows 3 bars before storage. If you plan on storing the scooter for a prolonged period, the scooter should be charged to 3 bars every 2 months to avoid deterioration of the battery. Do not store the scooter at less than 7⁰C or above 25⁰C• Keep the scooter inside its own packaging or cover it to prevent dust build-up.• Keep the scooter indoors at all times when not in use.


Model name E-SC1-V2
Maximum loading 120 kg
Maximum speed 20 Km/h
Maximum Range 25 km
Motor power 250W
Climbing gradient 15⁰
Power supply AC 110-240V, 50/60Hz
Battery 7500 mAh Lithium battery
Battery power 277.5 Wh
Battery voltage 37V
Charging temperature 0⁰C – 40⁰C
Charging time 5-6 hours
Storage humidity 45% – 75%
Body dimensions 1170*420*1145mm
Folded body dimensions 1170*420*495mm
Net weight 16.5 kg
Tyre Size 8.5 inches

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Do not dispose of this product as unsorted municipal waste. Collection of such waste must be handled separately as special treatment is necessary.Recycling facilities are now available for all customers at which you can deposit your old electrical products. Customers will be able to take any old electrical equipment to participate civic amenity sites run by their local councils. Please remember that this equipment will be further handled during the recycling process, so please be considerate when depositing your equipment. Please contact the local council for details of your local household waste recycling centres.


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