erica synths Black High Pass VCF User Manual

erica synths Black High Pass VCF User Manual


Erica Black Series include high-end, unique functionality and superior quality modules. Only the best, highest quality components are used, all inputs and outputs are protected against undesired overvoltage. When designing Black Series, put design and usability superior. Big knobs are assigned to functions that make difference in sound. Erica Black series consist of range of modules that are needed to put together entire synth. Enjoy!The Erica Synths Black High Pass VCF is designed for analogue purists, how take sound design seriously. It’s highly stable, 24dB/oct resonant high pass VCF with voltage control over cutoff (two CV inputs, one is with an attenuverter) and resonance. Bonus features are built in post-filter overdrive circuit with user adjustable drive amount and the Black Filter Coupler connector. When used in combination with the Black Low Pass VCF and the Black Filter Coupler, you get a Holy Trinity of VCFs for an ultimate analogue modular system.


Voltage control over cutoff and resonanceGain loss compensation on high resonanceCutoff CV attenuverterBuilt in adjustable overdrive circuit


Audio level 10Vptp
CV level -10V – +10V
Filter slope 24dB/oct
Power consumption +25mA; -29mA
Module width 10HP
Module depth 35mm


The Black High-Pass VCF has a hidden feature – the Black Filter Coupler connector. The Erica Synths Black Filter Coupler is a satellite module for the Black High-Pass and the Black Low-Pass VCFs, and it adds versatile Bandpass and Band Reject filter functionality to your modular system.Please note, that the Black Filter Coupler works only with Erica Synthsmodules and you need both Black High-Pass and Low-Pass VCFs.

Use this trimpot to adjust post-filter overdrive to your taste.Remove the jumper and connect the Erica Synths Black Filter Coupler. 2x5pin ribbon cable is supplied with the Black Filter Coupler module.


Please follow the instructions for use of the Erica Synths module below, ‘cause only this will guarantee proper operation of the module and ensure warranty from Erica Synths.

 Water is lethal for most of the electric devices, unless they are made waterproof. This Erica Synths module is NOT intended for use in a humid or wet environment. No liquids or other conducting substances must get into the module. Should this happen, the module should be disconnected from mains power immediately, dried, examined and cleaned by a qualified technician.

 Do not expose the module to temperatures above +50° C or below -20° C. If you have transported module in extreme low temperatures, leave it in room temperature for an hour before plugging it in.

Transport the instrument carefully, never let it drop or fall over. Warranty does not apply to modules with visual damages.

 The module has to be shipped in the original packaging only. Any module shipped to us for return, exchange and/or warranty repair has to be in its original packaging. All other deliveries will be rejected and returned to you. Make sure you keep the original packaging and technical documentation.

 This device complies to the EU guidelines and is manufactured RoHS conforming without use of lead, mercury, cadmium and chrome. Nevertheless, this device is special waste and disposal in household waste is not recommended.User manual by Girts Synths. Design by Ineta Copying, distribution or any commercial use in any way is prohibited and needs the written permission by Erica Synths. Specifications are subject to chane without notice.In case of any questions, feel free to contact us through

You will find Erica Synths terms of warranty atwww.ericasynths.lvItems for return, exchange and/or warranty repair have to be registered at SUPPORT on and send back to us according to instructions in the support page.



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