ESP Aperta Colour Video Door Entry System User Manual

Aperta Colour Video Door Entry System

System Components

  • APDSSWKP Door Station
  • APMONW Monitor
  • APPOWSW System Power Supply

Optional Accessories

  • EVBPSBB Lock Power Supply
  • EV-EXIT Push To Release
  • EV-EBG Emergency Release
  • EV-ML-250/500XT Electro-magnetic Lock
  • ENTERD Electric Lock


  • Site the door station a recommended 1.5 meters from the ground, or to suit application.
  • The camera needs to point in the direction of where a visitor will stand during operation.
  • Avoid areas of high sunlight and noise levels.
  • Surface mount the sunshield of the door station and connect the system cabling. Mount the camera to the sunshield by fixing with the supplied hex screw.
  • Site the indoor monitor to suit application.
  • Surface mount the bracket of the monitor or if required onto a 1-gang mount box (not supplied). Make the system connections to the back of the monitor and then slide the monitor onto the bracket using the hooks to hold firmly in place.

System Connections Example 1

System Connections Example 2

The system power supply can support up to 5 devices

  • Total cable run should not exceed 150 meters between door station and monitor
  • Power supply to be with-in 100 meters of monitor
  • No cable or connection polarity

Lock Connections Example 1

Lock Connections Example 2

  • The jumpers on the rear of the door station offer different types of release modes for alternative applications dependent on the jumper link settings. LOCK1 options;
  • The door station has a secondary switch. LOCK2 options;

Door Station Programming Guide

Entering Administration Mode

Warning: The Administrator code will not release the door. A lock release code is required to be programmed

Deleting a lock release code

User Guide

Installer’s Guide

Master / Slave Setting: When using multiple monitors on 1 system;Only the 1 handset set as the MASTER will display an image when the door station is activated.All other monitors will ring, and will display the image once the ‘Talk’ button is pressed.

In the event of no video or audio signals coming from the monitor, or if the call button or audio cannot be activated on the door station, check the following;

  • That the system is powered sufficiently.
  • Each monitor needs to be set to a MASTER or SLAVE position
  • All system cabling is secured and properly connected.
  • All system cabling is clear of breaks or short circuits.
  • Bench test the system if the issue cannot be found.

In the event of a lock release issue, check the following;

  • The user instructions and operation of the monitor has been understood.
  • That the lock is powered sufficiently.
  • All system cabling is secured and properly connected.
  • All system cabling is clear of breaks or short circuits.
  • On the rear of the door station, ensure the lock output is switching when activated by the monitor.

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