EVERBILT Pressure Regulator User Guide

EVERBILT Pressure Regulator


  1. Remove the elbow insert from the pump body
  2. Connect the plug to the elbow insert hole.
  3. Thread the pressure regulator into discharge outlet. Screw the 1/4 in. brass elbow into the 1/4 in. hole on the side of the pressure regulator. Slide the plastic tubing over the 1/4 in. brass elbow connected with the pressure switch connector.
  4. Turn the regulator adjustment screw down tight.
  5. Turn on the pump. If the pump is properly primed, a high pressure will immediately show on the pressure gauge.
  6. With the pump operating at high pressure, slowly unscrew the adjusting screw until maximum water flow is obtained without pressure dropping to zero.
  7. If pressure falls completely, retighten the screw and readjust it.
  8. If no pressure shows, stop the pump, remove the pressure regulator from pump, add more water, and try again.
  9. After the adjusted bolt is set up, lock the screw nut on the bolt.
  10. The pump is ready for use.NOTE: Reference the manual for more details.

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