EVOLVEO FreeTalk 2W Walkie-Talkie Instruction Manual

EVOLVEO FreeTalk 2W Walkie-Talkie Instruction Manual

Dear customer,thank you for choosing the EVOLVEO FreeTalk 2W. We believe you will enjoy a lot of fun and happiness.

Instruction For Use

This set includes 2 walkie-talkie units: there are communication devices which operate on 400~470MHz. They come with 8 main channels and 38 CTCSS and 83 DCS sub channels as well as back-lit LCD screen, enabling you to communicate over several kilometers free-of –charge (up to 15 km in open areas).

Note: Please read the user manual carefully before using the equipment and retain for future consultation!

Key Functions

Before Use the device

Removing the belt clip

Before insert batteries into the device, first remove the belt clip latch away from the device.

Installing and charging the Batteries 

  1. This Device use with lithium battery. Please only charging the default batteries.
  2. After placing batteries into correct positions, replace the battery cover.
  3. Insert USB cable to charging it. The full charging time is about 6 hours.

Using the device

Turning the device on/off

Switch on the device: Press and hold on the 3 seconds then you will hear a beep sound.Switch off the device: Press and hold on the 3 seconds then you will hear a beep sound.

Adjusting the volume

There are 8 levels volume adjustable.To increase the volume, press the Up button. And press the Down button to decrease the volume.

Low Battery Indication

The device can detect the low battery level when the battery voltage goes low. When battery voltage is low, the battery icon will flash and a beep will be heard to indicate that the batteries need to be replaced.

Receiving/transmitting communications: 

The devices are in “Reception” mode when it is turned ON and no transmitting. When a signal is received on the current channel, the LCD will display in reception. When you press the PTT (push to talk) button, the devices switches to “Transmission” mode.

Hold the device in a vertical position with the Mic(microphone) 3-5cm away from your mouth. While holding the PTT button, speak into the microphone in a normal tone of voice. Release the PTT button when you have finished transmitting. For others to receive your transmission, they must be on the same channel with you.


  1. The talking range will depend on your surroundings and environment. It will be affected by obstructions such as hills or buildings.
  2. Don’t try to use two devices which are less than 1.5m (5 feet) apart. Otherwise, you may experience interference.

Changing Channels 

Press the MENU button one time, the channel number will flash on the display.Press the up /down button to change the channel.Press the PTT button to confirm and return to stand-by mode.

Note: if no button is pressed within 10 seconds during setting, the device will return to stand-by mode.

CTCSS (Continues Tone Coded Squelch System) 

Press the MENU button twice, the current CTCSS code will flash on the display. Press the up /down button to change the 38 available codes.Press the PTT button to confirm and return to stand-by mode.License free radio’s operating on the 400-470MHz frequency band, the device has 8 available radio channels. If there are many device users near you, there is a chance that some of the users are operating on the same radio channel.When using CTCSS, a low frequency tone (between 67-250Hz) will be transmitted along with the voice signal. There are 38 available tones to choose form.You are free to choose one of the 38 available sub-channels. Due to filtering, these sub-channels will generally not be audible so they will note disturb the communication.

DCS Sub-channels 

The device comes with 83 DSC sub-channels on each main channel. Press the MENU button 3 times, the current DCS code will flash on the display. Press the up▲/down▼ button to change the 83 available codes. The default DSC code is closed.

VOX (Hands free function) 

Press the MENU button 4 times, the current VOX setting will flash on the display and the VOX icon will display,Press UP▲ button to set the VOX sensitivity level between 1 and 3 level (level 3 is the high sensitive level).Press down▼ button until “OF” appears on the display to turn VOX OFF.Press the PTT button to confirm and return to stand-by mode. In VOX mode, the radio will transmit a signal when it is activated by your voice or other sound around you. VOX Operation is not recommended if you plan to use your device in a noisy or windy environment.

Note: VOX mode will be over ride when you press the PTT button.

Setting the Call tones

The device has 10 call tones.Press the MENU button 5 times, “CA” is displayed and on the current call tone.Press the UP▲/Down▼ button to change another call tones.Press the PTT button to confirm and return to stand-by mode.

Key Tone On/Off

You can on/off the key tone when press the buttons.Press the MENU button 6 times, “KO” will be displayed.Press the UP▲/Down▼ button disable the key tone ON/OFF.Press The PTT button to confirm your selection and return to the stand-by mode

Roger Beep On/Off

After the PTT button us released, the device will send out a roger beep to confirm that have stopped talking.

  1. Press the MENU button 7 times, “RO” will be displayed.
  2. Press the UP▲/Down▼ button disable the roger beep ON/OFF.
  3. Press The PTT button to confirm your selection and return to the stand-by mode.
Dual Channel Monitor(DCM)

Enables you to scan the current channel and another channel alternately.

To set another channel and start Dual Channel Monitor:

  1. Press the MENU button 8 times until the “DCM” icon appears. The “OF” icon will flash.
  2. Press the UP▲/Down▼ button to select the channel “ON” then press MENU.
  3. The Channel NO. will flash, press the UP▲/Down▼ button to select another channel you would like to use.
  4. Press the PTT button to confirm your selection and return to the stand-by mode. The two channel NO. will flash and alternate display.
Scanning for an active radio channel 

Press button: The “SCAN” function indicator will appear on the display and the channel will scan continuously one by one. Once an active channel is found, the scanning will stop and you can listen to the transmission.When the transmission is on the found channel stop, the scanning will resume automatically.

Note: If you press PTT button while listening to a found channel, the device will go back to stand-by mode on the found channel.


Press and hold the MON/UP▲ button about 3 seconds to active monitor.Release the MON/UP▲ button return to stand by mode.

Sending a call tone

Press the PTT button one time quickly, the call tone will be transmitted on the setting channel.

Backlit display

Press any button except for the Lamp and PTT button to activate the back light of the LCD display. The back light will light on about 5 seconds.

Earpiece connection

The device can be used with earpiece (If there is earpiece packed together with the device).The connector is located on the top of the device.Insert the earpiece plug into the connector (2.5mm jack).There is a small “PTT” button on the earpiece that has the same function as the PTT button on the device.When you use the PTT button from the earpiece, you must also use the microphone from the earpiece to talk.

Note: Do not connect other earpieces, it may damage your device.

Battery saving function

When the device has not been used for 6 seconds, the economy mode is automatically activated. This does not affect the reception of transmission and the stand by mode is automatically re-activated as soon as a signal is detected.

Built-in Flash light

Your device has a built-in flash light that can be used in sending light signals or for our lighting needs.

Lock & Unlock the device

Press and hold LOCK/ Down▼ button for 3 seconds to lock the device.Press and hold LOCK/ Down▼ button for 3 seconds to unlock the device.

Technical specifications

  • Frequency 446MHz
  • Transmission Power <0.5 (446MHz)
  • Channel number 5 channels (CH.no 1-5)
  • Sub-code CTCSS 38 and DCS 83
  • Range Up to 9 km in open fields
  • Frequency 448MHz
  • Transmission Power 2W(448MHz)
  • Channel number 3 channels (CH.no 6-8)
  • Sub-code CTCSS 38 and DCS 83
  • Range Up to 15 km in open fields
  • Type FM-F3E
  • Channel spacing 12.5 KHz
  • Battery Type 1300mAh Lithium Battery BL-5C, 3.7V, 4.8Wh

Channel and Frequency (MHz)

Europe (8CHS) 


Ch. Frequency Ch. Frequency Ch. Frequency



446.00625446.01875446.03125 4



446.04375 446.05625 448.49 7





First read “FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions” atwww.evolveo.com/en/freetalk-2w or contact EVOLVEO Technical Support.

TECHNICAL SUPPORTwww.evolveo.com/en/support

The warranty DOES NOT APPLY to:

  • using the device for other purposes than it was designed to
  • installing a firmware other than the one installed on your device
  • electrical or mechanical damage caused by improper use
  • damage caused by natural elements such as fire, water, static electricity, power surges etcetera.
  • damage caused by an unauthorized repair
  • unreadable serial number
  • the battery capacity drops after 6 months of using (6-months battery life warranty)


The symbol of crossed out wheelie bin on the product, within the literature or on the packaging reminds you that in the European Union, all electric and electronic products, batteries and accumulators must be stored as assorted waste after the end of their service life. Do not throw these products into the unsorted municipal waste.


Hereby, the company Abacus Electric s.r.o. declares that the EVOLVEO FreeTalk 2W is in compliance with the requirements of the standards and regulations, relevant for the given type of device.

Find the complete text of Declaration of conformity at ftp://ftp.evolveo.com/ce

Copyright © Abacus Electric, s.r.o.www.evolveo.comwww.facebook.com/EvolveoCZ




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