FANATEC CSL-E-WB-V1.1 Wheel Base User Guide

FANATEC CSL-E-WB-V1.1 Wheel Base


  1. Insert the threaded rod with handles into the table clamp.
  2. Turn the table clamp with threaded rod into the counterpart in center of CSL Elite Wheel Base v1.1 bottom side.
  3. Slide the CSL Elite Wheel Base v1.1 onto table plate until the limiter blocks stop sliding at edge of table, table clamp has to be below table plate.


Tighten the table clamp by turning the threaded rod. While tightening the table clamp please monitor and adjust the clamp feet to be well aligned with the table plate and pressing flat onto the table plate surface.


To hard-mount the wheel base, first disassemble the two blocks from the underside (lower left picture) using a 3 mm Allen key (not included). The CSL Elite Wheel Base + offers a three-point hard mount location on the underside (lower right picture):

IMPORTANT: Use only good quality M6 bolts. Choose the correct bolt length to prevent the thread from reaching more than 16 mm into the wheel base. Example: If your table is 20 mm thick, the bolt must not exceed a total thread length of 36 mm! Always use all three hard-mount points as this allows for a proper and stable installation and avoids damage!

NOTE: To hard-mount the CSL Elite Wheel Base + to a table or rig with bolts please, find the printable drilling template in the download area of our website:


“Mode” button switches operation modes of CSL Elite Wheel Base v1 .1 when an Xbox One compatible FANATEC Steering Wheel is attached. In this case the CSL Elite Wheel Bases starts up in Xbox One mode and need to switch to PC mode by “Mode” button for use on PC.LED above the “” button indicates current operation mode: Green means Xbox One mode, red means PC mode.


For detailed information please download the manual from This is just a Quick Guide and you will miss a lot of features if you don’t read the manual.


To turn on the CSL Elite Wheel Base v1.1, connect it to power and press “” button for about one second, on the right side of the CSL Elite Wheel Base v1 .1.To turn off the CSL Elite Wheel Base v1 .1, press and hold “” button for 5 seconds. Use only the power supply delivered with this product.


When starting up the CSL Elite Wheel Base v1 .1 for the first time please update the firmware, you can obtain it from Follow the instructions provided by user manual.



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