FAQs What is the max capacity this enclosure supports? User Manual

FAQs What is the max capacity this enclosure supports?User Manual

Frequently asked questions and answers

Q1: What is the max capacity this enclosure supports?A1: It supports 2TB at max.Q2: What kind of M.2 SSD does this enclosure support?A2: It only supports B-Key & M+B Key SATA NGFF based SSD; while it does NOT support NVMe PCIe based M-Key and M&B-Key M.2 SSD, M.2 PCIe AHCI SSD, mSATA SSD.Q3: How to distinguish NVMe from NGFF SSD?A3: 1. Generally, NVMe SSD is with the “NVMe express” or “NVMe M.2” symbol, while NGFF SSD is with the “ATA” or “SATA M.2” symbol.2. The read and write speed of NVMe is more than 800MB/s, while that of NGFF is less than 550MB/s.If you’re still unable to confirm it, please check it with the manufacturer of your SSD first before purchasing.Q4: Does this enclosure support UASP?A4: Yes, it supports UASP, but you need to make sure the device, OS, and controller have the UASP function enabled.Q5: Does this enclosure support TRIM.A5: Yes, it supports TRIM.Q6: Does this enclosure support S.M.A.R.T.A6: Yes, it supports S.M.A.R.T.Q7: Does this enclosure support sleeping mode?A7: Yes, it supports that.Q8: What is the cable length of this hard drive enclosure?A8: The USB A to USB C Cable is 1.5ft.Q9: Is a driver needed for this hard drive enclosure?A9: No, it is plug and play.Q10: Can the enclosure be unplugged directly?A10: Always safely remove your disk before unplugging this product. Otherwise, the data might be lost.Q12: What is the max transfer speed for this enclosure?A12: It is 6Gbps at max if you use the included USB A to C cable.Q13: Is it compatible with the USB C smartphone?A13: No, it is not compatible with the USB C smartphone.Q14: Why does this M.2 enclosure heat up during using?A14: It is normal that the aluminum case heating up, since the high-speed M.2 drives generate much heat while working, and the aluminum case is better for heat dissipation.

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