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Frequently Asked Support Questions

  • Are There New Features In Kevo Smart Lock, 2nd Gen Compared To Kevo Smart Lock, 1st Gen?Kevo Smart Lock, 2nd Gen features an all new, smaller and sleeker interior. The interior size has been dramatically reduced.Kevo Smart Lock, 1st Gen dimensions: 7.4″ x 3.25″ x 1.75″Kevo Smart Lock, 2nd Gen dimensions: 5.75″ x 2.75″ x 2″Furthermore, it is BHMA Grade 2 certified and UL listed for best residential security. Its interior also features a metal housing compared to the plastic housing of the Kevo Smart Lock, 1st Gen. The Kevo Smart Lock, 2nd Gen features a Bluetooth window that can be secured (optional) to prevent unauthorized access to the programming features for improved security. Optional 30-second Auto-locking is now also included. Overall Kevo Smart Lock, 2nd Gen is a much more refined and proven product compared to Kevo Smart Lock, 1st Gen.
  • The Touch-to-Open® functionality isn’t working on my Kevo Smart Lock due to the iOS 10 issue.We’re pleased to share that Touch-to-Open® functionality is fully restored with Apple’s iOS 10.0.2 update. Upon downloading the latest iOS update, you will be able to use your Kevo lock with the app running in the background. If you’re still experiencing issues please do the following:1.  Delete App2.  Power the device off and on3.  Reinstall the app.If you are unable to update to iOS 10.0.2 at this time, please refer to the troubleshooting information here.
  • How Will I Know When To Change The Batteries In My Kevo Smart Lock?Kevo Smart Lock will notify you when the batteries are low via your Kevo app and by the Status LED flashing red. The Kevo Smart Lock will also display two red lights at the top of the light ring when you lock or unlock it.To Change the Batteries:1. Remove the battery cover.2. Pull the battery pack out of the lock.3. Remove the old batteries and replace them with new ones, take care to orient them properly. Do not use a combination of old and new batteries.4. Put the battery pack back in the lock, making sure the word “DOOR” on the pack is at the top with the arrows pointing toward the door. Reinstall the battery cover.
  • My Lock Is Unresponsive1.  If using a smart device, hold the smart device close to the Kevo deadbolt and touch the lock. If your smart device doesn’t vibrate, and the Bluetooth symbol (located at the top of your screen) doesn’t flash, this is an indication that there is no Bluetooth communication.  Make sure the app is open (either in background or foreground) and you are signed in to the correct account in your mobile app.  Make sure Bluetooth is turned on and that Bluetooth sharing is enabled. You can change your Bluetooth sharing settings on an Apple device by navigating to Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth Sharing.2.  Make sure you are touching the Kevo on the deadbolt rose. The light ring will not react if you touch the face of the lock.3.  Make sure the batteries in the interior assembly are good and correctly installed. If you are using a Kevo fob, make sure the Kevo fob battery is good.  The  Kevo fob’s battery is good if its LED flashes green for a several seconds when you press the button on the fob.4.  Temporarily remove the interior Kevo assembly from the door, and make sure that both cables are connected tightly and not damaged.If the problem persists, call Kevo support 1-800-327-5625
  • What Do The Colors On The Light Ring Mean?

Light Ring


Blue spin, two green flashes, two beeps

Kevo is Unlocking

Blue spin, amber flash, one beep

Kevo is Locking

Blue spin, then shutting off

If the light ring spins blue but shuts off without unlocking or locking, Kevo was unable to establish a connection with your device.This could be a reminder that you’ve forgotten your phone or fob.

Blue spin,  red Flash 

Your device is outside of activation range, the area around the lock-in which it can detect your device and respond to touch.

When locking or unlocking the door, bring your device closer toKevo by turning toward the lock so that there is a direct line of sight between the lock and your device.

If this happens frequently, recalibrate your device.

Blue spin, red flash

The lock has detected an unauthorized device within activation range and will not unlock.

An unauthorized fob is one that has not been enrolled in your system,

and an unauthorized phone is one with the Kevo app installed that does not have an eKey to your lock.

Red Flashing

System reset or unsuccessful calibration

Solid green or spinning green

Calibration in progress

Amber spinning

Lock rebooting

Green Flashing

Successful Calibration

Top two LEDs are solid red

The AA batteries in the Kevo interior are low and need to be replaced.

Bottom LED is solid red

The fob battery is low and needs to be replaced.

Side LEDs flashing red

The deadbolt has jammed. Check your door for alignment and make sure the latch bolt can operate smoothly.

To view more FAQs, please visit our  Support Center.

Kwikset kevo FAQs – Kwikset kevo FAQs –

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