finder 12.A1 Digital Time Switch Instruction Manual

12.A1/A2 DIGITAL ASTRO TIME SWITCHProgrammable with NFC technology with the App FINDER TOOLBOXdownloaded from Google Play™ – Apple Store.


A. Setting MenuB. Days of the week (1=Mon…7=Sun)C.Holiday programD. Permanent Manual over-ride activated – channel AE.Channel A functions (ON, OFF, Astro ON, Astro OFF, Pulse)F. Day – Advanced/Retarded – seconds/minutesG. Channel B functions (ON, OFF, Astro ON, Astro OFF, Pulse)H. Permanent Manual over-ride activated – channel B (12.A2 only)I. Time-CP (postcode), year, day, month, hours, minutes, daylight saving ON/OFF, holiday program (Start: day/month.Finish: day/month) PIN ON/OFF, EndL. Time switch without power supply (powered by battery) – Low battery(with power supply)M. CancelN. Program number (max 50) – IT (country), CP (leading two characters of CP), Coor (geographic coordinates in degrees), N(North)/ S(South), E(East)/W(West), TZ(Time zone), Y(year), D(day), M(month), H(hour), M(minutes), Daylight saving ON/OFF (EU=Europe − BR=Brazil − AU=Australia) Holiday program (Start: day/month. Finish: day/month)O. Programming

SETTINGS (examples)

2a Setting: Country, CP (leading two characters of CP), year, day, month, hour, minutes, EU (daylight saving)2b Holiday program (Start: day/month. Finish: day/month), PIN, END2c Setup by geographic coordinates. Start at 2a, but at the select Country or select CP stage, scroll with - down to enter Coor setting. Continue by setting the coordinates and time zone.Latitude: North-South. Longitude: East-West. Time zone(TZ)

PROGRAMMING (examples)

3a ASTRO ON – ASTRO OFF Function (18:19 Astro ON + retarded 10 min – 05:20 Astro OFF + advanced 20 min); Day: Mon…Fri3b ON-OFF Function (6:25 ON – 19:15 OFF, Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun)3c PULSE function (11:00 pulse 5 s, Mon-Wed Fri)


4a Manual ON/OFF channel A4b Manual ON/OFF channel B (only 12.A2)4c Permanent Manual over-ride ON/OFF – Channel A4d Permanent Manual over-ride ON/OFF – Channel B (12.A2 only)

DELETION of all program

DELETION of a single program

NOTE– Battery replacement: BATTERY CR 2032 (LiMnO2) 3V, 230mAh.Complies with Article 11, EU directive 2006/66/CE.Dispose of batteries according to local regulations– Back-light display (only with power supply)– Minimum switching interval: 1 second (pulse function)– ASTRO times vary over the year, time switch times remain constant

EN 60669-1/EN 60669-2-1
12.Ax.8.230.0000UN 110…230 V AC (50/60 Hz)/DCUmin– Umax90 V – 264 V (AC/DC)P 2.8 VA (50 Hz)/0.9 W


12.A2.0.024.0000UN 24 (12…24)V AC (50/60 Hz)/DCUmin – Umax 10 V – 30 V (AC/DC)P 2.2VA/1.2 W
1 CO (SPIN) (12.A1)2 CO (DPDT) (12.A2)16 A 250 V AC  

AC1 4000 VAAC15 (230 V AC) 750 VA
(230 V)    2000 W(230 V)    750 WCFL-LED (230 V) 400 W

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