Fischer Coating Thickness Measurement Instruments User Manual

Fischer Coating Thickness Measurement Instruments User Manual

State of the Art Coating Thickness Measurement

The Fischer proven portable instruments with exchange-able probes allows for non-destructive and highly precise measurements of coatings. Whether for quality control in a manufacturing process or incoming inspection of random samples or complete batches, these user-friendly and flexible instruments will meet your requirements. Select the appropriate instrument from the FMP family and combine it with one of our high-precision measurement probes.

Special features

  • Fast and non-destructive measurement on steel or iron (F) and non-ferrous metals (NF)
  • Automatic probe and base material recognition
  • Large colour display
  • Supports measurements according to IMO PSPC, SSPC-PA2, QUALANOD and QUALICOAT
  • USB interface, Bluetooth or COM interface as option
  • Over 70 various high-precision probes for even the most sophisticated measurement applications.

Quality monitoring on engine pistons immediately after the manufacturing process using the FTA3.3H probe.

Measurements using the internal probe FAI 3.3.150

Point coating thickness measurement using the dual probe FD13H

FMP10,FMP20,FMP30 and FMP40 Instrument Overview

Probes DELTASCOPE DUALSCOPE ISOSCOPE0 Storable meas. applications Statistics, evaluation Measurement strategies

Deltascope FMP10

Deltascope FMP20

Isoscope FMP10


·     Display of the most significant statistical  values (number of measurements, mean value, standard deviation, min, max, range) ·   Single readingacquisition


·   Free-running display

Deltascope FMP30

Deltascope FMP40

Isoscope FMP30

up to100

Display of the most significant statistical values (number of measurements, mean value, standard deviation, min, max, range) and specific valuesTolerance monitoringGraphical evaluation Single readingacquisitionfre running displayArea measurementMultiple measurementAutomatic measure-mentMatrix modeIMO PSPCSSPC-PAQUALANODQUALICOAT
Measurementmethod Magnetic induction method(DIN EN ISO 2178,ASTM D7091 Eddy current method andmagnetic induction method(DIN EN ISO 2360 and 2178) Eddy current method(DIN EN ISO 2360,ASTM D7091)

DELTASCOPE° FMPI 0 and FMP30 For the measurement on ferrous base materials (F), e.g. paint, lacquer, powder coating, chrome, copper, zinc, as well as enamel or plastic coatings on steel and iron.

ISOSCOPE° FMPI 0 and FMP30 For the measurement of point, powder coating, lacquer or plastic coatings on non-ferromagnetic metal base materials (NF) or anodic coatings or aluminum and electrically conducting coatings on nonconducting car-rier materials.

DUALSCOPE° FMP20 and FMP40 Due to automatic base material recognition and the integration of both measurement methods, these uni-versal instruments are capable of measuring coatings on steel and iron (F) and on non-ferromagnetic metals (NF). Duplex coatings (lacquer/zinc) on steel can be measured simultaneously with the values of the lacquer and zinc coatings displayed individually.

DUALSCOPE FMP40 using the duplex probe FDX13H

Features of the FMPI 0 and FMP20

Instrument features

  • For magnetic induction and eddy current probes
  • Automatic base material and probe recognition
  • Easy-to-use with intuitive menu
  • large controst-rich colour display
  • Memory for up to 1,000 readings
  • USB interface
  • Instant measurement upon probe placement
  • Audible signal with measurement acquisition
  • Easy adaptation to the shape of the specimen through a zero-point correction (normalization)
  • Easy to perform corrective calibration (verification of accuracy’
  • Sliding cover to protect keys against unintentional operation
  • Various language settings
  • Units of measurement can be switched between pm and mils

Measurement strategies and evaluation

  • Single reading acquisition
  • Measurements with the “free-running display” mode for continuous scanning of surfaces
  • Statistical display of significant values such os mean volue, standard deviation, min, mox, range

The portable FMP I 0 and FMP20 represent precise measurement technology and are ideal for samples and control measurement. These user-friendly and stur-dy instruments can be adapted to all requirements of coating thickness measurement using exchangeable measuring probes. The most significant statistical val-ues are displayed and can be stored together with the calibration in the instrument, ensuring quick and reli-able operation.

DUALSCOPE FMP20 using the probe FID3.3

ISOSCOPE FMP10 using the probe FTA3.3Cv

Additional Feature of the FMP30 and FMP40

Instrumental feature

  • External key-triggered measurement acquisition, e.g. in hollow cylinders with small diameters
  • Audible and vowl warning when toleronce limits ore exceeded
  • Option Bluetooth or COM additional evalloble to rho default USB interface

Measurement application memory

  • Application memory for up to 100 measuring applications incl. calibration ladjussment seeing,)
  • Memory for up to 20,000 readings
  • Allocation of readings into up to 4.000 blocks
  • Date and time stamp lee blocks
  • Application linking mode: Common normalization/ calibration of measuring applications
  • Validation of the corrective calibration by lest moos-wanting on ssondards

Measurement strategies and evaluation

  • Stored sexilicotions for measurements according to IMO PSPC, 55PC-PA2, OU/UANOD and CtUAUCOM
  • Capability to enable matrix measurement mode for correlated multi-point measurements
  • Averaging of measurement dote: Only the moan ✓alue of seisesl leading, will be stored
  • Measurement acquisition through area measure-men: Single readings are captured until probe liftoff and averaged
  • Outlier rejection settings for automatic elimination of erroneous measurements
  • Pico-running display with additional presentation of the reading os on analog bar between the Seance limits
  • 5.011ACS display of the most significant values in the Nock and final resuhs. Output of vorionce-ono lyticol values
  • Graphical measurement display os o histogram
  • Capability of entering pecan tolerance limits and computation of the associated process cocobility indices Cp and Cpk,

The FMP30 and FMP40 instruments feature additional more memory for numerous customer specific measuring applications as well as extensive graphical and statistical evaluations. Tolerance limits can be entered into the calibratable measuring applications and the production process can be analyzed statistically.

DUALSCOPF FMP40 using the probe FGAB 1.3 and support stand V12 BASE – measuring ports with position accuracy

ISOSCOPE FMP30 using probe FTA3.3H

DELTASCOPE FMP30 using dual-tip probe V7FKB4

DUALSCOPE FMP40 using probe FD13H

Versatile Probes Program and Ordering Information

Probe program The extensive selection of FISCHER probes is as versatile as the measurement applications of our customers. A probe needs specific properties for each field of appli-cation for achieving best results with a high accuracy. Over 70 probes can be connected to the instrument family FMP I 0 to FMP40. Thus, you can solve even the most sophisticated measurement tasks.

Probe selection based on several criteria

  • Material combination of coating and base material
  • Thickness of coating and base material
  • Dimension of the measurement area
  • Shape of the specimen
  • Surface condition of the measurement area

Call us

We are happy to consult you on the matter of choosing the right probe for your individual application.

Ordering information  Order no.
 DELTASCOPE® FMP10  605-021
 ISOSCOPE® FMP10  605-027
 DUALSCOPE® FMP20  605-023
 ISOSCOPE® FMP30  605-028
 DUALSCOPE® FMP40  605-024

Standard content of instrument shipment

  • Instrument
  • Short form operator’s manual, print version
  • Support CD with evaluation and archiving software DataCenter, USB drivers and operator’s manual
  • Carrying strap FMP
  • USB interface cable FMP/ PC
  • Battery set FMP (Alkaline)
  • Carrying case FMP only for FMP30 and FMP40 instruments
Optional accessories Order no.
Carrying case FMP 604-148
Adapter E-probe/F-socket 604-214


AC adapter FMP30 and FMP40 604-290
Rechargeable battery set FMP (NiMH) 604-295
Charger AA/Mignon 604-335
Measurement stand V12 BASE 604-420
Measurement stand V12 MOT  (motor-driven) 604-374


Bluetooth Module for wireless

data transfer

COM Module FMP30/FMP40,

RS232 interface

Interface connection set for COM Module Protective cover for instrument 602-341


FISCHER Services

Service worldwide

FISCHER has established a tightly-linked global network of service partners with highly qualified staff. Offering Fast help, repairing and the availability of leasing and rental units, FISCHER supports you in every respect concerning your instruments and their use.

Calibration and certification

On your request Fischer issues a Quality Inspection Certificate for your probe and instrument according to DIN 55350-18. A broad assortment of calibration foils is available from FISCHER. On your request FISCHER issues a Factory Certificate for your calibration Foil.

Application laboratories

More and more, demanding applications require highly qualified application advice. FISCHER addresses this need with its application laboratories located around the world (Germany, Switzerland, China, USA, India, Japan and Singapore).

Measuring on a customer speciman in a FISCHER application laboratory.

User on-site training

With our training program we make your employees fit on-site for your measuring task. Our trainer takes account of your individual requirements and wishes.

User training fa the DUMSCOPEP FMP100 on-sire or the customer’s


Because we want you to receive maximum benefit from our products, FISCHER’s experts are happy to share their application know-how. The seminars not only teach metrological basics but also hand-on experience in small groups to put the theory into practice.

A FISCHER seminar teaches metrological basics and practical knowledge in small groups.

FISCHER Worldwide

Helmut Fischer GmbHInstitut fiir Elektronik and Messtechnik 71069 Sindelfingen, Germany

IfG-Institute for Scientific Instruments GmbH 12489 Berlin, Germany

Fischer Instrumentation (GB) Ltd Lymington, Hampshire 5041 8JD, England

Fischer Technology, Inc. Windsor, CT 06095, USA

Helmut Fischer S. de R.L. de C.V. 76230 Queretaro, QRO, Mexico

Helmut Fischer AG and Helmut Fischer Technologie AG CH-6331 Hiinenberg, Switzerland

Fischer Instrumentation Electronique 78180 Montigny le Bretonneux, France

Helmut Fischer S.R.L. 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (Milano), Italy Fischer Instruments, S.A. 08018 Barcelona, Spain

Helmut Fischer Meettechniek B.V. 5627 GB Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Fischer do Brasil 04561.001 sao Paulo, Brazil

Fischer Instrumentation (Taiwan) Ltd Taipei City 11493, Taiwan

Fischer Instruments K.K. Saitama-ken 340-0012, Japan

Nantong Fischer Instrumentation Ltd Shanghai 200333, P.R. China

Fischer Instrumentation (Far East) Ltd Kwoi Chung, N.T., Hong Kong

Fischer Measurement Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd Pune 411036, India

Fischer Instrumentation (5) Pte Ltd Singapore 658065, Singapore

Helmut Fischer Korea Co., Ltd Seoul City, Republic of Korea Fischer Technology (M) SDN Bhd 47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Helmut Fischer Thailand Co., Ltd Bangkok 10250, Thailand

Fischer Instruments Middle East FZE P.O.Box Dubai 371100, United Arab Emirates

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