FitcloudPro DT96 Smart Watch User Manual

FitcloudPro DT96 Smart Watch User Manual

FitcloudPro DT96 Smart Watch User Manual

Thank you for choosing our smart watch. You can read this manual and have a thorough understanding of the use and operation of the equipment.

The Company reserves the right to make changes to the contents of this manual without prior notice.Product package including: Smart Watch*1, Strap*1, User manual*1, Charging cable*1.

Function description

ButtonButton A: Long press to switch ON/OFF, short press to turn ON/OFF the screen. Button B: Short press to enter multi-sport mode, to press ‘Pause’ or ‘Start’ the function on the sport interface. Button C: Touch screen, support full touch screen.

Charging batteryMagnetic charging, as shown below:* Please note that the two contacts of the charging cable cannot contact the conductor at the same time, which will cause the circuit to burn.

Standby dial interface

  1. Slide right to entre menu interface, the menu function is the default smart style, enter the menu function, and slide up/down/left/right to view the menu function icon.
  2. Slide down to enter the menu: Bluetooth connection status/Shortcut setting/Flashlight/ Battery capacity/Brightness adjustment
  3. Slide left to enter the function of Steps/Heart rate/Sleep recording/Shortcut function.
  4. Slide up to enter the information interface.
  5. Hold down the standby dial interface to select dials, it will be set successfully after hold down the selection.

Push messageSlide up on the standby interface is the push message interface, and the watch is bound to the app. Under the premise of enabling notification permission, new messages received in the notification bar of the mobile phone will be pushed to the watch. A total of 15 messages can be saved. After the 15 messages are stored, the messages received will overwrite the messages received before.

Slide down to menuSlides down the standby interface is the menu interface

  • 1 Icon shows Bluetooth connection status; battery capacity
  • 2 Click the first icon to turn ON/OFF the bright screen
  • 3 Click the icon function to set the shortcut function (Screen display/Language selection/Vibration intensity/Menu style/QR code,/About)
  • 4 Click ‘QR code’, scan it to download the APP
  • 5 Click the icon ‘find the phone’ for find phone function (Must be connected with the APP)
  •  6 Click the icon to turn on or turn off `Do Not Disturb mode’
  • 7 Click the icon to adjust the screen brightness

PedometerStep counting is enabled by default, the interface displays the current step count of the watch, and the data is cleared at 12 a.m. every day

Sleep monitorSleep monitoring time period: 21:00 to 09:00 the next day, the watch generates data. After exiting sleep monitoring, the watch sleep data can be synchronized to the APP after binding the app

Bluetooth musicAndroid: After the watch is connected to the mobile phone APP, turn on the music player of the mobile phone, you can control the music play / pause, increase and decrease the volume and switch songs on the watch; iOS: The watch is bound to the APP, turn on the mobile music player, the watch can control music playback / pause, increase and decrease the volume, and switch songs.

Sports mode (walking, running, climbing, basketball, badminton)

  1. Select the corresponding sport mode, click the screen, enter the countdown 3, 2, 1 to enter the corresponding sport mode; swipe the screen to the right to jump to the end of the sport interface, click “” to end the sport and save the data
  2. When the distance is greater than 200 meters or the exercise time is greater than 5 minutes, you can save the exercise data; when it is less than this condition, the end of the exercise save will pop up a prompt box: “The data is too little to save” (Various sports data can only be saved in the current interface; after exiting, sports data can only save step data)

Heart ratePut the watch on the wrist (left hand / right hand) correctly, enter the heart rate menu to measure the heart rate value. The test takes 45 seconds. The heart rate light turned off after 3 seconds after the test is finished.

Blood pressurePut the watch on the wrist (left hand / right hand) correctly, enter the blood pressure menu, start measuring and obtain a single blood pressure value.

Blood oxygenPut the watch on the wrist (left hand / right hand) correctly, enter the blood oxygen menu, start measuring and obtain a single blood oxygen value.

Alarm clockWatch binding app. Set the alarm in the app to sync to the watch.

StopwatchClick the stopwatch to enter the timing interface, click the ‘ Start’ icon to start timing, and click the icon again to pause. Swipe right on the screen to exit, and then enter the stopwatch again. The previous time is cleared and restarted.

Find phoneAfter the watch is bound to the app, click on the watch to find the phone, and the phone will vibrate or ring to remind.


Sedentary reminderThe switch is off by default. After the app is connected, the app has an on or off function, and the watch function can be turned on or off.Raise your hand to brighten the screenThe switch is off by default. After connecting to the APP, the ON and OFF functions of the APP can control the function of the watch to turn on and off.


  1. Check the Bluetooth name / Bluetooth address/version number of the watch
  2. Restore factory settings, click Restore factory settings, the watch will return to the factory state 3) Shut down, after clicking shutdown, the watch will shut down

The screen display contains the following functions

  1. Click to switch the dial
  2. Long press to enter the dial selection function, slide left and right to select the dial
  3. Brightness adjustment, click to adjust the screen brightness
  4. Screen duration, click to adjust the screen duration
  5. The duration of the bright screen when raising your hand, click to adjust the duration of the bright screen for the function.

Language selectionClick to switch watch language

Menu styleClick to select the menu style

QR codeScan the QR code to download APP

VibratingClick to adjust the vibration intensityBinding the app

APP Download methodScan QR code download storeAndroid system:App store, Peapod, Google play, and other app stores search ‘FitcloudPro’ to download

IOS system:Search ‘FitcloudPro’ in the APP Store to download

Android: ‘FitcloudPro’ installed application icon is shown in the figure:

iOS: ‘FitcloudPro’ installed application icon is shown in the figure:

Binding Bluetooth

Unbind app status: After the watch is turned on, Bluetooth has been searching.

After turned on the APK / APP, go to `Device’- Add device click Start ‘to search, select` click ‘the corresponding watch device name, you can bind the watch to the app successfully.

Bound app status:Watch time synchronization: After the watch and app are successfully bound, click to synchronize the watch and phone time.

Find deviceAfter binding the watch to the app successfully, click on the phone app to find the watch, the watch will lights up and vibrates once

Data synchronizationAfter the watch and app are successfully bound, the watch’s health data can be synchronized to the app; Turn on sleep, steps, click to select the date, click the icon in the upper right corner to share the current interface data to QQ, WeChat, WeChat friends, Sina Weibo, Twitter;

Push messageAfter the watch and the app are successfully bound, switch on the corresponding notification permission in the mobile phone system, enter the app “More”-“App notification”, and switch on the corresponding third-party application.

Incoming call notification:Turn on the call notification in the personal application. When the phone receives the call, the watch will brighten and vibrating.

SMS notification:Switch on the SMS notification in the personal application. When the mobile phone receives one or more SMS, the watch will receive one or more SMS reminder notifications at the same time;

Other application notifications:Switch on the corresponding application message notification in personal applications, such as WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter, and other applications. When the mobile phone receives one or more application message notifications, the watch will also receive one or more corresponding message reminder notifications;

Wechat sports:Watch sports data can be synchronized to WeChat sports rankings Binding method:Android system: first bind the app, then enter WeChat to bind. There is an operation method in `app’iOS system: Enter WeChat public account, click on the details in the upper right corner, data source, add data source from

iOS system health:After setting, you can view FitcloudPro data on iOS system health

Drinking water reminderSet the time period and frequency (minutes) from ‘Start’ to ‘End’, click to enter ‘Repeat’ to set the date of drinking reminder (week), check ‘Drinking reminder’ and save. When the reminder time for drinking water arrives, the watch vibrates and shown a drinking water icon.

Sedentary reminderSet the interval between “start” to “end” and sedentary time (minutes), click to enter the “repeat” setting to select the sedentary reminder date (week), when the sedentary time arrives, the watch will vibrate and display the sedentary icon. Do not disturb mode is from 12:00 noon to 14:00 noon.

Alarm reminderClick ‘Alarm Reminder’, set the time of ‘Add Alarm’, when the alarm time arrives, the watch will prompt: alarm icon and time, and vibrates 6 times.

Heart rate detectionSet and save the time period from “start” to “end” in the app. The heart rate interface of the watch can save the data of the heart rate measured each hour.

Firmware upgradeAutomatically detect whether the watch firmware version is the latest version, if there is a newer version, it will prompt you to upgrade to the latest version.

Unbind appWhen the watch is bound to the app: After unbinding the device, click ‘OK’ to unbind it. The iOS system needs to go to the phone settings to ignore the Bluetooth device.

Push dialsConnect the app, in ‘Device’-‘Dial Settings’-Click on ‘Dial’-After synchronizing the dial, the watch will disconnect and then connect automatically

*Please avoid exposing the device to extreme temperatures of excessive cooling or overheating for a long time, which may cause permanent damage.


  1. When this product is in normal use, if there are product quality problems caused by manufacturing/materials/design and other non-human damage cause the quality problem.From the date of purchase, the motherboard is guaranteed for one year. Battery and charger are guaranteed for half year.
  2. Warranty not including man-made damage as follows:1)Failure caused by disassembling the device and modifying the watch without authorization.2)Failure caused by accidental drop during use.3)Any man-made damage or misuse or misuse by a third party (such as: water in the watch, external force cracking, scratches or damage to peripheral parts, etc.) are not covered by the warranty.
  3. When requesting a free warranty, please provide a warranty card with the date of purchase and the stamp of the place of purchase.
  4. When the user repairs the product, please take the product to our company or our distributor.
  5. Functions are subject to the physical product.

Purchase date:IMEI code:Purchase store:Customer Signature:Shop Clerk Signature:Store Seal:


Why not wear a watch and take a hot bath?The temperature of the bathwater is relatively hot, which generates a lot of water vapor, and the water vapor is gas phase, and its molecular radius is small, which is easy to penetrate into the gap of the watch case. When the temperature drops, it will form liquid droplets again. In this case, it is easy to cause a short circuit in the internal circuit of the watch, and damage the circuit board of the watch, and then damage the watch.

Can’t turn on the device / can’t charge?

If you receive that the watch does not turn on, it may be that the watch has collided during transportation and the battery Seiko board has started self-protection. It can be activated as long as the charging cable is plugged in for charging. If the battery is too low, or the watch has not been used for a long time and it will not turn on, please plug in the charging cable to charge for more than half an hour to activate.

How do you charge a iTime smartwatch?

Battery Recharging: To charge your iTime Playzoom, the watch needs to be connected to a computer with the included Micro-USB Cable.

Can you download music to a smartwatch?

To store music on your smartwatch, you must have a paid music subscription. Download the watch app for your preferred music service and log into a paid account. Follow the instructions in your chosen music app to download music directly to the smartwatch.

Can we listen songs in smartwatch?

While nearly every smartwatch lets you control music on your phone, a good number can also play music on-device. Whether it’s an Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Garmin, Fitbit or Wear OS watch, you’ve got a lot of options for listening to music.

Do you need Wi-Fi for a smartwatch?

No. A smartwatch is considered a smart accessory, which works with your smartphone. Depending on the kind of smartwatch you have, you can connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth™ or Wi-Fi, so it doesn’t need its own service plan.

Can we play YouTube in smartwatch?

Unlike previous iterations, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 runs Google’s Wear OS, unlocking a new set of features and possibilities. This includes watching YouTube videos and listening to songs directly on the smartwatch.

What smartwatch can use YouTube?

The YouTube Music app from Google is available for smartwatches running Wear OS 2 and Wear OS 3. If you have any other smartwatch running LiteOS or Tizen OS, you cannot install the YouTube Music app on it.

Can a smartwatch play music without a phone?

If you want to play music while working out without taking your smartphone with you and you don’t need a cellular connection your best option is a smartwatch with offline music playing capability.

Do smart watches have Bluetooth?

In order to have full functionality, nearly all smartwatches must connect via Bluetooth and be within wireless range of an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. However, a few connected smartwatches actually have 3G/LTE capabilities and can operate without a connection to another device.

Does smart watch work if phone is off?

Yes, your smartwatch will work if you leave your phone at home. It will be able to perform basic tasks such as checking the time and streaming offline music. However, if it is connected to the internet / cellular, it’ll be able to connect to your phone and receive calls and work normally.

How do you use a smartwatch?

To use a smartwatch, you need a smartphone. On your smartphone, you install the app that comes with the smartwatch, such as Android Wear or Watch from Apple. By opening the accompanying app on your smartphone and turning on Bluetooth, you can synchronize the watch with your phone.

What is wear os2?

Wear OS (also known simply as Wear and formerly Android Wear) is a version of Google’s Android operating system designed for smartwatches and other wearables.

Can you watch videos on Samsung smart watch?

The Samsung Internet Browser on the Galaxy Watch 4 will let you open any website, watch YouTube videos, add bookmarks, and even conduct a quick search.

Can smartwatches play Spotify?

Smartwatches which support Spotify. Spotify has partnered so far with a few smartwatch manufacturers to provide Spotify music via your smartwatch to your Bluetooth headphones. You need to be a Spotify Premium subscriber to get access to Spotify on your smartwatch. Spotify is supported on Garmin and Samsung smartwatches …

What is music control on smartwatch?

The update will let users control the music on their smartphones from the watch itself. For instance, if you are using ear-phones, you can directly change music using your smartwatch. Google Play Music will be able to perform basic tasks of a music player but won’t be able to access the entire playlist on your phone.

What is the range of a smartwatch?

The range of the wireless Bluetooth connection between your phone and your smartwatch can vary greatly depending on the environment. In general, you should have at least 10 meters (or 30 feet) of connectivity.


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