P 20 FE / P 25 FE

P 20 FSE / P 25 FSE

We do not recommend the use of a Bass-reflex enclosure with the P 20 FSE and P 25 FSE subwoofers

Enclosure installation recommendation

Sealed enclosure



f., (Hz)

P 20 FE

P 25 FE P 20 FSE

P 25 FSE

6L0.21 cu.ft.


9L0.32 cu.ft.


10L0.35 cu.ft.



12L0.42 cu.ft.


15L0.52 cu.ft.



18L0.64 cu.ft.


20L0.70 cu.ft.


25L0.88 cu.ft.


Ported enclosure

P 20 FE

Volume f.3 (Hz) ØeventØport Longueur eventPort length
10L0.35 cu.ft.  45Hz 7 cm – 23/4 30 cm – 12″
15L0.52 cu.ft. 35Hz 7 cm – 23/4 35 cm -13202
20L0.70 cu.ft. 30Hz 7 cm – 23/4 35 cm -132502

P 25 FE

Volume f.3 (Hz) Ø eventØ port Longueur eventPort length
25L0.88 cu.ft. 33Hz 8 cm – 35/32 35 cm – 132502
30L1.05 cu.ft. 30Hz 8 cm – 3502 45 cm -1723/32
35L1.23 cu.ft. 27Hz 8 cm – 3502 45 cm -1723/32


P 20 FE P 25 FE
Subwoofer 8″ (200mm) 10″ (250mm)
Magnet 43/4x11/4″(120x32mm) 511/16x19/16″(145x40mm)
Cone Flax Flax
Surround Rubber Rubber
Max. power 500W 600W
Nom. power 250W RMS 300W RMS
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 82.5dB 85dB
Impedance 4Ω 4Ω
P 20 FSE P 25 FSE
Subwoofer 8″ (200mm) 10″ (250mm)
Cone Flax Flax
Voice coil diameter 11/2” (38mm 11/2 “(38mm)
Surround Rubber Rubber
Max. power 400W 560W
Nom. power 200W RMS 280W RMS
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 86dB 87dB
Impedance 4Ω 4Ω


The exclamation mark represented in an equilateral triangle is intended to alert users to the existence of important instructions in the user manual relating to the use and maintenance of the device.

1. Read these instructions.2. Keep these instructions.3. Heed all the warnings.4. Follow all the instructions.5. To avoid damaging your hearing, do not listen to loudspeakers at high volumes for long periods of time.  Listening to loudspeakers at high volumes can cause damage to the user’s ears and may lead to hearing problems (temporary or permanent deafness, buzzing in the ears, tinnitus,hyperacusis). Exposure to excessive volumes (over 85 dB) for more than one hour can cause irreparable damageto your hearing. 6. If a subwoofer is installed in your vehicle, it is important to secure it firmly. We recommend that you attach the enclosure to the floor or chassis of the vehicle for safety.If the subwoofer is not properly secured, it could become a projectilein the event of an accident. This point is even more important if the  subwoofer is installed in a hatchback, a station wagon, a utility vehicle, or a van 7. If cables or harnesses are provided, use them the proper way (like mentioned in this user manual) without replacing or modifying them.8. If a fuse is included in the kit or harness, use only the same rating one in case of replacement.

Please validate your Focal-JMlab warranty,it is now possible to register your product online: www.focal.com/warranty


Thank you for purchasing a Focal product. Welcome to our HighFidelity world. Innovation, tradition, excellence, and pleasure are our values; our one and only aim are to bring you a sound that is rich, pure, and true. To get the most out of your product, we recommend that you read the instructions in this booklet, then store it in a safe place to refer to in the future.

Conditions of warranty

All Focal loudspeakers are covered by a warranty drawn up by the official Focal distributor in your country. Your distributor can provide all details concerning the conditions of the warranty. Warranty cover extends at least to that granted by the legal warranty in force in the country where the original purchase invoice was issued.

Important recommendationsBefore attempting any installation, check first how much space is available to fit the speakers into the vehicle (cf plans on thepackaging), then proceed with the cutting. In the case of assembly in the original location, check that there is enough space between the speaker and the protection grilles.

  • Ensure the speaker is clean from debris and metallic particles that may be attached (especially after drilling).
  •  Clean before mounting the speakers.

The performance of the P 20 FE, P 25 FE, P 20 FSE, and P 25 FSE subwoofers allows high sound pressure levels to be generated.

We remind you that sustained listening beyond 85dB SPL can permanently and irreversibly damage your hearing. We recommend that you adjust the level of your equipment correspondingly.

Running period

P 20 FE, P 25 FE, P 20 FSE, and P 25 FSE drive units use the very latest components. To ensure such complex mechanical elements work in harmony with each other, they must be allowed to function correctly in this environment. Changes in temperature and humidity are regarded as very hostile. In order to get the best of your speakers, a running-in period must be respected to ensure they are ready for this. We recommend that, once the system is ready for listening, the drive units should be a run-in with a medium volume setting, with music that has the full bandwidth of frequencies (sub-bass through treble). This running-in period should last for a few weeks, to gain its full potential. After which the excellent performance of your P 20 FE, P 25 FE, P 20  FSE, and P25  FSE subwoofers can be fully appreciated.

Our policy of continual product improvement means that Focal-JMlab reserves the right to modify the technical specifications of its products without notice. Product may vary from images.

Correct elimination of this product.This marking indicates that within the EU this product should not be disposed of with other household wastes. To prevent any risk to the environment or human health, please recycle them responsibly to encourage the reuse of material resources.To return your used device, please use the return and collection systems available, or contact the retailer where you purchased the product. They can recycle this product safely.

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