Forney 291 TIG 180 ST Welder User Guide

Forney 291 TIG 180 ST Welder User Guide


Read user manual

Select process

Connect TIG torch and ground clamp

Connect TIG torch lead to gas (100% Argon)

Adjust amperage per material thickness

Connect to Input Power120VAC,20A outlet,30A breaker recommended

  • Generator OK with continuous output > 4,500 W (120V) or 10,000 W (230V)
  • Extension cord: #12 AWG (120V) or #8 AWG (230V) or larger. 25’ (8m) or shorter extension cords recommended.

Initiate the arc with a scratch or lift technique when in contact with the metalELECTRODE IS ALWAYS ELECTRICALLY HOT WHILE IN TIG MODEFIND TIG WELDING TIPS AT WWW.ASKFORNEY.COM


Both LED lights offVerify machine is plugged in and on. See manual.

Both LED lights onDuty cycle exceeded or insufficient air flow. Allow machine to cool. Ensure vents are clear of obstacles. See manual.

 Aluminum welding

  • Not recommended for this machine.
  • Output is DC only which is not recommended for TIG welding aluminum.

Workpiece groundingConnect ground clamp to clean, bare metal. No rust, paint or other coatings. Attach the ground clamp directly to the work piece if you are experiencing issues

Frequently tripping circuit breaker or exceeding duty cycle Welder should be the only thing plugged into the circuit.

Low weld output or poor fusion
  • Usually due to low input power.
  • Welder should be only thing plugged into circuit.
  • Avoid using extension cords. If one must be used, it must be #10 AWG or larger; 25’ (8m) or shorter.
  • Generators must be 4,500 W continuous output and not have a low-idle function (or have it disabled).

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