FRIGIDAIRE Room Air Conditioner Instruction Manual

FRIGIDAIRE Room Air Conditioner

FRIGIDAIRE Room Air Conditioner

All about the Use & Care of your Room Air Conditioner

Important Safety Instructions

NOTE:This USE & CARE MANUAL provides specific operating instructions for your model. Use the room air conditioner only as instructed in this USE & CARE MANUAL. These instructions are not meant to cover every possible condition and situation that may occur. Common sense and caution must be practiced when installing, operating, and maintaining any appliance.

NOTE:The power supply cord with this air conditioner contains a current detection device designed to reduce the risk of fire. Please refer to the section `Operation of Current Device’ for details. In the event that the power supply cord is damaged, it cannot be repaired. It must be replaced with a cord from the product manufacturer.

WARNINGAvoid fire hazard or electric shock. Do not use an extension cord or an adaptor plug. Do not remove any prong from the power cord.

Grounding type wall receptacleWARNINGFor Your SafetyDo not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance. Read product labels for flammability and other warnings.

WARNINGPrevent AccidentsTo reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, or injury to persons when using your air conditioner, follow basic precautions, including the following:

  • Be sure the electrical service is adequate for the model you have chosen. This information can be found on the serial plate, which is located on the side of the cabinet and behind the grille.
  • If the air conditioner is to be installed in a window, you will probably want to clean both sides of the glass first. If the window is a triple-track type with a screen panel included, remove the screen completely before installation.
  • Be sure the air conditioner has been securely and correctly installed according to the separate installation instructions provided with this manual. Save this manual and the installation instructions for possible future use in removing or reinstalling this unit.
  • When handling the air conditioner, be careful to avoid cuts from sharp metal fins on front and rear coils.

WARNINGElectrical InformationThe complete electrical rating of your new room air conditioner is stated on the serial plate. Refer to the rating when checking the electrical requirements.

  • Be sure the air conditioner is properly grounded. To minimize shock and fire hazards, proper grounding is important. The power cord is equipped with a three-prong grounding plug for protection against shock hazards.
  • Your air conditioner must be used in a properly grounded wall receptacle. If the wall receptacle you intend to use is not adequately grounded or protected by a time delay fuse or circuit breaker, have a qualified electrician install the proper receptacle.
  • Do not run air conditioner without outside protective cover in place. This could result in mechanical damage within the air conditioner.
  • Do not use an extension cord or an adapter plug.


DANGER! Avoid Seriously Injury or Death

  • This air conditioner contains no user-serviceable parts. Always call an authorized Electrolux servicer for repairs.
  • Do not insert or place fingers or objects into the air discharge area in the front of the unit.
  • Do not start or stop the air conditioner by unplugging the power cord or turning off the power at the electrical box.
  • Do not cut or damage the power cord.
  • If the power cord is damaged, it should only be replaced by an authorized Electrolux servicer.
  • In the event of a malfunction (sparks, burning smell, etc.), immediately stop the operation, disconnect the power cord, and call an authorized Electrolux servicer.
  • Do not operate the air conditioner with wet hands.
  • Do not pull on the power cord.
  • Do not drink any water that is drained from the air conditioner.

Important Safety Instructions

SAFETY PRECAUTIONSCAUTION! Avoid I njury or damage to the unit or other property

  • Provide ventilation per installation instructions.
  • Do not direct airflow at fireplaces or other heat related sources as this could cause flare ups or make units run excessively.
  • Do not climb on or place objects on outdoor part of the unit.
  • Do not hang objects off the unit.
  • Do not place containers with liquids on the unit.
  • Turn off the air conditioner at the power source when it will not be used for an extended period of time.
  • Periodically check the condition of the unit’s installation accessories for any damage.
  • Do not apply heavy pressure to the radiator fins of the unit.
  • Operate the unit with air filter in place.
  • Do not block or cover the intake grille, discharge area and outlet ports.
  • Ensure that any electrical/ electronic equipment is one yard away from the unit.
  • Do not use or store flammable gases near the unit.
  • Do not touch the metal parts of the unit when removing the filter. I njuries can occur when handling sharp metal edges.
  • Do not use water to clean inside the air conditioner. Exposure to water can destroy the insulation, leading to possible electric shock.
  • When cleaning the unit, first make sure that the power and circuit breaker are turned off.

READ THIS SECTION BEFORE ATTEMPTI NG TO OPERATE AIR CONDITIONER.Unit must be upright for one hour prior to operating.

Operatio of Current DeviceThe power supply cord contains a current device that senses damage to the power cord. To test your power supply cord do the following:

  1. Plug in the Air Conditioner.
  2. The power supply cord will have TWO buttons on the plug head. Press the TEST button. You will notice a click as the RESET button pops out.
  3. Press the RESET button. Again you will notice a click as the button engages.
  4. The power supply cord is now supplying electricity to the unit. (This is also indicated by a light on the plug head).


  • Do not use this device to turn the unit on or off.
  • Always make sure the RESET button is pushed in for correct operation.
  • The power supply cord must be replaced if it fails to reset when either the TEST button is pushed, or it cannot be reset. A new one can be obtained from the product manufacturer.
  • If power supply cord is damaged, it CANNOT be repaired. I t MUST be replaced by one obtained from the product manufacturer.

Explanation of symbols displayed on the unit

WARNING This symbol shows that this appliance used a flammable refrigerant. If the refrigerant is leaked and exposed to an external ignition source, there is a risk of fire.
CAUTION This symbol shows that the operation manual should be read carefully.
CAUTION This symbol shows that a service personnel should be handling this equipment with reference to the installation manual.
CAUTION This symbol shows that information is available such as the operating manual or installation manual.


  • Do not use means to accelerate the defrosting process or to clean, other than those recommended by the manufacturer.
  • The appliance shall be stored in a room without continuously operating ignition sources (for example: open flames, an operating gas appliance) and ignition sourcesor (for example:an operating electric heater) close to the appliance. The appliance shall be stored in a room without continuously operating ignition sources (for example: open flames, an operating gas appliance or an operating electric heater).
  • Do not pierce or burn. · Be aware that the refrigerants may not contain an odour.
  • Compliance with national gas regulations shall be observed.
  • Keep ventilation openings clear of obstruction.
  • The appliance shall be stored so as to prevent mechanical damage from occurring.
  • A warning that the appliance shall be stored in a well-ventilated area where the room size corresponds to the room area as specified for operation.
  • Any person who is involved with working on or breaking into a refrigerant circuit should hold a current valid certificate from an industry-accredited assessment authority, which authorises their competence to handle refrigerants safely in accordance with an industry recognised assessment specification.
  • Servicing shall only be performed as recommended by the equipment manufacturer. Maintenance and repair requiring the assistance of other skilled personnel shall be carried out under the supervision of the person competent in the use of flammable r ef r iger ant s.
  • DO NOT modify the length of the power cord or use an extension cord to power the unit.
  • DO NOT share a single outlet with other electrical appliances. I mproper power supply can cause fire or electrical shock.
  • Please follow the instruction carefully to handle, install, clear, service the air conditioner to avoid any damage or hazard. Flammable Refrigerant R32 is used within air conditioner. When maintaining or disposing the air conditioner, the refrigerant (R32 or R290) shall be recovered properly, shall not discharge to air directly.
  • No any open fire or device-like switch which may generate spark/ arcing shall be around air conditioner to avoid causing ignition of the flammable refrigerant used. Please follow the instruction carefully to store or maintain the air conditioner to prevent mechanical damage from occurring.
  • Flammable refrigerant – R32 is used in air conditioner. Please follow the instruction carefully to avoid any hazard.


  • This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
  • Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
  • I f the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
  • The appliance shall be installed in accordance with national wiring regulations.

Product Registration, Packaging & Normal Sounds

Product RegistrationRecord Your Model and Serial NumbersRecord in the space provided below the model and serial numbers. On all models, the serial plate is located on the outside of the cabinet.Model No.__________________________________________________________________________________Serial No.___________________________________________________________________________________Register Your ProductThe self-addressed PRODUCT REGI STRATI ON CARD should be filled in completely, signed and returned to the Frigidaire Company.


Remove all packaging from inside the carton, along with any inserts placed into the side louvers.

Normal Sounds

Operating Instructions

Using Air ConditionerTo begin operating the air conditioner, follow these steps:

  1. Set the temperature selector to the highest number (coldest or coolest setting).
  2. Set the mode control to the highest COOL setting.
  3. Adjust the louvers for comfortable airflow (see Air Directional Louvers).
  4. Once the room has cooled, adjust the temperature selector to the setting you find most comfortable. Review the “Operating Instructions” section for other settings.

Operating InstructionsThe controls featured in this manual are representative of many available models. Your model may offer slightly different features.

Temperature SelectorThis is used to set the desired room temperature when the unit is being operated in the “COOL MODE”. To set the desired room temperature, rotate the selector switch to the desired setting. After the set temperature is achieved, the thermostat will automatically start and stop the compressor in order to maintain the desired set temperature. Rotate the temperature selector clockwise for higher cool setting. Higher cool settings will provide lower room temperature. Rotate the temperature selector counter-clockwise for lower cool settings. Lower cool settings will provide higher room temperature.

Cool ModeThe desired cool setting is selected by rotating the MODE knob to the appropriate location. “high cool” has maximum cooling effect and airflow. “low cool” has minimum cooling effect and airflow.Note:I f your unit is equipped with a vent handle, keep it closed for maximum efficiency.

Fan ModeRotate the MODE knob to select your choice of fan speeds for air circulation only. Note: When selecting a fan speed, the compressor will not run.

WARNINGPlease always wait 3 minutes when turning unit off then on again, and when changing from cool to fan and back to cool. This prevents compressor from overheating & possible circuit breaker tripping. Failure to follow these instructions may be harmful to your unit.

Air Directional LouversAir directional louvers control air flow direction. Your air conditioner has the louver type described below.

Auger TypeRotate the Auger Wheel until the desired Left/ Right direction is obtained.

Care and Cleaning & Energy Saving Ideas

Care and CleaningClean your air conditioner occasionally to keep it looking new. Be sure to unplug the unit before cleaning to prevent shock or fire hazards.

Air Filter CleaningThe air filter should be checked at least once a month to see if cleaning is necessary. Trapped particles in the filter can build up and cause an accumulation of frost on the cooling coils.

  • Remove filter by sliding out from the right side.
  • Wash the filter using liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water. Rinse filter thoroughly. Gently shake excess water from the filter. Be sure filter is thoroughly dry before replacing
  • Or instead of washing, you may vacuum the filter clean.

Cabinet Cleaning

  • Be sure to unplug the air conditioner to prevent shock or fire hazard. The cabinet and front may be dusted with an oil-free cloth or washed with a cloth dampened in a solution of warm water and mild liquid dishwashing detergent. Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry.
  • Never use harsh cleaners, wax or polish on the cabinet front.
  • Be sure to wring excess water from the cloth before wiping around the controls. Excess water in or around the controls may cause damage to the air conditioner.
  • Plug in air conditioner.

Winter StorageI f you plan to store the air conditioner during the winter, remove it carefully from the window according to the installation instructions. Cover it with plastic or return it to the original carton.

Energy Saving Ideas

  • Do not block airflow inside with blinds, curtains or furniture; or outside with shrubs, enclosures, or other buildings.
  • The capacity of the room air conditioner must fit the room size for efficient and satisfactory operation.
  • Install the room air conditioner on the shady side of your home. A window that faces north is best because it is shaded most of the day.
  • Close the fireplace damper, floor and wall registers so cool air does not escape up the chimney and into the ductwork.
  • Keep blinds and drapes in other windows closed during the sunniest part of the day.
  • Clean the air filter as recommended in the section “Care and Cleaning”.
  • Proper insulation and weather stripping in your home will help keep warm air out and cool air in.
  • External house shading with trees, plants or awnings will help reduce the air conditioner’s workload.
  • Operate heat-producing appliances such as ranges, washers, dryers and dishwashers during the coolest part of the day.

Before You Call

Before calling for service, review this list. It may save you time and expense. This list includes common occurrences that are not the result of defective workmanship or materials in this appliance.

Air conditioner w ill not operate. Wall plug disconnected. Push plug firmly into wall outlet.
Plug Current Device Tripped. Press the RESET button.
House fuse blown or circuit breaker tripped. Replace fuse with time delay type or reset circuit breaker.
Selector Control in OFF position. Turn selector to ON (some models) or the desired FAN or COOL setting.
Unit turned off by moving thermostat to a higher number and then immediately turning back to a colder number. Wait approximately 3 minutes. Listen for compressor to restart.
Unit turned off and then on too quickly. Turn unit off and wait 3 minutes before restarting.
Temperature selector set too low. Adjust temperature selector to higher number for cooling.
Air from unit does not feel cold enough. Turn selector to a higher COOL position.
Temperature sensing tube touching cold coil, located behind air filter. Straighten tube away from coil.
Room temperature below 70  F (21  C). Cooling may not occur until room temperature rises above 70  F (21  C).
Temperature selector set too warm. Set temperature selector to colder temperature.
Air conditioner cooling, but room is too warm – ice forming on cooling coil behind decorative front Outdoor temperature below 70  F (21  C). To defrost the coil, set selector to a FAN position. Then, set thermostat to warmer position.O O
Air filter may be dirty. Clean filter. Refer to Care and Cleaning section. To defrost, set selector to FAN.
Temperature selector set too cold for night-time cooling. To defrost the coil, set selector to a FAN position. Then, set temperature selector to warmer position.
Air conditioner cooling, but room is too warm – NO ice forming on cooling coil behind decorative front. Dirty air filter – air restricted. Clean air filter. Refer to Care and Cleaning section.
Temperature selector set too warm. Turn temperature selector clockwise to a colder setting.
Air directional louvers positioned improperly. Position louvers for better air distribution.
Front of the unit is blocked by drapes, blinds, furniture, etc. – restricts air distribution. Clear blockage in front of unit.
Doors, windows, registers, etc. open – cool air escapes. Close doors, windows, registers, etc.
Unit recently turned on in hot room. Allow additional time to remove “stored heat” from walls, ceiling, floor and furniture.
Air conditioner turns on and off rapidly. Dirty air filter – air restricted. Clean air filter.
Outside temperature extremely hot. Set to High Cool to bring air through cooling coils more frequently.
Noise when unit is cooling. Air movement sound. This is normal. If too loud, turn selector to lower FAN setting.
Sound of fan hitting water-moisture removal system. This is normal when humidity is high. Close doors, windows and registers.
Window vibration – poor installation. Refer to installation instructions or check with installer.
Water dripping INSIDE when unit is cooling. Improper installation. Tilt air conditioner slightly to the outside to allow water drainage. Refer to installation instructions or check with installer.
Water dripping OUTSIDE when unit is cooling. Unit removing large quantity of moisture from humid room. This is normal during excessively humid days.
Room too cold. Temperature selector set too high, set to a lower number on temperature dial.

Major Appliance Limited Warranty

Your appliance is covered by a limited one-year warranty and a limited 2-5 year warranty on the sealed system (the compressor, condenser, evaporator and tubing). For one year from your original date of purchase, Electrolux will pay all costs for repairing or replacing any parts of this appliance that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship when such appliance is installed, used and maintained in accordance with the provided instructions. From the second to the fifth year from your original purchase date, Electrolux will repair or replace any parts in the Sealed Refrigeration System (compressor, condenser, evaporator and tubing) that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship. I n years 2-5, the consumer will be responsible for diagnostic, labor and parts costs as well as any removal, transportation and reinstallation expenses which are incurred during service on components other than those covered under the Sealed Refrigeration System 5-year warranty.


This warranty does not cover the following:

  1. Products with original serial numbers that have been removed, altered or cannot be readily determined.
  2. Product that has been transferred from its original owner to another party or removed outside the USA or Canada.
  3. Rust on the interior or exterior of the unit.
  4. Products purchased “as-is” are not covered by this warranty.
  5. Food loss due to any refrigerator or freezer failures.
  6. Products used in a commercial setting.
  7. Service calls which do not involve malfunction or defects in materials or workmanship, or for appliances not in ordinary household use or used other than in accordance with the provided instructions.
  8. Service calls to correct the installation of your appliance or to instruct you how to use your appliance.
  9. Expenses for making the appliance accessible for servicing, such as removal of trim, cupboards, shelves, etc., which are not a part of the appliance when it is shipped from the factory.
  10. Service calls to repair or replace appliance light bulbs, air filters, water filters, other consumables, or knobs, handles, or other cosmetic parts.
  11. Surcharges including, but not limited to, any after-hour, weekend, or holiday service calls, tolls, ferry trip charges, or mileage expense for service calls to remote areas, including the state of Alaska.
  12. Damages to the finish of appliance or home incurred during installation, including but not limited to floors, cabinets, walls, etc.
  13. Damages caused by: services performed by unauthorized service companies; use of parts other than genuine Electrolux parts or parts obtained from persons other than authorized service companies; or external causes such as abuse, misuse, inadequate power supply, accidents, fires, or acts


If You Need ServiceKeep your receipt, delivery slip, or some other appropriate payment record to establish the warranty period should service be required. If service is performed, it is in your best interest to obtain and keep all receipts. Service under this warranty must be obtained by contacting Electrolux at the addresses or phone numbers below.

This limited warranty only applies in the USA and Canada. In the USA, your appliance is warranted by Electrolux Major Appliances North America, a division of Electrolux Home Products, Inc. In Canada, your appliance is warranted by Electrolux Canada Corp. Electrolux authorizes no person to change or add to any obligations under this warranty. Obligations for service and parts under this warranty must be performed by Electrolux or an authorized service company. Product features or specifications as described or illustrated are subject to change without notice.

USA1.800.944.9044Electrolux Major Appliances10200 David Taylor DriveCharlotte, NC 28262

Canada1.800.265.8352Electrolux Canada Corp.5855 Terry Fox WayMississauga, Ontario,CanadaL5V 3E4

Are the filter and the pre-filter washable?

Yes, they are washable.

How long does it take to cool a room?

The time to cool a room will vary, depending on the size of the room, the outside temperature and the condition of the room (whether it is well insulated or not). In general, it should take about one hour for a room of about 150 sq. ft. (14 m2) to reach a temperature of 70°F (21°C).

Is it possible to use a different voltage for this unit?

No, this unit is designed for use only with 110-120 V AC.

Can I install this unit myself?

Yes, but you must follow all instructions in this manual carefully. If you do not understand any part of these instructions, call your dealer or an experienced air conditioner installer.

What is the difference between an air conditioner and an air cooler?

An air cooler is designed to cool a small area such as a single room or small area within a larger area such as a house or office. An air conditioner is designed to cool a large area such as an entire house or office building. Air conditioners and air coolers both have fans that circulate air through the unit and across evaporator coils cooled by cold water from inside your home or office building. The cold water absorbs heat from the air passing over it and then circulates back into your home or office through pipes in the wall where it can be used again to cool more air. The coils on an air conditioner are larger than those on an air cooler and are cooled by refrigerant instead of water. Therefore, an air conditioner can remove more heat from the room than an air cooler can.

Why is my Frigidaire AC not Cooling?

Your air filter may be dirty. And it’s time to clean or the temperature may be set too low for nighttime cooling.

How do I reset my Frigidaire air conditioning unit?

If you’re unsure about how to reset Frigidaire window air conditioner, well it is super easy… In a nutshell, all you have to do is first unplug it then hold down the reset button for a few seconds (we recommend 3-5 seconds). It should now kick on successfully if it doesn’t have a more advanced problem.

Why is my AC running but not cooling?

If your air conditioner is running, but not lowering temperatures inside, one issue could be a blocked or clogged condenser coil. When operating correctly, the condenser fan draws air into the outdoor unit through the condenser coil to pull heat energy out of your home.

What should AC be set at night?

The best AC temperature for sleeping is generally between 60-67 degrees, according to sleep psychologist Michelle Drerup. As your body falls asleep, its temperature decreases slightly. So, setting your thermostat between 60-67 degrees helps this process, therefore helping you fall asleep faster and more comfortably.

Is it OK to leave AC on all night?

In short, scientists and experts seem to agree that leaving your AC on during the night is pretty safe. What’s more, some actually recommend it since the optimal temperature for sleeping seems to be on the cooler end of the spectrum.

How many hours should AC run per day?

A central AC cools down the entire house. It is more energy-efficient than other types of air conditioners, and thus, you do not need to run it for as many hours as different types of air conditioners. In general, you should run a central AC for about 8 hours per day to keep you comfortable

Can air conditioning affect your lungs?

Air conditioning impact on respiratory healthIn healthy individuals, exposure to air conditioners with very cold air can cause alterations in the respiratory airways that, in the context of pre-existing conditions such as asthma, can increase the risk of developing a respiratory illness.



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