FURRION Side Cameras & Rear Camera with Marker Light Installation Guide

FURRION VISION SSide Cameras & Rear Camera with Marker LightInstallation Guide


This Installation Guide will help you install and adjust the camera properly.

Please visit: https://furrion.com/collections/cameras/products/vision-s-7-fourcamera-observation-system and find out more on the How to Video section.

For further support and to download the complete user manual please visit: https://furrion.com/pages/download-navigation


  1. Ensure that all items in your package match those shown in the ‘What’s in the box’ section on the packaging box.
  2. Before installation, please read and understand all the important safety-related instructions from the online user manual.
  3. Prepare tools you may need, including # 1 and #2 Phillips head screwdrivers, sealant, insulation tape, pencil and/or a 5/8” hole saw (needed only when drilling a new hole).

Mount Marker Light

Note: Skip this section if your RV is pre-installed with a bracket for camera installation.

IMPORTANT: Before any installation and wiring operation, remove the key from the ignition and isolate the 12V / 24V power source.

Always seek professional assistance if you are unsure about the installation and wiring operation.

  1. Determine the mounting location on your RV. Ensure that there is no obstacle blocking the camera view. To avoid drilling new holes, you are recommended to replace the original marker lights with Furrion products directly as shown below:−− For rear camera position: Location of the original rear marker light at the top center on the rear of your RV. To accommodate the camera, ensure that there  is at least 7.5” space between the central points of the two adjacent marker lights.−− For side camera position: Location of the original side marker lights (as front as possible & the height from ground to the middle of the trailer).Note: The fifth-wheel shown below is for reference only.You can mount Furrion Vision S products onto various types of long vehicles such as travel trailer or Class A/B/C motorhomes.

2. Secure the gasket and marker light bracket onto your vehicle using four flat head #6 x 3/4” self-drilling screws.If the mounting surface is uneven, apply sealant around the gasket for better sealing.

Mount Cameras (right side shown)

  • Reattach the camera to the marker light bracket. Before fixing the camera, check its pairing status with the monitor by resuming power temporarily.For incandescent lights, make sure the removable light bulb is properly installed before replacing the lens cover. Ensure that the lens on the camera face backwards after installation, with the MONITOR PAIRING button at the bottom.

If you cannot find the video from the camera on the monitor screen or you have an unbundled camera, see the Quick Start Guide for the monitor or online user manual for pairing procedures.

For the rear camera, mount the antenna onto the camera securely and keep the antenna straight, adjust the view angle of the camera by rotating it upwards and downwards (0~50°) so that you can see the bottom edge of your vehicle and the road conditions behind.

Tip: See the complete user manual online for detailed functional explanations.


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