GOLDENSEA UV UVS4 Desktop Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp User Guide

GOLDENSEA UV UVS4 Desktop Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp User Guide


  •  Hazardous optical radiation may be emitted from the light source. Do not look at an operating lamp. It may be harmful to the eyes.
  •  UVC is emitted from the light source. Eye or skin irritation may result from exposure. Use appropriate shielding.
  •  IR may be emitted from the light source. Do not look at operating lamp.


  •  To avoid eyes and skin exposure to UV light, it is forbidden for animals, plants and all personnel to be present when the UV lamp is on.
  •  Always disconnect mains supply before removing any fixture covers.
  •  Keep this device away from rain and moisture.

Thank you for purchasing a GOLDENSEA UV product. This manual is a quick operation guide to get you started. For more information, please always refer to the full version user manual provided.

Before unpacking, please check and be sure that the package is in good condition with no damage on the carton during transportation. In the package, you will find the following:

  • UVS4 (with UV Tube)
  • Remote Control
  • UV Bag

Product Information



Net Weight


AC100-120V, 50/60HzAC220-240V, 50/60Hz


0.34 kg


  1. Start – touch key
  2. Lock – touch key
  3. 15 mins – touch key
  4. Buzzer
  5. 30 mins – touch key
  6. 60 mins – touch key
  7. UV Tube
  8. Lamp Tube Holder
  9. Power Cable

Preparation and Notes

  • Keep in mind of the following information:

    Delayed Start Time

    Recommended Disinfection Times/Areas

    30 seconds




  • Make sure the path to exit the disinfection area is clear before starting the device.
  • Keep children, pets and plants away from the disinfection area before operating.
  • The operator must wear anti-ultraviolet protective clothing and the UV Glasses before operating.
  • The operator must leave the disinfection area and close all entrances after starting the device, make sure the entrances are locked or safeguarded during the entire disinfection process.
  • For safety reasons, the device was designed with a motion sensor: if the working device detects any movement within 3m, it will immediately deactive and start continuous audible dual beeps.
  • The motion detector can ‘see’ through walls, the range can be affected by different materials and thickness (metal: isolated; concrete: decreased; glass or wood: no change; reflector: increased).
  • For safety reasons, the device was designed with Fall Protection Auto Power Off: when lamp detects a movement of more than 45°, it will automatically power off.


  • Switch on the device, unlock the product by long pressing the Start and the Lock touch keys for 3 seconds until there is a beep.
  • On either the fixture control panel or supplied remote control: Press the <15 mins>, <30 mins> or <60 mins> touch key/button to select your desired disinfection time, the touch key indicator light turns on. Press the Start touch key/button, audible alarm starts beeping for 30 seconds. You must exit within this 30 seconds.
  • The UV tubes will light up once the beeping countdown ends.
  • Once the disinfection process ends, the touch key indicator turns off and audible alarm sounds.
  • Open the doors and windows to ventilate the disinfected area.
    • If the remote control loses pairing with the device, re-do the pairing by pressing the Start button on the remote control and switch on the device for 5 seconds.

Control panel:

Remote control:

Customer Support

Guangzhou Haoyang Electronic Co., Ltd.E-mail: [email protected];Tel: +86 20 3996 6388Addr: No.109 Haiyong Road, Shiji Town, Panyu Zone, Guangzhou, China. 511450

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