Haier HCE319F Chest Freezer User Manual

Chest FreezerUser’s Manual

WARNING:Risk of fire/flammable material.The symbol indicates there is a risk of fire since flammable materials are used.Take care to avoid causing a fire by igniting flammable material.



  • This appliance can be used by children aged 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved.
  • Children shall not play with the appliance.
  • Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.
  • The appliance must be positioned so that the plug is accessible.
  • If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent, or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a hazard.
  • WARNING: Keep ventilation openings, in the appli­ance enclosure or in the built-in structure, clear of
  • WARNING: Do not use mechanical devices or other means to accelerate the defrosting process, other than those recommended by the manufacturer.
  • WARNING: Do not damage the refrigerant circuit.
  • WARNING: Do not use electrical appliances inside the food storage compartments of the appliance, unless they are of the type recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Please contact the service agent to dispose of the appliance because the flammable blowing gas was
  • If the illuminating lamps are damaged, they must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid a
  • Do not store explosive substances such as aerosol cans with a flammable propellant in this appliance.
  • Chest freezer suitable for use in unheated rooms and outbuilding no less than -12°C.
  • Since the flammable refrigerants are used, please install, handle, and service the appliance strictly according to the instruction and contact the professional agent or our after-sale service to dispose of the appliance.
  • A switch is built into appliances equipped with light­ When the appliance is opened the light goes on automatically and switches off automatically when closed. (not provided in all models)
  • The regulation requires the appliance to be earthed.
  • The symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product may not be treated as household waste. instead, it shall be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health, which could other­wise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of this product. For more detailed information about the recycling of this product, please contact your local city office, your household waste disposal service, or the shop where you purchased the product.
  • WARNING: When positioning the appliance, ensure the supply cord is not trapped or damaged.
  • WARNING: Do not locate multiple portable socket outlets or portable power supplies at the rear of the appliance.
  • Children aged from 3 to 8 years are allowed to load and unload refrigerating appliances.
  • This appliance is intended to be used in household and similar applications such as:– staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and other work­ing environments;– farmhouses and by clients in hotels, motels, and other residential type environments;– bed and breakfast type environments;– catering and similar non-retail applications.
  • To avoid contamination of food, please respect the following instructions:– Opening the door for long periods can cause a significant increase in the temperature in the compartments of the appliance.– Clean regular surfaces that can come in contact with food and accessible drainage systems.– Store raw meat and fish in suitable containers in the freezer, so that it is not in contact with or drip onto other food.– If the refrigerating appliance is left empty for long periods, switch off, defrost, clean, dry, and leave the door open to prevent mold from developing within the appliance.
  • To ensure the safe preservation of foodstuffs, instant food, and raw meat/ fish shall be stored separately.
  • This refrigerating appliance is not intended to be used as a built-in appliance.



A LidB GasketC Interior light (if available)D CabinetE Storage compartmentF Ventilation grilleG Control panel H BasketI Compressor chamberJ CompressorK Fan (if available)L Back condenser (if available)M Defrost water drain plug


  • This appliance is intended strictly for household use, for storing food only.
  • If the appliance unpacked is damaged please contact your dealer.
  • The mains electricity supply must conform to the rating plate of the appliance.


  • Fully unpack the appliance. Please ensure that all packaging materials are removed and properly disposed of prior to installation and kept out of children’s reach.
  • The appliance should be installed in a dry, well-ventilated room, and not exposed to direct sunlight, and not placed near a heat source.
  • Leave at least 10cm between the appliance and surrounding for ventilation and heat dissipation.
  • The electricity supply must conform to as specified on the rating plate and follow local
  • It is recommended to wait at least two hours before plugging the appliance after installation. This helps the refrigerant circuit to stabilize.
  • Install the appliance at a location where the ambient temperature corresponds to the climate class indicated on the rating plate of the appliance:

Climatic class

Ambient temperature

SN +10 °C to 32 °C
N +16 °C to 32 °C
ST +16 °C to 38 °C
T  +16 °C to 43 °C


  1. Insert the plugin into the socket. All indicators light up and switch off. And then the temperature is displayed.
  2. Allow one hour for the temperature inside the appliance to go down and then place food inside the appliance


Press (2) to adjust the temperature.It’s suggested to set the temperature at -18°C


Press (1) till (4) light up to activate the Super Freeze function.The Fast freeze function will be switched off automatically after 56 hours to save energy. Energy consumption will increase when this function is on. During the Fast freeze function, the temperature in the freezer will be -26°CPress (3) for 3 seconds to lock/unlock the control panel.


  • Wrap or seal food in aluminum foil, air-tight containers, or food storage bags prior to freezing.
  • Allow hot food to cool prior to placing it in the
  • A smaller portion of food will be faster frozen. The recommended max portion weight is 2.5kg.
  • Avoid placing warm food directly in contact with already frozen food. Frozen food could defrost and may not outlast the foreseen storage time.
  • The capacity of the appliance, as shown on the rating plate, should not be exceeded.
  • When filling the appliance with higher quantities of fresh food, it is recommended to turn on the Super Freeze function (if available) 24 hours in
  • The storage time for purchased deep-frozen products varies and depends on the type of product and its packaging. Therefore, strictly observe the producer/manufactures instructions on the packaging.


  • Always ensure that the power supply is switched off prior to conducting any maintenance or clean­ing of the appliance.
  • If you leave your appliance out of use for an exten­ded period, leave it open to prevent odor and unpleasant smells from building up inside.
  • To ensure the safe preservation of foodstuffs, please comply with this instruction to use and clean the freezer regularly. The detail is as below part.
  • Clean the inside of your freezer at least once a year. Use warm water and baking soda solution-about a tablespoon of baking soda to liter/quart of water. Rinse thoroughly with water and wipe dry. Do not use cleaning powders or other abrasive cleaners. Do not wash removable parts in dishwater.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals, abrasives, ammonia, chlorine bleach, concentrated detergents, solvents, or metal scouring pads. Some of these chemicals may dissolve, damage, and/or discolor your freezer.
  • Never use metallic scouring pads, brushes, abrasive cleaners, or alkaline solutions on any surface.
  • Clean door gasket every three months according to inside clean instruction. Gaskets must be kept clean and pliable to assure a proper seal. For positions, such as seams, slots, holes, and so on, simple tools may be used to clean, such as soft brushes. if needed, detachable shelves, trays, drawers, and similar acces­sories can be cleaned through removal from the appliance and washed in the basin.


The appliance should be defrosted once the thickness of ice on the walls reaches 5-6 mm.Do not use any electrical, sharp, or mechanical objects to assistant in defrosting the ice removal process, unless supplied or approved by the manufacturer or approved service center.To remove ice from the inner walls, use a plastic or wood scraper without sharp edges. Never use a metal scraper.Proceed as follows:

  1. Make sure to unplug the appliance.
  2. Dry your hands thoroughly to prevent skin damage by contact with ice (it is advised to use gloves).
  3. Remove all frozen food from the appliance, put it into a container, cool box, put the frozen cool blocks on top of the frozen food to help keep it very cold, and place the container or cool box in a cool, dry room.
  4. Pull out the water drain plug (if available) located at the bottom of the appliance. Otherwise, you must wipe up the meltwater at the bottom of the appliance compartment with a sponge or
  5. Scrape the ice carefully from the inner of the appliance and put it into your kitchen sink, for
  6. Thoroughly clean the inside of the appliance compartment, rinse it with warm water and remove any spilled food or liquids.
  7. Wipe the appliance with an absorbent cloth or sponge thoroughly dry and allow to air for about 3 to 4 minutes.
  8. Replace the drain plug (if available).
  9. Close the appliance door, replace the plug in the socket and turn the appliance on.
  10. Now re-fill the frozen food.

To prevent frozen food from defrosting, carry out the defrosting procedure within a maximum of two hours to reduce the significant rise in temperature of the frozen food that would shorten the storage life.


  1. Is the door difficult to open?After closing the door it may be difficult to open it again for a few minutes. This is normal and means that the door seal is working correctly. Just wait few minutes and you will be able to open the door easily.
  2. No operation (appliance not running/getting cold)•Is there a power failure?•Is the plugin in good condition and properly plugged into the socket?
  3. Appliance not working sufficiently/’HH’ is on•Is the lid of the appliance closed properly?•Is there heavy ice formation on the inner walls?•Is the appliance exposed to direct sunlight or heat source?•Have too many warm foods been put in the appliance?•The climatic class can be found on the rating label in the back of the appliance. It specifies the ambient temperatures at which the appliance will operate correctly.

    Climatic class

    Ambient temperature

    SN +10 °C to 32 °C
    N +16 °C to 32 °C
    ST +16 °C to 38 °C
    T +16 °C to 43 °C
  4. The appliance makes noise.This noise is produced when the motor in the compressor operates and also by refrigerant flowing in the cooling system circuit. These noises are normal.
  5. Condensation build-up on external wallsUnder certain atmospheric conditions, condensation can form on the external walls of the appliance. This is normal and won’t affect the function of the appliance.


  1. Resolving faults by yourselfIf you suspect any fault, before contacting the approved after-sales service directly or via your dealer, make sure you have observed all instructions and advice in this user manual.
  2. After-sales serviceConsultant the endorsed warranty card for available after-sales services.In order to receive immediate help, make sure you have ready the following essential data to identify your appliance:Brand of applianceModelSerial numberThe problem or reasonDate of purchasePurchased from/supplier

To contact technical assistance, visit our website: https://corporate.haier-europe.com/en/Under the section “website”, choose the brand of your product and your country. You will be redirected to the specific website where you can find the telephone number and form to contact the technical assistance


Thermostats, temperature sensors, printed circuit boards, and light sources are available for a minimum period of seven years after placing the last unit of the model on the market.Door handles, door hinges, trays, and baskets for a minimum period of seven years and door gaskets for a minimum period of 10 years, after placing the last unit of the model on the market.


The minimum guarantee is 2 years for EU Countries, 3 years for Turkey, 1 year for the UK, 1 year for Russia, 3 years for Sweden, 2 years for Serbia, 5 years for Norway, 1 year for Morocco, 6 months for Algeria, Tunisia no legal warranty required.


  • If your cabinets s to be discarded, you must remove the door and leave the shelves in place. This will reduce the possibility of danger to children. And the flammable foaming needs to be disposed of by professional persons.


  • After the appliance has been in operation for some time, a layer of frost or ice will form on the inside Which increases energy consumption.ln order to save energy and maintain the best performance, please, defrost the freezer regularly. Refer to User’s instruction chapter “Defrosting”.


The manufacturer of the product/s described herein, to which this description refers, declares on its sole responsibility that the product/s meet the relevant fundamental safety, health, and protectionrequirements of the relevant UK and EU requirements and that the corresponding test reports are available for examination by the relevant authorities and can be requested from the seller of the appliance, especially with regard to the CE Declaration of Conformity issued by the manufacturer or with the manufacturer’s approval.Moreover, the manufacturer declares that the parts of the appliance described in this user manual, which come into contact with fresh food, do not contain any toxic substances.The manufacturer works constantly on the further development of all products. Please, therefore, bear this in mind as they form, set up and technology are subject o change, without prior notice.For further information about the product, please consult https://epre.ec.europa.eu/ or scan the QR on the energy label supplied with the appliance

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