hama 00184020 Bluetooth Stereo Earphones Instruction Manual

“Connect”Bluetooth® Stereo Earphones


Operating instruction

Controls and Displays

  1.  Earphones
  2.  Microphone
  3.  Status LEDs
  4.  Volume +, jump forward one title
  5.  On/off button, voice control, multifunction button (MF)
  6.  Volume -, jump backward one title
  7.  Charging socket
  8. Cable managerThank you for choosing the Hama product.Take your time and read the following instructions and information completely. Please keep these instructions in a safe place for future reference. If you sell the device, please pass these operating instructions on to the new owner.

 Explanation of Warning Symbols and Notes

WarningThis symbol is used to indicate safety instructions or to draw your attention to specific hazards and risks.NoteThis symbol is used to indicate additional information or important notes.

 Package Contents

  •  1xBluetooth® stereo earphones
  •  1xUSB charging cable
  • 3pairs of ear cushions (sizes S, M, L)
  •  2pairs of silicone ear hooks (sizes M, L)
  •  These operating instructions

Safety Notes

  • The product is intended for private, noncommercial use only.
  •  Use the product for its intended purpose only.
  • Protect the product from dirt, moisture, and overheating, and only use it in an adry environment.
  •  Do not use the product in the immediate vicinity of heaters or other heat sources or in direct sunlight.
  • Do not drop the product and do not expose it to any major shocks.
  •  Do not operate the product outside the power limits given in the specifications.
  • Do not open the device or continue to operate it if it becomes damaged.
  •  Since the battery is integrated and cannot be removed, you will need to dispose of the product as a whole. Do this in compliance with the legal requirements.
  •  Dispose of packaging material immediately according to locally applicable regulations.
  •  Do not modify the product in any way. Doing so voids the warranty.
  •  Do not use the product in areas where the use of electronic devices is not permitted.
  • Do not attempt to service or repair the product yourself. Leave any and all service work to qualified experts.
  • Do not throw the battery or the product into fire.
  •  Do not tamper with or damage/heat/disassemble the batteries/rechargeable batteries.
  • Use the item only in moderate climatic conditions.
  •  Do not allow yourself to be distracted by the product, for example when driving a vehicle or operating sports equipment. Always pay attention to the surrounding traffic and your environment.

Warning –High volumes

  •  High sound pressure level!
  •  There is a risk of hearing damage.
  • To prevent hearing loss, avoid listening to high volume levels for long periods.
  •  Always keep the volume at a reasonable level. Loud volumes, even over short periods, can cause hearing loss.• Using this product limits your perception of ambient noise. For this reason, do not operate any vehicles or machines while using this product.

 Getting Started

Warning –Battery

  • Only use suitable charging devices or USB connections for charging.
  • As a rule, do not charge devices or USB connections that are defective, and do not try to repair them yourself.
  • Do not overcharge the product or allow the battery to completely discharge.
  •  Avoid storing, charging, or using the device in extreme temperatures and extremely low atmospheric pressure(for example, at high altitudes).
  •  When stored over a long period of time, batteries should be changed regularly (at least every three months).
  •  The earphones are equipped with a rechargeable battery. The battery must be fully charged before using the device for the first time.
  •  Ensure that the earphones are switched off before charging them.
  • Begin charging by connecting the included USB charging cable to the charging socket (7) as well as to the USB connection of a PC/laptop.
  •  Alternatively, you can charge the earphones using a suitable USB charger. Please refer to the operating instructions for the USB charger used.
  • The display lights up constantly in red during the charging process.
  •  It takes around 2hours until the battery is completely charged.
  •  Once the charging process is complete, the red light of the LED (3) turns to blue light.
  • Disconnect all cable and mains connections


Switching the earphones on/off

  •  Press the MF button (5) until a voice says “Power ON” and the blue LED flashes.
  •  To switch it off, press and hold the MF button (5) until a voice says “Power OFF” and the red LED flashes.

NoteThe functions described in this section are only available for Bluetooth® -capable terminal devices.

 Bluetooth® pairing

Note –Pairing

• Make sure that your Bluetooth® -capable terminal device is on and Bluetooth®is activated.• Make sure that your Bluetooth® -capable terminal device is visible for other Bluetooth ®devices.• For more information, please refer to the operating instructions of your terminal device.• The earphones and the terminal device should be no further than one meter apart. The smaller the distance, the better.• Switch on the earphones with the MF button (5).• Press and hold the MF button (5) until the red and blue LEDs flash alternatingly. The earphones are searching for an aBluetooth® connection.• Open the Bluetooth® settings on your terminal device and wait until Hama BTH Connect appears in the list of Bluetooth® devices found.• Select Hama BTH Connect and wait until the earphones are listed as connected in the Bluetooth® settings on your terminal device.• If the connection was successful, you will hear another acoustic signal and the LED (7) slowly flashes blue.

Note –Bluetooth® passwordSome terminal devices require a password in order to connect to another Bluetooth® device.

  •  If your terminal device requests a password for connection to the earphones, enter 0000.


  • Once the connection has been established, a voice says, “Connected”.
  •  If the connection attempt takes longer than 300 seconds to complete, it is canceled and the LEDs go out. In this case, repeat the steps listed previously under 5.1 Bluetooth® pairing.

Automatic Bluetooth® connection (after successful pairing) Note

  •  Make sure that your Bluetooth® -capable terminal device is on and Bluetooth ® is activated.
  •  Make sure that your Bluetooth ®-capable terminal device is visible for other Bluetooth® devices.
  • For more information, please refer to the operating instructions of your terminal device.
  •  Switch on the earphones with the MF button (5).The blue LED begins to flash and the earphones automatically connect with the last terminal device used.


  • Once the connection has been established, a voice says, “Connected”.
  • If the connection attempt takes longer than 300 seconds to complete, it is canceled and the LEDs go out. In this case, repeat the steps listed previously under 5.2.
  • It may be necessary to change the settings on your terminal device to enable it to automatically connect to the earphones.

Note –Connection impaired

After the headset and terminal device have been paired, a connection is established automatically.If the Bluetooth ® connection is not established  automatically, check the following:

  • Check the Bluetooth® settings of your terminal device to see whether Hama BTH Connect is connected. If not, repeat the steps listed under
Bluetooth® pairing.
  • Check whether obstacles are impairing the range. If so, move the devices closer together.
  • The performance can also be affected by a weak battery.
Bluetooth® multipoint connection

These earphones can connect to two Bluetooth® enabled terminal devices simultaneously (multipoint).

  • First, connect the earphones with the first terminal device as described in 5.1.
  • Then disable Bluetooth ®on that terminal device.
  • Next, connect the earphones with the second terminal device as described in 5.1.
  • Activate Bluetooth ® on the first terminal device once more. The earphones now connect to that terminal device automatically.
Audio playback


  • Note that the functions described under 5.3. and 5.4.are only possible with an active Bluetooth® connection.
  • Your terminal device must also support the individual functions.
  • For more information, please refer to the operating instructions of your terminal device.
  • Functions can still be controlled directly via the terminal device.
  • Set the volume on your terminal device to a low level.
  • Switch on the earphones with the MF button (5). Upon successful connection, a voice says, “Connected”.
  • Start audio playback on the connected terminal device.
  • Press Volume + (4) to increase the volume. There is an announcement when the maximum volume is reached.
  • Press Volume –(6) to reduce the volume.
  • Press the MF button (5) to start or pause the audio playback.
  • Press and hold Jump forward one title (4) to skip to the next title.
  • Press and hold Jump backwardone title (6) to skip to the previous title.
Hands-free function
  • Press the MF button (5) once to answer an incoming call.
  • Press the MF button(5) twice or use your telephone to reject an incoming call.
  •  During a call, press the MF button (5) once to end the call.
  • Press the MF button (5) twice to call the number of the last call.

Note –Call qualityTo increase the call quality, make sure that you are near the earphones with your mobile phone during the call.

Disconnecting the earphones

  • Switch off the earphones.
  • Disconnect the earphones via the Bluetooth ®settings on your terminal device.
Battery capacity
  • An announcement is made and the display flashes in red when the battery is low
  • Charge the earphones as described in 4. Getting started.

Care and Maintenance

Only clean this product with a slightly damp, lint-free cloth and do not use aggressive cleaning agents.Make sure that water does not get into the product.

Warranty Disclaimer

Hama GmbH &CoKG assumes no liability and provides no warranty for damage resulting from improper installation/mounting, improper use of the product or failure to observe the operating instructions and/or safety notes.

Technical Data

Bluetooth ®earphones
Earphone/Microphoneimpedance 32 Ω /1.4 –2.2 kΩ
Frequency 20 –20000 Hz
Earphone/Microphonesensitivity 96 dB /-42 dB
WBC ≥ 75 mV
Range Max. 10 m
Bluetooth®technology v5.0
Profile A2DP V1.3 /AVRCP V1.6 / HFP V1.7 /HSP
Transmission frequency 2.4 –2.48 GHz
Battery Li-Po3.7 V
Battery capacity Min. 57 mAh
Current consumption Max. 45 mA
Charging voltage Max. 5V USB
Total weight 14.5 g
Max. Talk Time /Max. Music Play Time * 5.5 h/6h
Standby time * * 60h
Ready for use * * 180 days
Charging time 2h

Recycling Information

Note on environmental protection:After the implementation of the European Directive 2012/19/EU and 2006/66/EU in the national legal system, the following applies: Electric and electronic devices, as well as batteries, must not be disposed of with household waste. Consumers are obliged by law to return electrical and electronic devices, as well as batteries at the end of their service, lives to the public collecting points set up for this purpose or point of sale. Details to this are defined by the national law of the respective country. This symbol on the product, the instruction manual, or the package indicates that a product is subject to these regulations. By recycling, reusing the materials, or other forms of utilizing old devices/Batteries, you are making an important contribution to protecting our environment.

Declaration of Conformity

Hereby,Hama GmbH &CoKG declares that the radio equipment type [00184020, 00184055, 00184056, 00184057]isincompliance with Directive 2014/53/ EU.The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address:www.hama.com -> 00184020, 00184055, 00184056,00184057 -> Downloads.

Frequency band(s) 2402 MHz –2480 MHz
Maximum radio-frequencypower transmitted 3.5 mW EIRP

Hama GmbH &CoKG86652 Monheim /Germany

Service &Supportwww.hama.com +49 9091 502-0

The Bluetooth® wordmark and logos are registered trademarks owned by BluetoothSIG, Inc. and any use of such marksbyHama GmbH &CoKGisunder license.Other trademarks and tradenames are those of their respective owners.All listed brands are trademarks of the corresponding companies.Errors and omissions excepted, and subject to technical changes.Our general terms of delivery and payment are applied.



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