Hanwha Techwin In-ceiling Housing User Manual

In-ceiling HousingSHP-1560FWSHP-1560FPW


Product Features

This In-Ceiling Housing is a mounting adaptor that is designed to mount the WN7 PTZ camera in built-in style on a double-layer ceiling.(For compatible models, please visit our website.)

Installation Precautions

  • Select an installation position or place that can endure more than 4 times the total weight of the installation structure.
  •  At least 250mm or more of spare height is required above the CEILING BOARD.
  • Be sure to secure the SAFETY WIRE to avoid a product fall.
  •  Use the provided screws to install the mount bracket and camera.
  • CEILING BOARD must be able to sustain a weight of at least 10 kg.


  1. Attach the TEMPLATE on the CEILING BOARD and drill a guided hole.
  2. Remove the CABLE HOLE CAP and the HEX NUT with a tool such as a coin.(SHP-1560FPW only)
  3. Fix the ANCHOR BOLT onto the concrete CEILING, and secure the SAFETY WIRE to the ANCHOR BOLT as below:1. Tighten the NUT (“N1”) on the ANCHOR BOLT.2. Insert the provided SAFETY BRACKET into the ANCHOR BOLT.3. Tighten two NUTs (“N2”,” N3”) onto the ANCHOR BOLT.4. Hook and fix one end of the SAFETY WIRE onto the SAFETY BRACKET.5. Hook and fix the other end of SAFETY WIRE onto the HOUSING as shown below:• The ANCHOR BOLTs and nuts are optional and not included in the product package.• ANCHOR BOLTS must be able to sustain the weight of at least 30 kg.• If you proceed without following the instructions in the manual, that is if you work with the camera body already attached from the beginning, the safety wire could exceed its limit and be broken when the housing is accidentally dropped, which could result in an accident.
  4. In the case that the pipe is to be connected to the External Cable hole, the pipe must be inserted within the depth of 15mm or less. (SHP-1560FPW only)
  5. To connect to the camera, insert the network cable through the cable hole on the housing to the inside of the housing as shown in the figure.
  6. Push the HOUSING inside the CEILING through the CEILING hole, and tighten theSCREWs (x3) clockwise to fix the HOUSING on the CEILING. (Adjust the height of the bracket to secure the housing to the ceiling.)• Using a power tool for an installation could cause product damage.If you are going to use a power tool, the torque must be 30 Nm or less.• Ensure that the HOUSING is firmly secured to the CEILING BOARD.
  7. Hang the SAFETY WIRE inside the housing on the SAFETY WIRE HOOK of the camera.
  8. Refer to the camera user manual to connect the network cable to the camera.
  9.  As shown in the figure, align the direction of the camera logo and INSTALLATION DIRECTION GUIDES (△) of the housing, and then turn it in the direction of the arrow as you push the camera upward to join them.

Assembling the Top Cover (SHP-1560FW)

  1. Mount the TOP COVER to the HOUSING.

  • To use as a Smoke Dome, please purchase and replace the SPB-PTZ85W Dome cover separately.(SHP-1560FW, SHP-1560FPW)

Assembling the Top Cover (SHP-1560FPW)

  1. Attach the TOP COVER to the HOUSING and tighten the four SCREWS on the COVER to fix it to the HOUSING.
  2. Insert the SCREW CAPS into the screw holes.

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