Harley Benton 375784 Humi Doctor Clip-on Hygrometer User Guide

Humi Doctor ­ Clip-on Hygrometer

Quick Start GuideThis quick start guide contains important information on the safe operation of the product. Read and follow the safety advice and instructions given. Retain the quick start guide for future reference. If you pass the product on to others please include this quick start guide.

Safety instructions

Intended use This device is used for indoor temperature and humidity measurement. Any other use or use under other operating conditions is considered to be improper and may result in personal injury or property damage. No liability will be assumed for damages resulting from improper use.

Danger for children

Ensure that plastic bags, packaging, etc. are disposed of properly and are not within reach of babies and young children. Choking hazard! Ensure that children do not detach any small parts from the product. They could swallow the pieces and choke!

Incorrect handling of lithium batteries can result in injuryIn the event of a short circuit, overheating or mechanical damage, lithium batteries can cause severe injuries. Store devices with lithium batteries in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources, ideally in the original packaging. Lithium batteries are hermetically sealed. Never attempt to open lithium batteries. Only use powder extinguishers or other suitable extinguishing agents to extinguish a burning device containing lithium batteries.

Risk of fire due to the incorrect polarityIncorrectly inserted batteries may destroy the device or the batteries. Ensure that proper polarity is observed when inserting batteries.

Possible damage by leaking batteriesLeaking batteries can cause permanent damage to the device. Take batteries out of the device if it is not going to be used for a longer period.

Electromagnetic compatibility with other electrical equipmentUsing the device near radios or TV sets may cause interference. Then increase the distance between the devices.

Where to use the productNever use the product

  •  indirect sunlight
  • in conditions of extreme temperature
  • in extremely dusty or dirty areas
  • at locations where the unit can become wet
  • near magnetic fields

General handling 

  • To prevent damage, never use force when handling the product.
  • Never immerse the product in water. Just wipe it with a clean dry cloth. Do not use liquid cleaners such as benzene, thinners, or flammable cleaning agents.

Keep foreign substances from the unit!Keep the device away from containers with liquids. Should any liquid get into the unit, this could lead to its destruction, fire or electric shock. Be sure not to let any metal objects into the unit.


  • Digital measurement of temperature and relative humidity of the ambient air
  • Important protection for precious instruments
  • Very compact size

Controls and functions

1 SET button to select the desired humidity target value.
2 Display of the current relative humidity. Values between 20 % and 95 % can be displayed.
3 Display of the current temperature.
4 Display of the currently set humidity target value.
5 Display of the humidity values in 5 zones (the black bar indicates the respective zone):
“Dry; corresponds toSlight Dry corresponds toComfort corresponds toSlight Wet correspondsto Wet, corresponds to 0 %-19 %30 % – 39 %40 % – 49 %50 % – 59 %60 % – 100 %

Using the device

Setting the desired humidity target valueTo use the alarm function of the device, set the desired air humidity target value between 30 % and 70 %. Hold down the SET button for 2 seconds. When the indicator r is flashing, repeatedly press the SET button to adjust the target value in 5 % increments. If later the currently measured humidity differs by more than ± 5 % from this value, the LCD will flash to warn you. The optimum humidity for normal instruments is between 40 % and 49 %. Use the setting `-‘ if you do not want to use the alarm function.

Temperature display

The display e shows the current ambient temperature. Press the SET button to switch between units Celsius and Fahrenheit. The measurement range is from -30 °C to 50 °C or from -22 °F to 122 °F, respectively.

Attaching the device

Attach the device with the clamp to the instrument or use the Velcro strap to attach the device to the instrument.

Exchanging the battery

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If the display becomes weak, the battery will soon be exhausted and must be replaced by a fresh one of the same type (CR2032). To do this, pull the battery holder as shown on the right from the device. Remember the polarity of the old battery! Take it out of the holder and insert the fresh one with the same polarity. Slide the battery holder back into the unit. If the device does not operate as described in this manual and switching power on / off does not solve the problem, remove the battery and insert it again to possibly fix the problem.

Technical specifications

Voltage supply: 1 × 3 V battery (CR2032)
 Measuring range relative humidity: 20 % – 95 %
Display accuracy  humidity: ± 5 %
Measuring range temperature: -30 °C – 50 °C | -22 °F – 122 °F
Display accuracy temperature: ± 1 %
Dimensions (W × H × D): 30 mm × 35 mm × 30 mm
 Weight: approx. 14 g (incl. battery)

For the packaging, environmentally friendly materials have been chosen that can be supplied to normal recycling. Ensure that plastic bags, packaging, etc. are properly disposed of. Do not just dispose of these materials with your normal household waste, but make sure that they are collected for recycling. Please follow the notes and markings on the packaging.

Remove lithium batteries from the device before disposal. Protect used lithium batteries against potential short circuits, e.g. by covering the poles with adhesive tape. Dispose of the solid-state lithium batteries together with the device. Please check for an appropriate reception facility.

This product is subject to the European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) in its currently valid version. Do not dispose of your normal household waste. Dispose of this device through an approved waste disposal firm or through your local waste facility. When discarding the device, comply with the rules and regulations that apply in your country. If in doubt, consult your local waste disposal facility.

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