Hercules DJControl Inpulse 300 Instruction Manual

Hercules DJControl Inpulse 300 Instruction Manual

Install the DJ equipment


  • The computer to the power outlet
  • USB cable to DJControl Inpulse 300
  • USB cable to the computer
  • Speaker cables to DJControl Inpulse 300master output and speaker inputs
  • Headphones to DJControl Inpulse 300 headphones’ output (on front panel of DJControl Inpulse 300)


  • Download DJUCED https://www.djuced.com
  • Install DJUCED on the computer
  • Copy songs on the computer, for example on Windows or macOS Music folder

Prepare DJUCED and DJControl Inpulse 300


  • Run DJUCED.
  • Add your own tracks to DJUCED by browsing in Library> Explorer> in the folder you store your songs in, in the Music folder.
  • Analyze the songs in DJUCED:
    • Select the songs (shift + mouse).
    • Right-click: BPM > Analyze.
  • In DJUCED Song Library > Demo Songs,
    • Load House Loop 1 on deck 1.
    • Load House Loop 2 on deck 2


  • Check the BEATMATCH GUIDE key on DJControl Inpulse 300 is lit up.
  • Move the tempo faders on deck 1 & deck 2 to the central position: a green LED will light up.
  • Set both volume faders to 75%.
  • Set Filter, Low, Mid, High, Gain, Headphones and Master rotary knobs to mid position.
  • Set the crossfader fully to the left to hear deck 1 on master output.

Follow lights to set the BPM with the tempo fader

  • Press Play on deck 1.
  • A red light alongside the tempo fader on Deck 2 shows the direction to drag the fader, to set Deck 2’s track to the same BPM.
  • Move the Tempo Fader up or down, in the direction of the red light.
  • If the direction of the red light changes, move the fader slowly in the oppositedirection.
  • When the red lights on the up/down fader blink, stop moving the tempo fader.
  • Both red lights off: the BPM is set.

DJUCED shows the same BPM on deck 1 and deck 2: TEMPO-MATCH

Follow lights to align the beats with the jog-wheel

  • Press Play on deck 2.
  • A red light below the jog wheel on deck 2 shows the direction to turn the wheel, to align deck 2’s beats with deck 1’s beats.
  • Turn the wheel in the direction of the red light.
  • If the direction of the red light changes, turn the wheel slowly in the opposite direction.
  • As soon as the red lights on the left and right go off, stop: the beats are aligned.

DJUCED waveforms show beat-grids for both tracks are aligned: BEATMATCH

Make a smooth transition with the crossfader


  • Move the crossfader gradually from left (Deck 1) to the central position.
  • When the crossfader reaches the center, you hear both tracks mixed together.
  • Pause a few seconds when the crossfader reaches the center: both tracks are synchronized with beats playing together.


  • Move the crossfader gradually from the center to the right.
  • When the fader is all the way to the right, the transition is complete: you did a smooth transition from deck 1 to deck 2.

DJs may add effects, such as a filter, over one song during the transition, but it is not necessary if both tracks are in a key that is compatible, such as House Loop 1 and House Loop 2.

Find next song with Intelligent Music Assistant (IMA)

  • Press the Play/Pause button to stop the playback on deck 1.
  • Press the Assistant key once, below the Browser rotary button.
  • The Assistant key and the base around the Browser light up.
  • DJUCED browser shows a list of tracks, selected by the Assistant.
  • IMA selects tracks with a key, BPM and energy that fit with the song currently playing.
  • Move through the list on the Browser Cap.

Further use of the Intelligent Music Assistant (IMA)


Energy is song danceability, from cool to hot.

  • To select Energy for the assistant suggestions, from cool (dark blue) to hot (red): hold the Assistant key pressed down while turning the Browser cap.
  • The color of the ring at the base of the Browser knob reflects the requested energy.
  • If there are tracks at this energy, with keys and BPMs that fit your current master track, these will be added to the list in Assistant.


  • To close the IMA and the Assistant list, press the Browser button.
  • The backlights on the Assistant key and the ring at the base of the Browser will be switched off.

DJ Academy (if you are connected to the internet)


  • In DJUCED, on the right of the browser, you can see a smiley wearing a graduation hat.
  • Click on it to call the DJ Academy video tutorials in DJUCED


  • The DJ Academy lets you select the lessons you are looking for.
  • Select 02 Beatmatch, and play “How to Use the Pitch Fader” to revise usage of the tempo fader (step 3 in this demo).
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DJ Academy in DJUCED = first DJ software with video lessons embedded in the DJ software.



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