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WX8RS EVIE Rain SensorUser GuideFor additional help, visit https://www.holmanindustries.com.au/

INTRODUCTIONYour EVIE Sensor communicates to the WX8 to automatically disable yourwatering schedules after 5mm of rain, reducing your water usage in the process.The sensor uses two electrodes (A) connectedto a Radio Frequency (RF) Transmitter.When water begins to fill the sensor, the circuit between the two electrodescompletes, and the RF Transmitter can wirelessly communicate to the WX8to stop watering. After the water in the sensor evaporates, the circuit is onceagain disconnected, and the RF Transmitter tells the WX8 it can continue withyour watering schedules. The sensor holds a maximum of 25mm of rainfall.Your EVIE Sensor regulates how quickly watering will resumeafter rain. This comes from the amount of rainfall collected,and how quickly it evaporates in heat or wind.

When water fills above the internal electrodes (A), theEVIE Sensor will detect the moisture and any automaticwatering starts will be disabled in Holman Home

As the water evaporates and the water level drops below the centre weir (B),the sensor will report back to your WX8 as dry, and any automatic wateringstarts will be reinstated in Holman Home


Your EVIE Sensor shouldalready be paired with yourWX8 Irrigation Controller

  1. Check the DEVICE INFORMATION (C)page in Holman Home to ensureyour EVIE Sensor is pairedto the WX8 correctly and the battery is in good condition
  2. If your EVIE Sensor does not appearto be paired to your WX8, please seeour pairing instructions overleaf


To communicate to the WX8 Irrigation Controller, theEVIE Sensor needs to be installed no more than 20 metresfrom the controller with a clear line of sight

The EVIE Sensor needs to be mounted horizontally on a gutterand attached with the wing nut screw (D) provided

Choose a gutter location where the EVIE Sensor will not beknocked by surrounding trees or by potentially strong wind

Ensure the EVIE Sensor is with 50m range of your WX8

Use the elbow screw (E) to level the EVIE Sensor on your gutter


To check if your EVIE Sensor isworking, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill the sensor with water
  2. Stand at ground level, holding thesensor under your gutter near theintended installation point
  3. You will need to wait up to a minutefor Holman Home to detect moisturethrough the EVIE Sensor
  4. Holman Home should currentlyreport (F) that the EVIE Sensoris detecting and that automaticwatering starts have been disabled
  5.  Once Holman Home has confirmed it isworking correctly, empty the water andinstall the sensor in the desired location




If for some reason the EVIE Sensor has been disconnected from your WX8,Holman Home will show this in the DEVICE INFORMATION screen (F).The following instructions highlight how to re-pair your EVIE Sensor to the WX8:

  1. Bring your EVIE Sensor to your WX8 irrigation controller sothat you can operate both devices simultaneously
  2. On the EVIE Sensor, remove the rubber plug (G) on the undersideand check there are two CR2032 batteries (H) installed
  3. On your WX8, turn the dial to OFF
  4. Press and hold START for 5 seconds until the LEDs of ZONE 1 and 2both flash, alternating between red and blue (for 20 seconds only)

The next step must be completed in the first 20seconds while the LEDs are still flashing

If you run out of time it is possible to attempt the process again

5. On the EVIE Sensor, press and hold the internal button (I)until the WX8 LEDs of ZONE 3 and 4 are alight

If the pairing succeeds, these LEDs will be blue

If the pairing fails, these LEDs will be red

6. After pairing is successful, on the WX8, turn thedial to RUN to exit the pairing mode

7. Wait at least one minute for the Holman Home to show EVIE Sensoris connected to the WX8 in the DEVICE INFORMATION screen (J)8. Replace the rubber plug back into EVIE Sensor (G)9. Follow the instructions for CHECKING YOUR EVIE SENSOR as listed overleaf10. Re-install your EVIE Sensor as per the INSTALLATION instructions overleaf

For additional pairing help, please visithttps://www.holmanindustries.com.au/ to access additionalsupport pages or contact our Customer Service team


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Holman WX8RS EVIE Rain Sensor User Manual –

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Holman WX8RS EVIE Rain Sensor User Manual –

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