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The RPLS730B / RPLS731B programmable wall switch has been designed to control lightings and motors:

Load type Maximum load Examples
Resistive load 2400 W (20 A a) 120 V) •incandescent lights•halogen lights•block heater
Inductive load 2400 W (20 A L 120 V) •fluorescent lights•compact fluorescent lights (CFL)•sodium lamps•electronic ballasts
Motor 1 hp •pool filter pumps•fans


NOTE: This switch cannot be used if there are not at least 2 white wires joined by a connector inside the electrical box.

  1. Cut power at the circuit breaker to avoid electric shock.
  2. Remove the existing switch.
  3. Install the new switch as shown in the diagram below.
  4. Apply power at the circuit breaker.


  1. Pry the switch door open from the bottom using a small screwdriver.
  2. Ensure the ON/OFF selector is set to ON.
  3. Reset the switch using a paper clip. 0:00 will flash.

If the display is blank:

  • Ensure the ON/OFF selector is properly engaged in the ON position. Push it to the right using a small screwdriver.
  • At first power-up after the installation, the screen of the switch may be blank or dim or become so when you turn the light on. However, during that time, the switch is fully functional. Wait 2 minutes for the switch’s built-in battery to be sufficiently charged and the screen will return to its normal contrast.


NOTE: The switch displays the time in 24-hour format by default or following a reset.

  1. To change to a 12-hour format (or vice versa), proceed as follows:• Press one of the control buttons to ensure the MAN or AUTO indicator is displayed.• Press the MIN and HOUR buttons simultaneously and briefly (0:00 display = 24-hour, 12:00 display = 12-hour).
  2. Set the time using the HOUR and MIN buttons. If you have selected the 12-hour format, ensure that PM appears on the screen when an afternoon time is displayed.
  3. Set the day using the DAY button.
  4. Press one of the control buttons or close the switch door to return to normal operation.


The programmable switch has 2 operating modes: manual (MAN) and automatic (AUTO). To switch mode, press the switch door for 3 seconds.

Manual modeThe programmable switch operates as a regular switch.Briefly press the switch door to turn the lights On or Off.The mode (MAN) and state (ON or OFF) are displayed.

Automatic modeThe programmable switch follows the programmed schedule. The mode (AUTO), state (ON or OFF) and current program number are displayed. To temporarily override the programmed schedule, briefly press the switch door. The new state (ON or OFF) will flash to show that this state is temporary. The override remains in effect until you press the switch door again or until the beginning of the next program.


You can set up to 7 programs. To set a program, you need to enter its start time (ON) and its end time (OFF).

  1. Pry the switch door open using a small screwdriver.
  2. Press the PGM button to display a program and its On or Off time. For example, when you first press PGM, program number 1 (P1) and its On-time (ON)  will appear. – : – – will appear instead of the time if the program is not set (inactive).
  3. Press the DAY button to select the day to which you want to apply the program.
  4. NOTE: If you want to apply the program to every day of the week, press DAY until all the days are displayed. (This still counts as 1 program, not 7)
  5. Press the HOUR and MIN buttons to set the ON time (the time when you want the lights to turn on). If you have selected the 12hour format, ensure that PM appears on the screen when an afternoon time is displayed.
  6. After you have programmed the ON time, press the PGM button to display the OFF time (the time when you want the lights to turn off).
  7. Repeat steps 3 through 5 to program the OFF time. If the program ON time is set for every day of the week, the program of time will automatically be set for every day.
  8. To set another program, repeat steps 2 through 6.Programs that are not set will remain inactive.
  9. Press one of the control buttons or close the switch door to return to normal operation.

Clearing a programmed timePress the PGM button as many times as needed to display the programmed time. Hold the PGM button for 3 seconds. – : – – appears when the programmed time is erased.


Blank display •Verify circuit breaker at the main panel.•Ensure the ON/OFF selector is at ON.•Reset the switch using a paper clip.
Faded or irregular display Ambient temperature below freezing point
Cannot switch between 24-hour format and 12-hour format First, press one of the control buttons so that MAN or AUTO appears on display.
Programs do not run as expected •Make sure the switch is properly programmed.•Note that —: — — indicates an inactive program.•If the switch has been configured for 12-hour format, check that PM appears on the left side of the screen when an afternoon time is displayed.
The switch resets itself without apparent reason when used to control an inductive load such as a relay or a contractor. The reset is caused by the load. Install a snubber (AC130-03) at each relay/contactor.


Supply: 120 VAC, 50 / 60 HzMaximum load: 2400 watts resistive or inductive, 1 HP motorOperating temperature range: 5°F to 122°F (-15°C to 50°C)Storage temperature range: -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)Power outage: The programs are protected by a rechargeable battery. The screen is blank during the power outage.


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