Honeywell DW915NG Portable, Wired & Wireless Doorbell Installation Guide

Installation and Operation GuidePortable, Wired & Wireless Doorbell



Content will vary according to your kit

For installation, you will need

Phillips Screwdriver Standard Screwdriver Drill and 1/4 in. (6 mm) Drill Bit

4 C Alkaline Batteries

The push-button supplied with this kit is pre-programmed to operate with the doorbell.If it is not, see “Connect a Push Button” on page 8. The Push-button model and contents may vary from those shown above.


Just follow these simple steps:

  1.  Install batteries.
  2. Set up the doorbell and your preferences.
  3.  Install the doorbell and the push button.

SafetyBefore proceeding with the installation, please note the following safetywarnings:

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s advice when using power tools and wear suitable protective equipment (e.g. safety goggles) when drilling holes, etc.
  •  Before drilling holes in walls, check for hidden electricity cables and water pipes. The use of a cable/pipe locator is advisable if in doubt.

InstallationChoose a location that is not near a heat source or on something that moves (like a door). For non-mounting locations, choose a place where the doorbell will be easy to see and hear.

Install Doorbell

If you are not mounting the doorbell to the wall, place it where you want it.

  1.  Screw the doorbell wall mounting bracket to the wall using the screws and anchors included (if necessary). Drill 1/4 inch holes for the anchors.
  2.  Hang the doorbell on the mounting bracket.

Wiring Diagrams (DW9XX Models Only)

  • Potential-free connection of a wired doorbell button
  • A second wired doorbell button (terminals B1 & B2) can be connected
  • DCP917, DW915 battery/batteries must be inserted
  •  Wireless expansion of a wired doorbell/intercom system
  •  A second wired doorbell button (terminals B1 & B2) can be connected
  •  Replacement of the existing doorbell system with DW915/ DW315
  •  DCP917, DW915 battery/batteries must be inserted
  •  Direct connection of a power supply (for DW9../DW3.. only)
  •  A second wired doorbell button (terminals B1 & B2) can be connected
  •  Batteries for DW915 are  not required
  •  Wireless expansion of a wired battery-powered chime (note the polarity)
  •  DCP917, DW915 battery/batteries must be inserted

Install the Push Button1. Mount the push button bracket in the desired location. Use the screws. –OR– Use the adhesive backing. If using the adhesive backing, clean the surface first.2. Snap the push button onto the mounting bracket.

Note: If you need to remove the push button, use a small screwdriver to release the tab.

Install Batteries

  1. Open the battery cover and install 4 C alkaline batteries.
  2. Open the battery cover and install the CR2032 battery.

Setup and Operation

Press the push button to test whether it is paired with the doorbell. The doorbell will light up and ring. If it does not, see “Connect a Push Button” on page 8.

Change the TunePress the Music button to change the doorbell tune.Every time you press the Music button, the tune will change. Stop pressing the Music button when you hear the tune you want.If you have multiple pushbuttons paired with the chime, you can select the melody for the last push button that was triggered.Press the push button. (For any new push button, ensure that it is paired first.Refer to “Connect a Push Button” on page 8.)Within 12 seconds, press the melody selection button until the desired tune is selected.

Ding DongWestminsterPianoFantasyMarimbaBell Soft AlertSmart SaxYour Tune (anyMP3 file you copyto the doorbell)

Change the Light PatternPress the Sunlight button to change the lights that flash when the doorbell rings.

Press the Sunlight button. Change the Halo Light ColourPress the push button.Within 12 seconds, press the Sunlight button.Every time you press the Sunlight button, the halo light will change color. Stop pressing the Sunlight button when you see the color you want:

Light BlueWhiteRedDark Blue GreenPurpleYellow

Adjust the VolumePress the Volume Up or Volume Down buttons to adjust the volume of the Doorbell.

Mute the DoorbellPress the Mute button to silence the doorbell.

Set the MuteYou can also mute the doorbell for specific amounts of time. Press the Mute button.

Mute button shows Doorbell is mute
1 time doorbell is mute
2 times 3 hours
3 times 6 hours
4 times 9 hours
5 times 12 hours
6 times no longer mute

It is also easier to unmute the doorbell by pressing and holding the mute button until it beeps.

AccessoriesYou can connect up to 6 accessories to your doorbell, including other pushbuttons, window or door opening sensors, and motion sensors.If you try to connect more accessories than the max number, the doorbell will sound two beeps.

Connect a Motion Sensor

  1. Press and hold the Setting button on the doorbell for three seconds.The halo light will circle.
  2.  Within 20 seconds of pressing the Setting button, wave or make another kind of motion in front of the motion sensor.

Before linking your outdoor motion sensor, you will need to adjust its settings:Turn the Dusk control and Time control fully anti-clockwise to their minimum setting.Ensure your sensor is in Day Mode. This will be shown by the slider button being in the left position (Sun symbol).

Connect a Push ButtonFollow these steps to change the ring and halo light color for an existing doorbell, too.

  1. Press and hold the Setting button on the doorbell for three seconds. The halo light will circle.
  2. Press the push button.
  3.  Within 12 seconds of pressing the push button, press the Music button to select the ring for that push button.
  4. Within 12 seconds of pressing the doorbell, press the Sunlight button to select a halo light color for that push button.

Customize your Doorbell (DC917XX Models Only)

You can customize your doorbell to play the part in any song or sound you choose.You can also create a Secret Knock with a different ring.

Your Tune

You can install any MP3 file as a custom tune.

  1. Connect the USB cable to the doorbell, then plug it into a computer.
  2.  Using your computer, copy the tune you want (MP3 format only) onto the doorbell. The doorbell connects to your computer like a jump drive.
  3.  Follow the Change the Tune process on page 5 to select your tune.
  4.  Press the push button and your tune will play for up to 15 seconds.

The USB cable can power the doorbell if it is plugged into a USB charging socket. This feature does not work when plugged into a computer.

Secret KnockFor each push button, you can set up a Secret Knock that has a different ring and halo light color. The Secret Knock is triggered by pressing the push button quickly 3 times.

  1.  Press the push button 3 times quickly.
  2.  Within 12 seconds of pressing the push button, press the Music button to select the ring for the Secret Knock.
  3. Within 12 seconds of pressing the push button, press the Sunlight button to select a halo light color for the Secret Knock.

Built-In Range Extender Function

The Series 9 range of doorbells has a built-in range extender function, meaning that when it receives a signal from a linked push button it will automatically boost the signal in a 200m diameter range.The only condition will be to link the push button or buttons to all the chimes that are required to be triggered by the range extender.

MaintenanceYour doorbell and push-button require no maintenance except periodically changing the batteries.If using the correct batteries, battery life should be approximate:

  •  Up to 5 years for the doorbell; replace with 4 C alkaline batteries
  • Up to 2 years for the push button; replace with a CR2032 lithium battery

Low Battery NotificationWhen the doorbell batteries are low, the bottom edge of the halo light flashes yellow every 6 seconds until the batteries are replaced.When the push-button batteries are low, two beep sounds are heard after the normal tune.

ResetThis process removes all pairings, including the push button that came with this doorbell:

  1.  Remove the doorbell batteries.
  2.  Press and hold the Setting button and replace the battery at the same time.
  3. The halo light will circle and the doorbell is returned to its default factory settings.


Doorbell Push Button
Operating Temperature -5°C to 40°C -20°C to 50°C
Honeywell Home ActivLinr 868 MHz 868 MHz
Range (open field) 200 m 200 m
Sound Level (typical) 90 dB
Battery Type C cell alkaline (x 4) CR2032
Battery Life (5 activations/day) Up to 5 years Up to 2 years
Rainproof N/A IP55


If Then
The doorbell does not work 1. Press the Mute button until all of the Mute lights are off.2. Make sure that the correct batteries (4 C alkaline cells, 1 CR2032) are installed with the correct polarity.3. The doorbell might be out of range; try the doorbell in a different location.4. Reconnect the doorbell. See “Connect a Push Button” on page 8.5. Check all the batteries and replace them if needed.6. Check if the confidence LED on the transmitters is working when activated.7. Check if the doorbell is muted.8. Check that the transmitter is linked with the chime.*
Two ‘beep’ sounds are heard afterthe normal tune Replace doorbell push battery with a new CR2032.
The halo light flashes yellow atthe bottom edge Replace doorbell batteries with 4 new C alkaline batteries.
Range is reduced 1. Metal structures including uPVC door frames can reduce the range. Don’t mount the doorbell or doorbell push on or near metal structures.2. Move the doorbell closer to the doorbell push button.3. Weak batteries will reduce range. In cold conditions (below 5ºC), batteries may need to be replaced more often.

*Under these scenarios, the push button is considered the “transmitter”. Other examples of transmitters are the wireless motion (PIR) sensor or wireless door window sensor.


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