Honeywell SI800MS Wireless Battery Internal Siren Installation Guide

Honeywell SI800MS Wireless Battery Internal Siren Installation Guide


The wireless sounders SI800MS are designed for audible signalling and deterrent action within the protected premises.


Operating modes

The indoor sounders SI800MS activate:

  • An audible alarm in case of intrusion, alert or fire
  • Entry exit beeps

Tamper Proofing

Upon any attempt to open the cover, the sounder will sound.

Silencing the sounder

The sound stops sounding upon disarming the panel or after 180 seconds for intrusion alarms or 300 seconds for smoke alarms.

Mounting & Settings

The SI800MS sounders must be mounted far from any source of electrical interference, against a ceiling or as high as possible against a wall, within the protected premises.

  1. Remove the sounder cover.
  2. Position the sounder base plate against the wall and mark the 3 securing holes and the tamper screw hole.
  3. Bore using a 6mm drill bit checking that each hole is correctly centred.
  4. Insert anchors to the wall.
  5. Position and secure the sounder, preferably with countersunk screws. 3.5mm Ø x 30mm.
  6. Hold the batteries in place and pull out the battery tab to power up the sensor.
  7. The sounder is ready for registration.

Installation instructions


The Control Panel / Sounder link being bi-directional, the SI800MS sounders must always be registered in their final location.

  2. Press the “Init Button” (see Figure 1) on the sounder. The initialisation phase is confirmed by beeps up to 30 seconds, depending on the protocol used (tamper opened).
  3. When registration is completed the sounder stops beeping and sends a 2-tone signal.

IMPORTANT: The detector must always be registered in its final location.

Replacing the Batteries

  1. Remove the sounder cover. Dispose of the batteries in a special container.
  2. Replace with the new lithium batteries 3V type CR123 (respecting polarities).
  3. Secure the batteries with the plastic collar.
  4. Press “Init Button” (see Figure 1). The sounder emits a series of beeps then a 2-tone signal confirming itis once again in service.
  5. Secure the cover using the screw. The sounder is ready to operate after 10 seconds.

Note: Before removing the cover to replace the batteries, ensure you have entered the “View System” window in your security TCC web portal (* and the system is “Connected” first.

WARNING: There is a risk of explosion if the wrong batteries are used. Replace only with the same type or with an equivalent type which has been recommended by the manufacturer. Dispose of the used batteries in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


TechniquesPower supply 3 batteries 3v type CR 123

  • Battery life:  5 yearstypical (depending on system configuration)
  • Tamper:  opening and wrenching-off
  • Sound power:  Means acoustic level: 104 dBA – 112 dBA (+/-3dB) measured in the axis
  • Temperature Operating : -10° to 55°C (14°F to 131°F)
  • Temperature Storage : -20° to +70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
  • Diameter:  6.50”
  • Weight:  485g.
  • Color:  White


  • Type:  FMnarrowrange:
  • Frequency:  868.85 MHz
  • Radio:  range 1000m open field
  • Supervision:  Yes

Customer Support

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