HOTT CD511 Portable CD Player User Manual

CD Player User ManualMODEL: CD511

Dear user:Thank you for choosing a portable CD player from HOTT. We wish you a happy experience, please read this manual carefully before use and keep this manual in a safe place for your use.


Start step

Key function description

: Stop/shut downPress once, ends playback; press twice switches the device off

: Power on/play/pause-Make sure the lock button is turned at the “UNHOLD” position before powering on

: Press once to replay the current song,Short press twice to select the previous song, Long Press to fast backward

: Short press to select the next song; long press to fast forward

: Switches the anti-shock system on/off

  • Power on by default.
  • CD: 40 seconds,
  • MP3 disc: 120 seconds.

Select the next album (Only for MP3 format)

Select Play mode

1 Current track loop Playback

ALL  All tracks will be looped.

DIR  All the files of the current album are played back repeatedly(Only MP3 DISC).

INTRO The first 10 seconds of each title or file are played.SHUF All files or tracks are played back in random order.

: select sound effects.You can choose five sound effects: BBS(Bass), Pop, Jazz, Rock, Classic.

Back function introduction

HOLD(ON/OFF): Lock button switch

  • ON: All buttons will be locked
  • OFF: unlock

Note: Before power on, you need to put the button to the “OFF” position.VOL -/VOL+: Adjusts the volumePHONES: earphone jackDCIN4.5V~5V: power supply input

Charging instructions:

To power on the play device, you may use the LR6 AA 1.5V battery x 2 or the USB4.5v-5v power supply wire.

Specifications and parameters:

Support disc format: CD original disc, MP3 disc, CD-R, CD-RWSupport music format: CD-DA, MP3, WMAOutput power: 20MW (32 ohms two channels)Battery: 3V (2X1.5V LR6/ AA)Power supply: USB 4.5V-5V 600MASNR (signal to noise ratio) : > 80DBDistortion: < 1%Overall dimensions: ∮142X29MM

Safety precautions:

  1. Be careful to prevent excessive output power when setting the volume so as not to damage your hearing.
  2. Avoid that this system contacts with moisture, rain, sand, or various heat sources,
  3. When cleaning, please clean the device with a soft damp cloth. Do not use alcohol or benzene solvent to clean.
  4. Please turn off the power of this device or remove the battery when not in use for a long time.
  5. When riding a bicycle, driving a car, or a motorcycle, do not use the player and headphones to avoid danger.

Matters need attention

In order for the user to use the player correctly, please read carefully and abide by it.Do not contact chemical substances such as benzene and diluents.Please stay away from the strong magnetic field, the electric field.Never heat or throw the battery into fireDo not disassemble, repair or modify it yourself.Dispose of packaging, batteries, and old electronic products, please sort them properly.

Important reminder :Cracked discs may cause the player to malfunction. Do not use it. For example, serious scratches on the signal surface of the disc,  fingerprints, and dirt may cause equipment malfunction or shorten the life of the laser head.

Service Team:Email: [email protected]

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