i13 True Wireless Stereo Earphones User Manual

i13 True Wireless Stereo Earphones
User Manual


This product is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones (iOS/Android/Windows Phone), tablet PCs, smart watches, notebooks and desktop computers.

Product details


For the Best Audio experience, it is recommended your right size silicone earcaps and, please put your cellphones in the same side of left earphone during outdoor.

Powering ON

Method 1: Take out the earphones from the charger case, and they will power on

Method 2: When the earphones are OFF, touch and hold both earphones for 3-5 seconds. The Led light flashes once and with a sound prompt: “power on”

Powering OFF

Method 1: The earphones will switch off when put into the charger case.

Method 2: Keep the earphones touch button pressed for 3-5 seconds, until the Blue LED flashes with a sound prompt: “power off”.

Note: If the earphones were disconnect with the device, the earphones will be power off automatically after 5mins.

Stereo Mode

  1. Taking the earbuds out of the charging box, they will auto power on. After a few seconds, the left and right earbuds will auto connect each other. When the TWS earbuds are connected to each other, the LED light will flash quickly. If they connect successfully, the earbuds LED light will flash slowly.
  2. Open the bluetooth devices page inside settings. Search for “i13” and select it to pair, the Earphone lights be off after the earphones connected with device.

Note: If the earphones connected the device once, and the Bluetooth functions of device was open ,the earphones will be reconnected with last device automatically.

Play Music

  1. Touch the button once to Pause/Play.
  2. Keep press the touch button for 1 seconds and release it (“L” for previous song, “R” For next song)
  3. Touch the button twice to adjust the volume(“L” for decreasing ,”R” for increasing)

Voice Assistant

Touch the button three times to activate the Siri voice assistant


  1. When a call comes in, short press one of the touch buttons in order to answer the call or long press it to reject it.
  2. During a phone call, short press the earphone button to end the call and the earphone will resume its previous working state.
  3. During a call, the volume can be controlled via the mobile phone.
  4. Stereo mode: both ears have voice.


  • Bluetooth version: V5.0
  • Voltage rating and energy capacity: 3.7V/400mAh
  • Battery capacity: 2*3.7V/60mAh
  • Headphone Charge time : Around 1.5hour
  • Music playing time: About 5-8h * 3Times
  • Bluetooth profiles supported: H FP/A2DP/AVRCP
  • Operating frequency: 2.40 GHZ-2.48 GHZ
  • RF Sensitivity: -92dBm
  • Working temperature range: -10+50° C
  • Maximum transmission range: ≤ 15M

Packing list

  • Earphones *2
  • USB cable *1
  • Charging case *1
  • Earcaps *4(L\ S)
  • User manual *1


  • Host device is a connection between second device and your mobile phone it is normal status under high power consumption.
  • When not connected to any device, the earphones will power off automatically after 5 minutes.
  • On iPhones the battery level of the earphones will be displayed in real time.
  • When the earphones and the charger case are not used for long periods of time, it is recommended to keep them in a dry place and to recharge them at least every 2 months.


Warranty card

Warranty period: 12 months from the date of purchase

Free of charge service: During the warranty period, if there is any breakdown caused by the product’s build quality please contact the seller and provide this warranty card together with the sales invoice. The product will be repaired or replaced by a new one.

The warranty does not apply under the following circumstances:

  1. The product label is broken.
  2. Damage caused due to the product being disassembled by a non-authorized repair agent.
  3. Damage caused by external force or when there is visible deformation of any of the external parts.
  4. The product has been improperly used or stored.
  5. Damage or breakdown caused by force majeure.
  6. Other situations similar to the above.

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i13 True Wireless Stereo Earphones User Manual – i13 True Wireless Stereo Earphones User Manual –

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