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This superior quality UV-C LED light safely kills up to 99.9% of surface germs in under 3 minutes, without using harmful chemicals.The iUVBT1 is safe to use on everyday essentials including eyeglasses, smartphones, cosmetic tools, toothbrushes, and more.


A shelf is provided to ensure optimal spacing between your objects and the UVC LEDs. Place the shelf inside the cabinet and firmly press it into the locking tabs.


  1. Make sure the iUVBT1 is plugged into a working wall outlet. Lift the lid of the unit and place items on the shelf, making sure not to overlap items. Close the lid.
  2. Press and release the Sanitize Button to begin a UV sanitizing cycle. A countdown timer will display the  remaining cycle time, LED status indicator (around the rim of the cabinet) will slowly blink, and a tone will sound when the cycle is complete.


  1. Features a built-in safety switch that will shut off the UV light whenever the lid is opened. Do not attempt to defeat the safety function and operate the unit with an open lid.
  2. If the lid is opened during the UV sanitizing cycle, the timer will pause. Closing the lid within 1 minute will resume the cycle.
  3. We recommend leaving the shelf in place while  sanitizing your items. If items are too large, the shelf may be removed. In those cases we recommend flipping the items over and sanitizing a second time for optimal effect.
  4. To cancel a sanitizing cycle, press the Sanitize Button.


Step One: Connecting the Unit

Connect the included AC adapter to the DC jack located on the back of the unit and connect the other end to a working wall outlet.

Step Two: Setting Your Clock
  • Remove battery pull tab from the bottom of the unit.
  • Press and hold the Time Set Button until the display flashes.
  • Press the or + Buttons to adjust selections and tap Time Set to confirm (make sure you set the correct AM/PM time).
  • Do this for time, year, month and date.
  • All done

Daylight Savings Time: By default, the DST Switch is set to Auto and will automatically adjust the time in March/November.

Tip: Press either Alarm Button during clock setting to toggle between 12/24 hour display modes.

Step Three: Bluetooth Pairing

  • Press the Power Button to turn the unit ON. Turn on your Bluetooth device and make it ‘discoverable’ by turning on Bluetooth mode.
  • The unit will automatically enter pairing mode.
  • Select ‘iHome iUVBT1’ on your device’s Bluetooth menu to connect!

(To manually pair your device, press and hold the Bluetooth Pairing Button until the Bluetooth Pairing Icon flashes to indicate the unit is in pairing mode.)


This unit is equipped with a sensor that will automatically adjust the brightness of the clock display based on ambient light in your room. When the room is well lit, the display will adjust to Hi brightness for better visibility. In a dark room, it will dim to a lower brightness. You can adjust the “lower limit” of the Auto-dimmer to fit your personal preference of display brightness in a dark room.

The 3 options are:

“Auto 2”– minimum brightness setting will be level 2“Auto 1” – minimum brightness setting will be level LO“Auto 0” – clock display will turn FULLY OFF in a dark roomTo adjust Dimmer settings:Press the Snooze/Dimmer Button repeatedly to cycle through brightness levels: Auto 1, Auto 2, Auto 0, Hi, 3, 2, Lo, or OFF.(Note: choosing Hi, 3, 2, LO, or OFF are fixed settings and will not auto-adjust.)


Dual alarms can be set to different times and alarm sources. Each is set in the same way. Instructions are given as “Alarm Button”; use Alarm 1 Button or Alarm 2 Button to set respective alarms.

  1. Press and hold the Alarm Button for 2 seconds until the display flashes. A beep sounds.
  2. Press the – or + Buttons to adjust the alarm time to the desired time (hold for rapid setting). Make sure you set the correct AM/PM alarm time. The PM indicator appears to the left of the display.
  3. Press the Alarm Button to confirm the alarm time setting. The alarm schedule will flash: 7 (every day), 5 (weekdays) or 2 (weekend only). Press the or + Buttons to select an alarm schedule.
  4. Press the Alarm Button to confirm the alarm schedule. The wake-to source will flash.
  5. Press the – or + Buttons to select the desired wake-to alarm source: Bluetooth or Tone. Wake to Bluetooth: You will wake to the currently linked Bluetooth device. If no device is detected, the alarm will default to the last tone selected. Wake to Tone: Press the Alarm Button to confirm. Press the – or + Buttons to select the desired tone to wake to (Tone 1 -Tone 4).
  6. Press the Alarm Button to confirm wake-to source. The alarm volume will flash.
  7. Press the – or + Buttons to adjust the alarm volume.
  8. Press the Alarm Button to confirm the alarm settings and exit alarm setting mode. 2 beeps will confirm alarm setting is complete. The alarm icon will remain on the display, to show the alarm is armed.

To Preview: Press and release the Alarm Button to view the current alarm time.Turning Alarms ON/OFF: Press and release the Alarm Button twice within 5 seconds to toggle the alarm ON and OFF, indicated by the related white alarm indicator. When the alarm sounds, press the Power/Alarm Reset Button or the corresponding Alarm Button (1 or 2) to disable the alarm and reset it to come on at the same time the next day


Snooze: When the alarm is sounding, press the ZZZ/Dimmer Button to snooze for 9 minutes.Dimmer: Press the ZZZ/Dimmer Button (when alarm is NOT sounding) to adjust display brightness. (Display can be dimmed during Snooze mode.)


To adjust the snooze duration:

  1. Press and hold the ZZZ/Dimmer Button.
  2. Use the + or – Buttons to adjust the snooze duration from 1-29 minutes. Press the ZZZ/Dimmer Button again to confirm.


There are 2 USB charging ports on the iUVBT1 – each is 1A. To charge your devices, connect a standard USB cable (not included) to a USB port on the unit, and  plug the other end into the charging port on your device.Note: Unit must be plugged into a working outlet in order to charge devices.

Battery Back-Up

The unit comes with a CR-2450 back-up battery installed to provide continuous alarm operation and clock settings in the event of a temporary power failure. Remove the battery pull tab before use. When the battery icon on the clock display is flashing, it is time to replace the back-up battery. The battery compartment is located on the bottom of the unit.

  1. Make sure the AC adapter is connected, or you will lose your time and alarm settings during battery replacement.
  2. Use a Phillips screwdriver to open the battery compartment door.
  3. Remove exhausted battery from compartment and insert 1 CR-2450 battery, checking that the + side is facing you. Replace compartment door. Do not overtighten.

WARNING: Lithium batteries can explode or cause burns if disassembled, shorted, recharged, exposed to water, fire, or high temperatures. Do not place loose batteries in a pocket, purse, or other container containing metal objects, mix with used or other battery types, or store with hazardous or combustible materials. Store in cool, dry, ventilated area. Follow applicable laws and regulations for transport and disposal.

  • Do not ingest the battery, Chemical Burn Hazard. This product contains a coin/button cell battery. If the coin/button cell battery is swallowed, it can cause severe internal burns in just 2 hours and can lead to death.
  • Keep new and used batteries away from children. If the battery compartment does not close securely, stop using the product and keep it away from children. If you think batteries might have been swallowed or placed inside any part of the body, seek immediate medical attention.”
  • Attention should be drawn to the environmental aspects of battery disposal.

Maintenance + Caring For Your Device

  • Place the unit on a level surface away from sources of direct sunlight or excessive heat.
  • Remove the plastic protective film from the clock display.
  • Protect your furniture when placing your unit on a natural wood and lacquered finish. A cloth or other protective material should be placed between it and the furniture.
  • Should the casing of your device become soiled, you may wipe down with a moist cloth.
  • Do not immerse the device into water or any cleaning solvents
  • Do NOT use gasoline, benzene, thinner, harsh cleaners, etc on and/or in the unit while cleaning, as they may damage the product. NEVER use alcohol or other solvents.


Please heed all warnings, read and follow all instructions and keep these instructions handy for future reference.

 WARNINGDO NOT ATTEMPT TO OPERATE THIS DEVICE WITH THE LID/TOP OPEN. The device was designed to shut off automatically when the lid/top is open. It is important NOT to defeat or tamper with this safety feature as UVC light can cause damage to eyesight and skin.

All users should be alerted to the potential hazards indicated by the product safety labeling on the unit and these instructions.

WARNING – Use this device only for its intended use as described in this manual. If the device is not used in the manner specified, the protection provided by the equipment may be compromised. Always place device on a flat, smooth surface, in a horizontal position for operational use.

WARNING KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. This device is not a toy and is not intended to be used by children.

ATTENTION: Use only the supplied power adapter.This product must only be supplied at safety extra low voltage corresponding to the marking on the appliance.

ATTENTION: Prolonged or excessive exposure to UV-C light may degrade and discolor fabrics, plastics and other non-metallic materials. Keep operation away from strong magnetic fields.

  • Do not look directly at the UV-C source.
  • Device is intended for indoor use only, do not use outdoors or on wet surfaces.
  • Device should be protected from the elements and from temperatures below freezing.
  • Do not operate/drop near water or while bathing or swimming, do not handle the device with wet hands.
  • Only use as intended. Use according to this manual’s instructions without tampering or modifying the device in any way.
  • Do not alter the construction or design. Do not remove safety labels, markings or devices.
  • Do not use device for other than its intended purpose, as described in the manual.
  • Do not operate if any damage to the unit is visible or suspected, such as after being dropped.
  • Do not use if charging cable/cord is damaged.
  • Keep the cable/cords and device away from heated surfaces.
  • Close supervision is necessary when any appliance device is used by or near children and people with special needs.
  • Do not operate in the presence of explosives and/or flammable fumes, smoke or liquids.

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. The information provided herein is not to be construed as a medical diagnosis or medical advice. No medical claims are implied or intended with the sale of this device. Purchaser accepts responsibility for correct and proper use of device.

1 Year Limited Warranty

For warranty and full instructions, visit ihome.com/support


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