IKEA NORDMÄRKE Wireless Charger

Charger features

  • USB power adapter (5V, 2A) and USB Type-C cable not included.
  • Wirelessly charges Qi-compatible devices.
  • Compatible with Qi 1.2.4BPP specification.
  • Temperature and power monitor for safety.
  • LED status indicator.

Instructions for use

  • Connect the USB cable to the power adapter and to NORDMÄRKE. Plug it into the wall socket.
  • For wireless charging, place the device to be charged on top of the plus sign (+) on the charger. The device must be placed directly over the plus sign (+) on the charger for the charging function to work optimally. Note that on some devices you may have to activate wireless charging in settings.
  • If your battery is completely discharged, it may take a few minutes before it starts charging. This is entirely normal. You can see that the battery has begun charging when the battery symbol appears on your phone.

LED indicator (see illustrations):

  1. Power on: LED lights up for 3 seconds.
  2. Charging: LED on.
  3. Charging completed: LED off.
  4. Error: LED flashes.

Good to know

  • USB cable length and quality influences charging speed and performance.
  • Devices may get warm during charging; this is completely normal and they will gradually cool down again after they are fully charged.
  • Charging time may vary based on the device’s battery capacity, charge level, the age of the battery and the temperature in the surrounding area.
  • Charger storage temperature: -20°C to 25°C.
  • Charger operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C.

Unplug the charger from the power source before cleaning and when it is not in use.To clean the charger, wipe with a moist cloth.Never submerge the charger in water.Recommended precautionary measures and technical data: see the back of the charger.

Save these instructions for future use.


  • Only charge devices that are Qi-compatible.
  • The wall socket must be located near the equipment and must be easily accessible.
  • Only use in dry locations.
  • Children should be supervised to ensure they do not play with the product.
  • Never use a damage or faulty USB cable for charging, since this can damage the appliance and harm your device.

Product servicingDo not attempt to repair this product yourself, as opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltage points or other risks.


Type: E2011 NORDMÄRKEInput: 5V DC, 2A USB Type-CIndoor use onlyOperating frequency: 113 – 148 KHzOutput power: 33 dBμA/m at 3m

Manufacturer: IKEA of Sweden ABAddress: Box 702, SE-343 81 Älmhult, SWEDEN

The ‘Qi’ symbol is a trademark of the Wireless Power Consortium

RF EXPOSURE INFORMATIONAccording to RF exposure regulations, under normal operations the end user shall refrain from being closer than 10 cm from the device.

The crossed-out wheeled bin symbol indicates that the item should be disposed of separately from household waste. The item should be handed in for recycling in accordance with local environmental regulations for waste disposal. By separating a marked item from household waste, you will help reduce the volume of waste sent to incinerators or land-fill and minimize any potential negative impact on human health and the environment. For more information, please contact your IKEA store.

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