IKEA Silveran Bathroom Furniture Buying Guide

IKEA Silveran Bathroom Furniture Buying Guide


Secure It! Prevent tip-over injury. Furniture with included restraints must be secured to the wall according to the assembly instructions.Different wall materials require different types of fixing devices. Use fixing devices suitable for the walls in your home, sold separately.


Wipe furniture clean with a cloth damped in water or a nonabrasive detergent, then wipe dry with a clean cloth. The sink and faucet should be wiped clean with a cloth damped in water or a nonabrasive detergent. Sinks in ceramic are resistant to most chemicals, except for strong acids and strong alkalis. Sinks made of crushed marble should not come in contact with ammonia, acids, strong detergents, hair dye or chlorine.

SILVERÅN bathroom furniture helps you make use of every square inch of your bathroom. Depending on the space you have you can choose between cabinets in different widths and depths. Complement SILVERÅN with one of our smart faucets and LED bathroom lamps and you will also save water and energy


  1. Start planning your bathroom by thinking about the wall space you have available for a sink cabinet and sink, since this is the center of most bathroom activities. The SILVERÅN series includes sink cabinets of different sizes and storage capacities.
  2. IKEA bathroom sinks come in different sizes and materials. The sinks suitable for SILVERÅN are made in ceramic. Ceramic sinks have a glazed finish and are easy to clean. They have excellent scratch resistance and are very durable. All sinks come with a water trap and strainer, with the exception of TÄLLEVIKEN and TYNGEN, which come without a waterstrainer.
  3. You can find a wide selection of sink faucets at IKEA. Choose your faucet based on function and design. All faucets come with a strainer kit, with the exception of OLSKÄR. All faucets at IKEA have a water-saving device that uses 50% less water but ensures that the water flow feels the same. GRANSKÄR, DALSKÄR, ENSEN, VOXNAN, BROGRUND, ASPSKÄR and HAMNSKÄR faucets have a special function – a cold water start that helps you save energy. Usually, you turn on an ordinary faucet by lifting the lever straight up, which releasesboth cold and hot water. But often, the hot water does not reach the entire way out and stops in the pipes. When you lift the lever straight up on a faucet with a cold water start function, only cold water is released, which reduces any waste of hot water. To release the hot water, you lift the lever to the left.
  4. The sink cabinets can be mounted to the wall with or without supporting legs.
  5. Now it’s time for you to choose what to put above and around your sink: mirror with shelf, mirror cabinet, high cabinet with mirror door, high cabinet, corner unit, storage bench. The combination possibilities are endless. Make your choice based on your bathroom storage needs and space.
  6. Finally, you can complete your bathroom with accessories from SVARTSJÖN and TOFTAN series. It’s designed to match SILVERÅN so the look in your bathroom will be totally coordinated in color and style.


All wall, high and sink cabinets include doors, hinges, shelves and handles.Width×Depth×Height.

  • SILVERÅN Sink cabinet 23⅝×9⅞×26⅝”.
  • White 702.679.82 $89
  • SILVERÅN Sink cabinet 23⅝×15×26⅝”.
  • White 402.679.88 $109
  • SILVERÅN Mirror with shelf 22×25⅛”.
  • White 502.680.01 $50
  • SILVERÅN Mirror cabinet 23⅝×5½×26⅞”.
  • White 102.679.99 $89
  • SILVERÅN High cabinet with mirror door 15¾×9⅞×67¾”.
  • White 502.679.97 $139
  • SILVERÅN High cabinet 15¾×9⅞×67¾”.
  • White 602.640.12 $129
  • SILVERÅN Corner unit 15¾×12⅝×67¾”.
  • White 802.745.19 $169
  • SILVERÅN Storage bench 21⅜×13¾×18⅜”.
  • White 402.745.21 $49.99
  • SILVERÅN Legs 4½-6¾”.
  • Black 402.680.06 $10/2pk


All IKEA bathroom faucets and sinks include a free 10-year limited warranty.Width×Depth×Height.

  • TYNGEN Sink Ceramic.
  • White 20⅛×15¾×5⅛”.
  • 802.976.34 $50
  • TÄLLEVIKEN Sink Strainer and water trap included.
  • Ceramic. White 23⅝×16⅛×3⅛”.
  • 601.964.43 $60
  • HAMNVIKEN Sink Strainer and water trap included.
  • Ceramic. White  23⅝×17¾×4⅜”.
  • 202.621.14 $80
  • LILLÅNGEN Sink Water trap and two towel hooks included.  Can be mounted left or right.
  • Ceramic. White 23⅝×10⅝×5⅛”.
  • 702.071.44 $80
  • SALJEN Bath faucet Black
  • ABS plastic
  • 204.003.23 $14.99
  • LILLSVAN Bath faucet with strainer
  • Chrome-plated brass
  • 104.003.33 $40
  • PILKÅN Bath faucet with strainer
  • Chrome-plated brass
  • 804.003.39 $40
  • OLSKÄR Faucet without sink strainer
  • Chrome-plated brass
  • 802.190.33 $25
  • ENSEN Faucet with sink strainer
  • Chrome-plated brass
  • 202.813.82 $50
  • RUNSKÄR Faucet with sink strainer
  • Chrome-plated brass
  • 802.621.25 $70
  • DALSKÄR Faucet with sink strainer
  • Stainless  steel-color
  • 602.813.04 $60
  • Chrome-plated brass
  • 202.812.97 $60
  • LUNDSKÄR Faucet with sink strainer
  • Stainless steel-color
  • 102.400.28 $90
  • Black
  • 404.676.33 $90
  • BROGRUND Faucet with sink strainer
  • Chrome-plated brass
  • 503.430.86 $70
  • HAMNSKÄR Faucet with sink strainer
  • Chrome-plated brass
  • 803.430.80 $100
  • Black
  • 003.472.18 $100
  • VOXNAN Faucet with sink strainer
  • Chrome-plated brass
  • 303.430.92 $80


  • TISKEN Basket with suction cups 11×6¾×6¾”.
  • Max load 6 lbs. 10 oz.
  • White 403.812.53 $7.99
  • TISKEN Corner basket with suction cups 11¾×7¾×6¾”.
  • Max load 6 lbs. 10 oz.
  • White 204.003.04 $7.99
  • TISKEN Handheld shower holder with suction cups
  • 2¼×3¼×4″. Max load 6 lbs 10 oz.
  • White 504.003.07 $4.99
  • TISKEN Hooks with suction cups 4×2×2″. Max load 7 lbs.
  • White 703.812.75 $4.99/2pk
  • TISKEN Towel rack with suction cups 20¾×32¾×3¼”.
  • Max load 6 lbs 10 oz.
  • White 403.812.86 $9.99
  • BOLMEN Step stool Max load 331 lbs. 17⅜×13¾×9⅞”.
  • White 904.846.73 $7.99
  • NORDRANA Baskets Includes one pc Ø5½, H5½” and one pc Ø6⅔, H6⅔”.
  • Blue 704.206.44 $9.99/set of 2
  • NORDRANA Basket 13¾×10¼×10¼”.
  • Blue 604.206.49 $14.99
  • NORDRANA Hanging storage 13¾×35½”.
  • Blue 004.206.47 $19.99
  • SVARTSJÖN Hook rack 14½×1⅝×3⅛”.
  • Black 902.643.79 $5.99
  • SVARTSJÖN Double hook 1½×3¼”.
  • Black 802.643.94 $2.99
  • SVARTSJÖN Toilet paper holder W7″.
  • Black 402.643.86 $3.99
  • SVARTSJÖN Toilet brush Ø4⅛, H19¾”.
  • Black 902.643.84 $6.99
  • SVARTSJÖN Soap dispenser H6”.
  • Turquoise 202.643.92 $5.99
  • SVARTSJÖN Tumbler 9 oz.
  • Turquoise 902.649.68 $3.99
  • EKOLN Toothbrush holder H4”.
  • Beige 304.930.10 $4.99
  • Dark gray 004.416.21 $4.99
  • EKOLN Soap dispenser H7”.
  • Beige 604.930.04 $5.99
  • Dark gray 404.416.19 $5.99
  • TOFTAN Soap dispenser H6¾”.
  • White 203.447.75 $5.99
  • Gray 303.495.03 $5.99
  • TOFTAN Toilet brush 15¼”.
  • White 703.447.73 $6.99
  • Gray 803.495.05 $6.99
  • OFTAN Toothbrush holder H4″.
  • White 103.447.71 $4.99
  • Gray 703.495.01 $4.99
  • TOFTAN Trash can 1 gal.
  • White 004.940.25 $9.99
  • Gray 604.939.66 $9.99


  • SVALLIS LED ceiling lamp Built-in LED. Gives a diffused light; good for spreading light into larger areas of a bathroom.
  • Can be dimmed if used with a wall dimmer. Ø15″.
  • White 003.570.85 $49.99
  • SVALLIS LED wall lamp Built-in LED. As the lamp can be dimmed, you are able to choose lighting suitable for every occasion. Can be dimmed if used with a wall dimmer. Ø6″.
  • White 803.276.26 $29.99
  • FRIHULT Ceiling lamp The glass shade provides balanced general lighting throughout the room. Light bulb sold separately. IKEA recommends LED bulb E14 chandelier opal white. Ø5⅞, H9⅞”.
  • Black 804.316.56 $24.99
  • Stainless steel-color 304.316.49 $24.99
  • Brass-color 204.316.64 $24.99
  • FRIHULT Ceiling/wall lamp The glass shade provides balanced general lighting throughout the room. Light bulb sold separately. IKEA recommends LED bulb E14 chandelier opal white. Ø6¼, H7½”.
  • Black 104.316.07 $19.99
  • Stainless steel-color 704.316.14 $19.99
  • Brass-color 204.316.21 $19.99
  • FRIHULT Wall lamp A versatile lamp that can be mounted facing upwards or downwards, on its own above the mirror or as a pair with one on each side. Light bulb sold separately. IKEA recommends LED bulb E14 chandelier opal white. Ø5½, H11″.
  • Black 804.316.42 $29.99
  • Stainless steel-color 704.316.28 $29.99
  • Brass-color 204.316.35 $29.99


  • STÖTTA LED cabinet lighting strip with sensor Built-in LED. The light switches on and off automatically when you open or close the drawer so no energy is wasted. Requires 4-AA batteries (2-AA for 13″), sold separately. IKEA recommends
  • LADDA rechargeable batteries.
  • 13″ 103.600.87 $8.99
  • 20″ 503.600.90 $12.99
  • 28″ 903.600.93 $14.99


IKEA products are designed to be taken home and assembled by you. That way, you’ll save the most money. But if you would like some help, we can offer a range of services. Assembly and delivery services fulfilled by an Independent Service Provider.Contact your local IKEA store or visit the IKEA website for details: IKEA-USA.com/services.

IKEA Home Planner

Create your SILVERÅN bathroom from the ground up in a 3D environment where you will get a price for every unit and for the complete bathroom. You can print out drawings and product lists at home or save them. At your local IKEA store, you can discuss your design with one of our bathroom experts for further advice and support. Learn more at IKEA-USA.com/bathroomplanner


Most of our products are designed and packaged so that you can take them home yourself. If you prefer, we can arrange for delivery of your purchases directly to your home or business. Same day, next day or same week deliveries are available. We can also arrange for delivery at a later date if you would like.


We’ll collect the products on your shopping list from throughout the store and deliver everything to your home or office. See an IKEA co-worker and tell them what you’re looking for and they will book and print your items on a customer order. Take this order to the check-outs and pay for your purchases, both goods and services. And you’re on your way.

Services and prices may vary, please see IKEA-USA.com/services or talk to us in your local IKEA store



IKEA Silveran Bathroom Furniture Buying Guide – IKEA Silveran Bathroom Furniture Buying Guide –

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