Please refer to the last page of this manual for the full list of IKEA appointed Authorized Service Centre and relative national phone number

Safety information

For your own safety and to ensure proper operation of the appliance, please read this manual carefully before installation and operation. Keep these instructions together with the appliance, even if it is sold or transferred to third parties. It is important that users know all the appliance’s operating and safety characteristics.These hobs have induction systems that comply with the requirements of EMC standards and with the EMF directive, and they should not interfere with other electronic devices. Pacemaker wearers and those using other electronic implants must consult their doctor or the manufacturer of the implanted device to assess whether or not it is sufficiently resistant against interference. Electrical connections must be performed by a trained technician. Before making the electrical connection, please read the section on ELECTRICAL  CONNECTION.For appliances with a power supply cable, the terminals or section of wire between the cable anchor point and the terminals must be arranged in such a way as to allow the live wires to be pulled out before the earth wire in the event of the cable coming out of its anchor.

  • The manufacturer will not be liable for any damage resulting from incorrect or inadequate installation.
  • Check that the mains power supply corresponds to the one indicated on the rating plate fixed to the inside of the product.
  • The cut-out devices must be installed in the fixed system according to wiring system regulations.
  • For class I appliances, check that the domestic power supply guarantees an adequate earthing system.
  • Connect the product to the mains using an omnipolar switch.
  • If the power cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, by an authorized service centre or by a qualified technician, to avoid any risk of danger. WARNING: Remove the protective films before installing the appliance.
  • Only use the screws and other hardware elements supplied with the appliance.WARNING: Failure to install the screws or fixing devices as described in these instructions may mean there is a risk of electric shocks.
  • Cleaning and maintenance must not be carried out by children unless they are under the supervision of an adult.
  • Children must be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
  • This appliance must not be used by persons (including children) with limited physical, sensory or mental abilities, or by inexperienced or untrained persons unless carefully supervised and instructed in safe use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
  • This appliance may be used by children over the age of 8 years and by persons with limited physical, sensory or mental abilities or with insufficient experience and knowledge, provided they are carefully supervised and instructed on safe use of the appliance and on the dangers that it involves. Do not allow children to play with the appliance.

WARNING: The appliance and its accessible parts become extremely hot during use.Take great care not to touch the heating elements. Keep children under 8 years of age well away from the appliance, unless they are under constant supervision.

WARNING: If the surface shows any signs of cracking, turn the appliance off to prevent any risk of electric shock.

  • Do not turn the device on if the surface is cracked or any damage is visible in the thickness of the material.
  • Do not touch the appliance if your hands or body are wet.
  • Do not use steam appliances to clean the product.
  • Do not rest metal objects such as knives, forks, spoons, and pan lids on the surface of the hob, as they might overheat.
  • Use the relevant control to turn the hob off after use, do not rely on the pan sensors.

WARNING: Unsupervised cooking on a hob using oil and grease may be dangerous and may cause a fire. NEVER attempt to put flames out with water; on the contrary, turn the appliance off and suffocate the flames, for example covering them with a pan lid or a fire blanket.CAUTION: The cooking process must be supervised. A short cooking process must be constantly supervised.

  • The appliance is not designed to be started using an external timer or a separate remote-controlled system.WARNING: Danger of fire: do not rest objects on the cooking surfaces.
  • The appliance must be installed in such a way as too allow disconnection from the electrical power supply with a contact aperture (3 mm) that ensures complete disconnection in category III overload conditions.
  • The appliance must never be exposed to weather (rain, sun).
  • Keep the packing material away from children and animals.
  • Make sure the device is connected directly to the power outlet.
  • Do not use adapters, multiple sockets, or extension cables to connect the device.
  • Never use the appliance for purposes other than those for which it has been designed.
  • Deep-fryers must be kept under constant supervision when in use: the oil may catch fire if it gets too hot.
  • Do not operate the appliance using an external timer or separate remote-controlled system.
  • The appliance must never be installed behind a decorative door, to prevent it from overheating.
  • Do not stand on the appliance, as this may damage it.
  • Do not rest hot pots and pans on the edge, as this may damage the silicone seals.


Installation process must follow the laws, ordinances, directives, and standards (electrical safety rules and regulations, proper recycling in accordance with the regulations, etc.) in force in the country of use!

  • For further information on the installation refer to the Assembly Instruction.
  • Do not use silicon sealant between the appliance and the worktop.
  • Make sure that the space underneath the hob is sufficient for air circulation. Please refer to the Assembly Instruction.
  • The bottom of the appliance can get hot. If the appliance is installed above the drawers, make sure to install a non-combustible separation panel under the appliance to prevent access to the bottom. Please refer to the Assembly Instruction.
  • Ventilation of the appliance must comply with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Create a front opening of at least 28 cm2 in the unit into which the hob is to be fitted, to allow aeration of the product.

Requirements for kitchen units

  • If the appliance is mounted on flammable materials, the guidelines and regulations relating to low voltage installations and fire prevention must be followed strictly.
  • For the fitted units, the components (plastic materials and veneered wood) must be mounted with heat-resistant adhesives (min. 85° C): the use of unsuitable material and adhesives may result in warping and detachment.
  • The use of decorative hardwood borders around the worktop behind the appliance is allowed, provided the minimum distance always complies with the indications provided in the installation drawings.
  • For further information on the installation refer to the Assembly Instruction.
  • If there is no oven beneath the hob, install a separation panel under the appliance according to the Assembly Instruction.

Electrical connection

WARNING: All electrical connections must be carried out by an authorized installer.

  • Before making the connections, check that the rated voltage of the appliance indicated on the respective rating plate corresponds to the power supply voltage. The rating plate is affixed to the underside of the hob.
  • Follow the connection diagram (located on the underside of the hob).
  • Only use original components supplied by the spare parts service.
  • The appliance is supplied with a connection cable.
  • If damaged, replace the power supply cables with the respective original spare cables. Please contact your local IKEA store call center.

Caution! Do not weld any of the cables!

Electrical connection

  • The wire connection has to be done by a specialized technician.
  • This appliance has a Type “Y” attachment and requires at least a power supply cord Type H05V2V2-F. MONO-PHASE, BI-PHASE connection: min.  section of the conductors: 2,5 mm². External diameter of the supply cord: min. 8 mm – max. 12 mm.
  • This appliance has a Type “Y” attachment with a cable type H05V2V2-F. MONO-PHASE connection: min. section of the conductors: 5×2,5 mm².
  • Connection terminals are revealed when the connection box cover is removed.
  • Make sure the characteristics of the household electrical system (voltage, maximum power, and current) are compatible with those of the appliance.
  • Connect the appliance like shown in the diagram (in accordance with the mains voltage and country standard reference).

Connection diagram

Insert the shunts between the screws as shown

Product description

1 Single cooking area (210 x 190 mm) 2100W, with Booster 3000W.2 Single cooking area (210 x 190 mm) 2100W, with Booster 3000W.3 Single cooking area (200 mm) 2300W, with Booster 3000W.4 Single cooking area (160 mm) 1400W, with Booster 2100W.5 Control panel1 + 2 + Bridge cooking area (210 x 380 mm) 3000W, with Booster 3700W.


Pot detectionEach of the cooking areas is equipped with a system to detect the presence of a pan. The pan presence detection system recognises pans with a magnetisable base suitable for use with induction hobs. If the pan is removed during operation, or if an unsuitable pan is used, the display shows the symbol U.

Residual heat indicatorThe residual heat indicator is a safety feature, indicating that the surface of the cooking area is still at a temperature of 50° C or above, which may cause burns if touched by a naked hand. The digit for the corresponding cooking area displays .

Control panel

1 On/Off2 Pause function button3 Timer control and cooking time indicator4 Bridge symbol5 Timer symbol6 Power level indicator7 Melting function symbol8 Melting function button9 Scroll keypad10 Lock function button

The cooking areas can be activated by pressing on the corresponding scroll keypad. The digit lights up to confirm the operation.

It is also possible to activate the cooking areas simply by resting a cookware on the cooking area. The hob automatically recognizes the cookware and its dimensions and enables the necessary cooking areas as a result.

Power limitation

When first connecting to the domestic power supply, the installer must set the power of the hob cooking areas based on the actual abilities and capacity of the power supply itself.If this is not necessary, the hob can be turned on directly using , otherwise, follow the operations below to access the menu.– Connect the hob to the domestic mains power (this operation must be carried out every time you wish to access the menu).– All the digits light up for a few seconds.– As soon as the digits go out again, press and hold and for 4 seconds until the left-hand scroll keypads light up.– Press and hold for 4 seconds both illuminated scroll keypads on the left simultaneously until the 3 command digits show “ CF6 “.– Press until it shows “ PHA “.– Press the furthest to the left scroll keypad to select the correct setting.See the table below for the specifications:

Value on the scroll keypad Kw Notes
0 7.4 Kw Standard initial setting
1 6 Kw
2 5 Kw
3 4 Kw
4 3.5 Kw
5 3 Kw
6 2.5 Kw

Once the correct value has been entered, confirm by pressing and holding and II.


Boost Each cooking area can be set to an extra power level for 5 minutes at most.
To activate: select one of the 4 cooking areas and select the value “Boost” on the scroll keypad. The corresponding digit displays P.
To deactivate: select one of the other possible values on the scroll keypad.
Child lock This function prevents an accidental operation of the appliance.
To activate: simultaneously press and, release and the press again. All the digits display. The operations described must be completed within 10 seconds.
To deactivate: simultaneously press and, release and the press again. All the digits displaying go out. The operations described must be completed within 10 seconds.
Lock It is possible to lock the hob functions during use to avoid accidental modifications, for example in order to clean the hob.
To activate: press  .
To deactivate: press .
Cooking areas Timer Timer with alarm for cooking times.
To activate: turn the hob on and select one of the 4 cooking areas, press “+” and “-” to set the Timer. The symbol for the cooking area lights up. Press individually on “+” and “-” to set the countdown. The Time increase and decrease during set- up varies according to the time to be set. The Displays in the Timer management commands area show the countdown. Do not touch anything for 5 seconds to confirm the time.
To disable: wait until the end of the countdown or set the Timer values to zero (press “+” and “-” and set zero with “-”.
Timer (generic) Timer with alarm for generic use.
To activate: turn the hob on, press “+” and “-” to set the Timer. Press individually on “+” and “-” to set the countdown.  The Time increase and decrease during set-up varies according to the time to be set. The Displays in the Timer management commands area show the countdown. Do not touch anything for 5 seconds to confirm the time.
To disable: wait until the end of the countdown or set the Timer values to zero (press “+” and “-” and set zero with “-”.
Automatic Function


Select one of the 4 cooking areas and press and hold for 3 seconds on the selected value (from 1 to 8) on the scroll keypad.  The Hob will have a peak of up to maximum power for a time that varies according to the previously set cooking power and  than remain to the value set at the beginning(from 1 to 8).

Power Time at maximum Power
1 40 seconds
2 72 seconds
3 120 seconds
4 176 seconds
5 256 seconds
6 432 seconds
7 120 seconds
8 192 seconds
9 not available
Booster not available
Pause Function This function freezes all the hob settings if the person using the hob needs to go away for a time.During the pause, all digits display  to indicate that:– No energy is being produced in any of the cooking areas.– All function and timer are disabled
To activate: with the hob working, press and hold for at least 1 second.
o deactivate: press and hold for at least 1 second and slide your finger from minimum to maximum along the scroll keypad that shows an animation.
Recall Function This function is used to recall all the hob function settings in the event of involuntary shut-down using.
With the hob turned off, to recover the previous settings press within 6 seconds, and press within 6 seconds. A beep sounds to confirm the operation.
With the hob turned off, if it is not turned on again within 6 seconds the previous function settings will be lost.
Melting function To activate: select one of the 4 cooking areas and press. The digit for the selected area will show
To deactivate press or press .
Bridge Function This function allows 2 cooking areas to be connected so that they can be controlled as a single, large cooking area. This means it is possible to use larger pans. This function can only be used with the left-hand cooking areas.
To activate: simultaneously press both left scroll keypads until a digit displays and the symbol will light up.

To set the power of the bridge zone use the furthest left scroll keypad. In both the cooking areas, the symbol will light up.

To deactivate: simultaneously press the buttons that have been used to activate the bridge, until the symbols and disappears.
Important! The hob automatically recognises a larger pan occupying two cooking areas, but it will treat the areas independently unless the bridge function is activated.

Cooking Table

Power level Cooking method To be used for
1 Melting, heating gently Butter, chocolate, gelatine, sauces
2 Melting, heating gently Butter, chocolate, gelatine, sauces
3 Warming up Rice
4 Prolonged cooking, thickening, stewing Vegetables, potatoes, sauces, fruit, fish
5 Prolonged cooking, thickening, stewing Vegetables, potatoes, sauces, fruit, fish
6 Prolonged cooking, braising Pasta, soups, braised meat
7 Light frying Rösti (potato fry-ups), omelets, breaded and fried foods, sausages
8 Frying, deep-fat frying Meat, potato chips
9 Quick frying at high temperature Steak
P Quick heating Boiling water

Power Management

This product is equipped with electronically controlled Power Management. See the illustration.This function monitors electric loading and limits the maximum power output to 3700 W for each cooking area group (1+2 and 3+4), optimizing the power distribution and preventing the system from overloading.Hob in full power setting – the function divides the power between cooking areas belonging to the same group and automatically decreases the power of the other cooking area, if necessary (the last command has highest priority).Hob in power limitation setting – the function divides the power between cooking areas and doesn’t allow to set the power for the other cooking areas exceeding the limit (to increase the power of particular cooking area, the power setting for the other ones need to be lowered manually).Example:If boost level (P) is selected for cooking area 1, cooking area 2 cannot exceed the level 9 at the same time and will be automatically limited.

Cookware guidance

What pots to useOnly use pots and pans with bottom made from ferromagnetic material which are suitable for use with inductions hobs:• cast iron• enamelled steel• carbon steel• stainless steel (although not all)• aluminium with ferromagnetic coating or ferromagnetic plate

To determine if a pot or pan is suitable, check for the symbol (usually stamped on the bottom). You can also hold a magnet to the bottom. If it clings to the underside, the cookware will work on an induction hob.To ensure optimum efficiency, always use pots and pans with a flat bottom that distributes the heat evenly. If the bottom is uneven, this will affect power and heat conduction.

How to useMinimum diameter of pot/pan base for the different cooking areas To ensure that the hob functions properly, the pot must cover one or more of the reference points indicated on the surface of the hob, and must be of a suitable minimum diameter. Always use the cooking area that best corresponds to the diameter of the bottom of the pan.

Empty or thin-based pots/pansDo not use empty or thin-based pots/pans on the hob as it will not be able to monitor the temperature or turn off automatically if the temperature is too high,  damaging the pan or the hob surface. If this occurs, do not touch anything and wait for all components to cool down.If an error message appears, refer to “Troubleshooting”.

Hint/tipsNoise during cookingWhen a cooking area is active, it may hum briefly. This is a characteristic of all ceramic glass cooking areas and does not impair the function or life of the appliance. The noise depends on the cookware used. If it causes considerable disturbance, it may help to change the cookware.

Cooking area Cookware diameter (mm)
Ø min. (recommended) Ø max (recommended)
Bridge left side 190 mm 370 mm
Right rear 110 mm 200 mm
Right front 110 mm 160 mm
Left rear 110 mm 190 mm
Left front 110 mm 190 mm

Care and cleaning

  • Never use abrasive sponges, wire wool, hydrochloric acid, or other products that might scratch or mark the surface.
  • Food that falls accidentally or builds upon the surface, the functional or aesthetic elements of the Hob must not be eaten.
  • Switch off or unplug the appliance from the mains supply before carrying out any maintenance work.
  • Clean the appliance after every use, to prevent any residual food from burning on. It is much harder work to remove crusted and burned-on dirt.
  • For day-to-day dirt, use a soft cloth or sponge and a suitable detergent. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding detergents to be used. The use of protective detergents is recommended.
  • Remove crusted dirt, for example milk that has boiled over, using a scraper pad suitable for vitreous ceramic, while the cooke-hob is still hot. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding scraper pads to be used.
  • Remove food containing sugar, for example jam that has spilled during cooking, using a scraper pad suitable for vitreous ceramic, while the Hob is still hot. If you do not, the residue may damage the vitreous ceramic surface.
  • Remove any melted plastic using a scraper pad suitable for vitreous ceramic, while the Hob is still hot. If you do not, the residue may damage the vitreous ceramic surface.
  • Remove limescale using a small amount of limescale remover solution, for example, vinegar or lemon juice, once the Hob has cooled down. Then clean again with a damp cloth.
  • Do not cut or prepare foodstuffs on the surface, and do not drop hard objects onto it. Do not drag pans or plates over the surface.
  • Do not use steam cleaning equipment.


Error code

Description Possible causes of the error


Hob switches offafter 10 sec. Continuous key activation detected.Water or cookware placed on Control panel. Remove water or cookware from glass and Control panel.
ER21 Hob switches off. The internal temperature of electronic parts is too high. Let the hob cool down.Please check if the hob has sufficient ventillation.If error persists, please contact After Sales Service.
E2 Corresponding cooking area isturned off. Empty or wrong cookware.Pot or glass temperature is too high.Electronic temperature too high. Let the hob cool down.Use appropriate cookware.Do not heat-up empty pots.
E3 Corresponding cooking area is turned off. Wrong cookware.Cookware is losing its magnetic characteristics and may lead to induction hob damage. Use appropriate cookware.The error is automatically cancelled after 8s and the cooking area can be used again.In case of further upcoming errors cookware have to be changed.If error persists, please contact After Sales Service.
E6 Cooking area cannotbe turned on. Power supply voltage and/or frequency is out of range. Check mains voltage and/or frequency.If needed contact After Sales Service.
E8 Cooking areas are turned off. Fan failure.Fan blocked by dust or fabrics. Clean and remove foreign bodies fromfan.If error persists, please contact After Sales Service.
EH Corresponding cooking area is turned off. Temperature sensor stuck for cooking area.Not enough temperature change detected after switching on the hob. Switch off the hob and switch it on again after cooling down.If error persists, please contact After Sales Service.
U400 Overvoltage due to wrong electrical connection.


Disconnect the hob from the power supply.Reconnect the hob accordind to provided schematics.If error persists, please contact After Sales Service.
E4E5E7E9ER20ER22ER31ER36ER40ER47EA Disconnect the hob from the power supply.Wait a few seconds then reconnect the hob to the power supply.If the problem persists, call the service centre and specify the error code that appears on thedisplay. 


Maintenance and repairs– Make sure that maintenance on electrical components is only carried out by the manufacturer or by the service technicians.– Make sure that damaged cables are only replaced by the manufacturer or by the service technicians.

If there is a fault, try to resolve it by following the troubleshooting guidelines. If the problem cannot be resolved, contact your IKEA store or theAfter Sales Service.You can find a full list of IKEA-appointed contacts at the end of this user manual.

If you operated the appliance wrongly, or the installation was not carried out by an authorized installer, the visit from the After Sales Service technician or dealer may not take place free of charge, even during the warranty period.

Hob technical data

Unit Value
Type of product Built-in Hob
Dimensions Width mm 780
Depth mm 520
mm 54
Total power W 7400


Parameter Value
Power supply voltage/frequency 220-240 V, 50 Hz; 220 V, 60 Hz2N~ 380-415 V, 50 Hz; 2N~ 380 V, 60 Hz;
Weight of the appliance 10,4 Kg

Energy efficiency of hob

Model identifier UTNÄMND 304.678.22
Number of cooking areas 4
Number of Bridge cooking areas 1 – Left
Cooking technology Induction
Dimension of Bridge cooking area Left 210 x 380 mm
Dimension of cooking area Left front 210 x 190 mm
Left rear 210 x 190 mm
Right rear Ø 200 mm
Right front Ø 160 mm
Energy consumption per Bridge cooking area 192 Wh/kg
Energy consumption per cooking area Right rear 185 Wh/kg
Right front 187 Wh/kg
Energy consumption of the hob (electric cooking) 188 Wh/kg

Information on the product pursuant to EU regulation n° 66/2014Reference standards:EN/IEC 60350-2EN/IEC 50564

This appliance has been designed,manufactured and sold in compliance with EEC Directives.

“The technical data is provided on the rating plate affixed to the bottom of the product.”

Rating plate

The graphic above represents the rating plate of the appliance.The serial number is specific to each product.Dear Customer, keep the additional rating plate attached to the cover of Safety booklet inside the product.This will allow us to assist you better by identifying precisely your hob, in case you need our assistance in the future.Thank you for your help!

Environmental aspects

Disposal of household appliances

  • The symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that the product must not be disposed of with the normal domestic waste. The product must be disposed of at a specialist recycling centre for electrical and electronic components. By making sure that this product is disposed of properly, you will help prevent possible negative consequences for the environment and for health that might result from its improper disposal.For more detailed information on how to re-cycle this product, please contact your local municipal offices, local waste disposal service, or the shop in which the product was purchased.

Disposal of packaging materials

Materials with the symbol can be recycled. Dispose of packing materials in special recycling collection bins.

Energy savingYou can save energy during everyday cooking if you follow below hints.

  • When you heat up water, use only the amount you need.
  • If it is possible, always put the lids on the cookware.
  • Before you activate the cooking area put the cookware on it.
  • Put the smaller cookware on the smaller cooking areas.
  • Put the cookware directly in the centre of the cooking area.
  • Use the residual heat to keep the food warm or to melt it.


How long is the IKEA guarantee valid?This guarantee is valid for five (5) years from the original date of purchase of Your appliance at IKEA. The original sales receipt is required as proof of purchase.  If service work is carried out under guarantee, this will not extend the guarantee period for the appliance.Who will execute the service?IKEA service provider will provide the service through its own service operations or authorized service partner network.What does this guarantee cover?The guarantee covers faults of the appliance, which have been caused by faulty construction or material faults from the date of purchase from IKEA. This guarantee applies to domestic use only. The exceptions are specified under the headline “What is not covered under this guarantee?” Within the guarantee period,the costs to remedy the fault e.g. repairs, parts, labour and travel will be covered, provided that the appliance is accessible for repair without special expenditure. On these conditions the EU guidelines  (Nr. 99/44/EG) and the respective local regulations are applicable. Replaced parts become the property of IKEA.

What will IKEA do to correct the problem?IKEA-appointed service provider will examine the product and decide, at its sole discretion, if it is covered under this guarantee. If considered covered, the IKEA service provider or its authorized service partner through its own service operations, will then, at its sole discretion, either repair the defective product or replace it with the same or a comparable product.

What is not covered under this guarantee?

  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Deliberate or negligent damage, damage caused by failure to observe operating instructions, incorrect installation or by connection to the wrong voltage,  damage caused by chemical or electrochemical reaction, rust, corrosion, or water damage including but not limited to damage caused by excessive lime in the water supply, damage caused by abnormal environmental conditions.
  • Consumable parts including batteries and lamps.
  • Non-functional and decorative parts which do not affect normal use of the appliance, including any scratches and possible color differences.
  • Accidental damage caused by foreign objects or substances and cleaning or unblocking of filters, drainage systems or soap drawers.
  • Damage to the following parts: ceramic glass, accessories, crockery and cutlery baskets, feed and drainage pipes, seals, lamps and lamp covers, screens, knobs, casings and parts of casings. Unless such damages can be proved to have been caused by production faults.
  • Cases where no fault could be found during a technician’s visit.
  • Repairs not carried out by our appointed service providers and/or an authorized service contractual partner or where non-original parts have been used.
  • Repairs caused by installation which is faulty or not according to specification.
  • The use of the appliance in a nondomestic environment i.e. professional use.
  • Transportation damages. If a customer transports the product to their home or other address, IKEA is not liable for any damage that may occur during transport. However, if IKEA delivers the product to the customer’s delivery address, then damage to the product that occurs during this delivery will be covered by this guarantee.
  • Cost for carrying out the initial installation of the IKEA appliance. However, if an IKEA service provider or its authorized service partner repairs or replaces the appliance under the terms of this guarantee, the service provider or its authorized service partner will reinstall the repaired appliance or install the replacement, if necessary.

This restriction does not apply to fault-free work carried out by a qualified specialist using our original parts in order to adapt the appliance to the technical safety specifications of another EU country.

How country law appliesThe IKEA guarantee gives You specific legal rights, which covers or exceed local demands. However these conditions do not limit in any way consumer rights described in the local legislation

Area of validityFor appliances which are purchased in one EU country and taken to another EU country, the services will be provided in the framework of the guarantee conditions normal in the new country. An obligation to carry out services in the framework of the guarantee exists only if the appliance complies and is installed  in accordance with:

  • the technical specifications of the country in which the guarantee claim is made;
  • the Assembly Instructions and User Manual Safety Information;

The dedicated After Sales Service for IKEA appliances:Please do not hesitate to contact IKEA After Sales Service to:

  1. make a service request under this guarantee;
  2. ask for clarification on installation of the IKEA appliance in the dedicated IKEA kitchen furniture. The service won’t provide clarifications related to:– the overall IKEA kitchen installation;– connections to electricity (if machine comes without plug and cable), to water and to gas since they have to be executed by an authorized service engineer.
  3. ask for clarification on user manual contents and specifications of the IKEA appliance.

To ensure that we provide you with the best assistance, please read carefully the Assembly Instructions and/or the user manual section of this booklet beforecontacting us.How to reach us if You need our service

Please refer to the last page of this manual for the full list of IKEA-appointed contacts and relative national phone numbers.

Important! In order to provide You with a quicker service, we recommend that You use the specific phone numbers listed at the end of this manual. Always refer to the numbers listed in the booklet of the specific appliance You need an assistance for. Before calling us, assure that You have to hand the IKEA article number  (8 digit code) for the appliance of which you need our assistance.

Important! SAVE THE SALES RECEIPT!It is Your proof of purchase and required for the guarantee to apply. Note that the receipt reports also the IKEA article name and number (8 digit code) for each of the appliances you have purchased.Do You need extra help?For any additional questions not related to After Sales of your appliances. Please contact our nearest IKEA store call centre. We recommend you read the appliance documentation carefully before contacting us.


Sicherheitsinformationen 27Installation 32Elektroanschluss 33Produktbeschreibung 35Anzeigen 35Bedienfeld 36Leistungsbegrenzung 37Funktionen 38Gartabelle 40Leistungsmanagement-Funktion 41Leitfaden zur Verwendung von Töpfen 42Reinigung und Wartung 43Anleitung zur Fehlerbehebung 44Technische Daten 46Energieeffizienz des Kochfelds 46Typenschild 47Informationen zum Umweltschutz 48IKEA GARANTIE 48

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