imperii Electronics Intelligent Body Temperature Tracker Instruction Manual

imperii Electronics Intelligent Body Temperature Tracker Instruction Manual

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Feature Introduction

  • Ultra Long StandbyBattery life of up to 120 days x 24 hours, no need to replace the battery.
  • Ultra Low Power ConsumptionTop RF device, signal stability, strength is less than 1/10000 of mobile phone radiation.
  • High Sensitivity, High AccuracyWear 30 seconds to reflect the change of body temperature. 36.00°C-41.00°c, ±0.os•c accuracy.
  • Intelligent AlarmThe preset temperature, low temperature alarm.
  • Ultra Bluetooth Link DistanceClever design, completely solve the problem of occlusion body signal, support 12m distance for Bluetooth linking.
  • Round-the-clock MonitoringReal time, accurate tracking of a baby’s temperature.
  • Cloud Remote MonitoringLog on to the Internet through the mobile phone, remote monitoring of real-time temperature changes.
  • Historical Records7 days’ records for local memory, and 6 years’ records for cloud memory. Temperature details provide accurate information, traceability.
  • Children Anti-loss ModelActivate the Children Anti-lost mode, mobile will report and alarm, when children go far away more than 10 meters with parents.
  • WaterproofIt can be immersed by medical alcohol for disinfection for 2 minutes.
  • Low Battery Warning I Cloud Storage Backup/Data Sharing I Bluetooth 4.0

Usage Scenario

Scenario A: Real-time monitoring of temperature in infantsTo monitor the infant body temperature, it can be sticked to the object armpits, chest, forehead and other parts, close to the body.The equipment will be real-time monitoring of temperature. Once the infant febrile, the body temperature tracker will promptly alarm, through the mobile phone software, to remind the guardian to care it, in case to avoid the infant long time high fever, even febrile convulsion.

Normal Body Temperature (for reference only)
















The normal temperature can vary by:Age/Person/Time of day (often higher in the evening).

Where on the body the temperature was taken, body temperature can be raised by:Activo / Being active/ Eating/ Feeling strong emotions/ Menstruating (in women) /Taking certain medicines/ Being In a high temperature or high humidity /Teething (in a young child – but no highier than 37.8 °C) I Wearing heavy clothing.

Scenario B: Real-time monitoring of infants warm temperature, avoid coldTo monitor the infant warm temperature, it can be pasted to the object’s underwear, corresponding to the part of chest, belly button, and other parts The equipment will be real-time monitoring of infant’s ambient temperature (the temperature of infant underwear), Once the temperature is too low, it will promptly alarm, through the mobile phone software, to remind the guardian nursing infants, and avoid cold to result have a fever.

Infant Normal Warm Temperature {for reference only)It is most suitable that the gap, between the infant body and underwear, should be kept the temperature between 300C-34°C. It can prevent the body to maintain body temperature



User Guide


a) Install battery (installed in initial).b) Scan the QR code to get APP URL Then choose the Android or iOS version to install.c) Open body temperature tracker and run the APP. APP will activate Bluetooth and build link with body temperature tracker automatically.d) Wearing.


A CR1632 Battery (Has been installed)/ Baby Medical slicker*S / User manual / Guarantee card





DIA: 31.5mm; Thickness=5.6mm


6g (with Battery)

Battery Model


Temperature Unit

oC or oF (Optional)


±0.05oC (36.00-41.00oC)/±0.1oC (25.0-35.9oC & 41.0-45.0oC)

Measurement range



  • Android 4.2/iOS 6.0 and over
  • Bluetooth 4.0

Mac Linking Distance


Batter Work Time

120 days/24 hours per day (on monitoring state)


a) Body Temperature Monitor:The device measures temperature and sends it to receiver via Bluetooth Then you can get real time temperature on receiver.b) Temperature Beyond Limits Alert:The temperature number turns to red and there is a sound notification on receiver when temperature beyond limits. Sound notification can be configured. And the temperature limits can be manually settled.c) Bluetooth Disconnect Indication:Device will active alarm and sound notification, when the bluetooth disconnect.d) Temperature data storage:The device will store working data automatically, if the bluetooth linking turn down during monitoring body temperature. The stored data in the device will be sent to receiver when the connection is rebuilt, and upload 24 hours’ data.e) Low Voltage Indication:There is an indication on receiver when the battery voltage is less than 2.7V.f) Battery Replace:Press the cover and rotate two sides as shown in the figure, it can be opened. Then, replace the battery.


a) Key actions• Long press power key more than 2s: power on.• Long press power key more than 2s (on the working state): Power off.b) The first time connection with mobileLong press (more than 2s)-> Run APP on the mobile-> APP will Build connection within body temperature tracker on the mobile automatically -> Wear the body temperature tracker.c) Rebuild the Bluetooth connectionRun APP on the mobile-> Bluetooth connection will rebuild automatically.d) Measurement and data storage* On line state: The device will send all data to mobile. If the Cloud Storage function is running on the mobile, data will be sent to cloud and saved with MAX 6 years storage capacity; unless data will be saved on the mobile temporarily.* Off line state: Data will be saved on the device with MAX 24 hours’ storage capacity. When the Bluetooth connection is rebuild, all data will be sent to mobile automatically. {If the temperature is keeping abnormal body temperature more than 5 minutes, the device will power off automatically).e) LED Indicator* Continuous blink: power on (2 times) I power off (3 times).* Single blink: on the disconnecting state (blink 1 time in 1 sec, then turn to slow).* No blink: on the working state with connection.

  • Please use the medical sticker fixed body temperature tracker. Please stop using it immediately and replace other sticker as doctor’s advice, if you feel unwell {uncomfortable or allergic} for the sticker.
  • Recommend clean the device by 75% concentrated medical alcohol before and after usage.
  • Recommend clean the skin by medicinal alcohol, after taking off the device also.
  • Recommend mobile with Bluetooth 4.0.


  1. Warning: Keep out of reach of baby. Do not play for baby, forbid to devour: axillary temperature monitoring must be in more than two years of age.
  2. Do not put into the fire, avoid the use of common combustible equipment.
  3. Equipment detection results suggests as a subsidiary data for reference.
  4. The subjects of some behavior may lead to inaccurate data;
  5. The temperature monitoring feature of the device is primarily applicable to children muscle and fat affect wireless transmission, so the transmission range would be weaken when adult or obese child use the device;
  6. Please pay attention to the operation temperature and humidity using the device in a condition that does not satisfy the requirements may lead;
  7. Equipment for non-sterile, please clean with 75% concentration of medical alcohol use before; after use, please use 75% concentration of medical alcohol sterilized skin contact.
  8. Please abide by local laws and regulations when using.

The device is reusable and intended for temperature measurement of adult and pediatric {ages two years and over); it can be used In hospital and at home: Not used in ICU and other emergency condition.


a) The manual is written in accordance with available information and the contents are subject to change without notice. We have tried our best effort to guarantee its content accurately reliable for the manual. However, the company does not assume the liability of the loss and damage, which caused by the omission or inaccuracies in this manual.b) Software standard shall be prevailed, when any upgrade be implemented. When product improves or technology changes, please get more related information from the product website.c) Other trademarks involved possibly belong to their possessor.

  1. This equipment has been tested, comply with the limits for a class B digital device, according to the rules of FCC 1 S parts, aims to provide protection to a residential reasonable installation, to prevent harmful interference. This equipment generates uses and can radiate radio frequency energy.
  2. Electromagnetic compatibility standard IEC60601-1/ -2 products.
  3. Contact with the skin, non-toxic, non-irritating, reached the standard of 15010993-1/ -5 /-10.

imperii Electronics Intelligent Body Temperature Tracker Instruction Manual – imperii Electronics Intelligent Body Temperature Tracker Instruction Manual – imperii Electronics Intelligent Body Temperature Tracker Instruction Manual –

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