imperii Multifunction Bluetooth Speaker Instruction Manual

imperii Multifunction Bluetooth Speaker

Dear Customer:Thank you for choosing the high-quality Bluetooth digital speaker from the Torch series, a product that will provide you with great audio quality for your mobile phone, and Bluetooth multimedia features. Before using this product, please read this manual carefully to manipulate and use the device with the best results.If any instruction is not clear or you need help, do not hesitate to contact us


  • DO NOT expose this product to extreme temperatures, humidity or electricity.
  • DO NOT attempt to open the unit for any reason.
  • DO NOT attempt to manipulate your electronic components. Doing so will invalidate any written or implied warranty and will exempt us from liability with the product.
  • DO NOT attempt to use it if the internal components have been exposed to liquids. This notice disclaims liability for damage caused b y the use of the product after exposure to liquids.
  • Keeping the unit switched on when not in use will shorten battery life.

Package content

  1. Bluetooth Torch Speaker – 1 unit
  2. Micro USB charging cable – 1 unit
  3. Clamp for bicycle – 1 unit
  4. Manual – 1 unit


Bluetooth version V2.1 + EDR
Frequency 2.4GHz
Power 3W
Impedance 4
Signal / Noise <106dB
Frequency Range 80Hz-20KHz
Working distance 10m
Battery capacity 1200/2200/2600mAh
Voltage of load SVDC
Battery life Around 6-8 hours
Charging time Around 3-4 hours
LED lighting time Around 5 hours
USB Input 5V 1A
USB Output 5V 1A

Description of keys 

  1. Power button: When a call comes in, press once to answer, and press it again to hang up.
  2. +key: Press once to skip to the next song. Press and hold to increase the volume.
  3. key: Press once to skip to the previous song. Press and hold to decrease the volume.
  4. Flashlight/ Portable Charger: Press this key once to turn on the connected LED flashlight head. Press again to turn off the flashlight. When you remove the head, you can use it as a portable charger, pressing this key will activate the charger mode and it will turn off when you press it again. The indicator light is green.

Pair the Bluetooth speaker

  • Press the button for 3 seconds, when the indicator light turns blue, release the button and you will hear “The Bluetooth device is ready to pair”.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile or audio device and look for the name “Multi speaker” t o link it.A sound will be heard as soon as the connection is made.

Charging the speaker

This speaker with built-in battery is designed to be portable. When the speaker automatically turns off while playing music, the battery is exhausted and needs recharging.

  • Insert the Micro USB charging cable into the speaker port, and the USB input output with a 5V DC 1A power adapter to charge it.
  • During charging, the red light will illuminate, which will turn off once the device is fully charged.

Portable Charger Function

  • First remove the flashlight head from the main body. Secondly, plug the USB end of your charging cable into the USB port on the speaker, and the Micro USB end into the device you want to charge.
  • Finally, press the Flashlight / Charger key to activate the charge, and press it again to deactivate it.

Problem resolution

  • The failure to connect to the Bluetooth of another device may be caused by the following:Other Bluetooth devices are paired or in sync mode and interfere with your connection. Please move away from or away from those devices, or turn them off.

Static or muted sound may be caused by the following:

  1. There are large obstructions in the Bluetooth signal between the device and the speaker.
  2. You have removed the loudspeaker from the maximum allowed range between the two devices.


imperii Multifunction Bluetooth Speaker Instruction Manual – imperii Multifunction Bluetooth Speaker Instruction Manual – imperii Multifunction Bluetooth Speaker Instruction Manual –

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