imperii Xtreme Sports 4K Ultra HD Camera Instruction Manual

imperii Xtreme Sports 4K Ultra HD Camera


  1. This is a high precision product, please avoid knocks and falls
  2. Do not expose the camera to objects with a magnetic field such as magnets or magnetic energy machinery. Please also avoid approaching objects that can throw powerful radio waves.These fields could damage the product or destroy the picture and sound.
  3. Please do not leave the camera in direct sunlight or in high temperatures.
  4. Please use Micro SD cards, because ordinary cards can not guarantee their correct use.
  5. To prevent loss of data on your Micro SD card, do not leave it on or near places with a strong magnetic field.
  6. When charging the battery, in case of overheating, smoke, or a particular odor, unplug the device immediately to prevent fire.
  7. While the camera is charging, keep it out of reach of children to avoid damage by electric current.
  8. Store the product in a dark, dry and insulated place.


This product is a high-end device with high definition and for sports and camping. It has a variety of features such as video and digital photography, slow motion photography, voice playback, video, and removable battery. In addition, for its other functions, it is perfect fur outdoor sports, home safety, or underwater recordings.


Product Features

  1. 3264x1B36fps, 1920x1080P 60fps, 1280x720P 120fps
  2. 16MP photo resolution
  3. Wide angle of 170 degrees
  4. Large capacity battery with 2 hours duration
  5. Allows time-lapse / slow motion/ G-sensor I self-timer /timer
  6. Compatible with 64GB cards
  7. Compatible with HDMI cable

Product Diagram

Battery Cover

Product Diagram

Diagram of the submersible housing

Diagram of accessories

Application and assembly diagram

User Guide

  1. Insert the MicroSD cardAttention: please choose MicroSD cards and usethem after formatting them on your computer.Ordinary cards cannot guarantee correct use.
  2. Install and replace the batterya. Slide the battery cover down and rotate it.b. Following the+ and – pole indications and the battery arrow, insert it into the device correctly.c. To remove the battery, press the lower cover.
  3. Charge up the batterya, You can charge the battery using the USB cable by connecting it to the computer or to the power adapter.b. You can charge tile battery when the product is off.c. You can also charge and record at the same time.
  4. Power on and power off the cameraa. Press the power button for 3-5 seconds to tum on or off.b. Toe display will tum on or off depending on whether the mode is on or off.
  5. Turn the WIFI on and offa. Turn on the WIFI: briefly press the Up button, if successful the LED light will blink yellow.b. Turn off WIFI: With Wi-Fi on, press the Up button briefly, the yellow light will disappear.
  6. Change the modeTurn on the camera, then briefly press the power button, and you can choose between Video Recording, Photo, Slow Photo, Play File and Settings.
  7. How to photograph, and setting photo optionsa. Photo and Video Settings. When the camera is in video recording mode, press the OK button to start recording. When you are recording, the • symbol will appear below your screen. When you press the OK button again, 1t will stop recording and the• symbol will disappear. Video Mode: Normal, Recording Loop (2, 3 and 5 minutes), Video Time-Lapse (0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 30 and 60 seconds).b. Setting up and taking pictures. Turn on the camera and select the photo mode, in the upper left corner oft he screen the Photo symbol will appear, then enter Camera mode.Press the OK button to take the photo. (3, 5, 10 and 20 seconds), automatic (3, 10, 15, 20 and 30 seconds) and trajectory (3P / S, 5p/ S, 10P / S,20P/S)c. Setting up and taking Slow Photography: Select Slow Photography mode, press “OK” to start recording, the • symbol will flash at the bottom of the screen. To stop recording, press “OK” again and • will disappear. Slow Photography Mode: 1 OBOP / 60FPS, 720P / 120FPSd. Delete and play files. You can extract and play files using the data cable or by removing the MicroSD card and Inserting It Into a Micro SD reader. To erase files, in the playback screen, press “OK” for 3-5 seconds and delete that file in concrete.
  8. Installation and use of WIFIBefore using the WIFI feature, please install the “XDV” app on your Smartphone. NOTE: Android phones must be downloaded from Google Play.IOS mobiles must be downloaded from the Apple Store. Connection procedure:a. After the camera is turned on, press the Up key, and the message “WIFI” will appear on the screen, and the yellow LEO will blink.b. Open the WIFI connection of your mobile phone, look for the WIFI sport-cameras, and connect it {the default password is 66666666)c. Open the “XDV” app and you can see the camera screen on your mobile, as well as record video, play, download, delete and share.d. Installing the App: The system requires Android 4.1 or higher, and i057 or higher. Scan the XDV code and follow the installation instructions.
  9. Software updateIf you have an internet connection, the app will automatically update every time you open it if new versions are available.Tip: If the camera operates poorly or appears to be turned off, try removing and reinstalling the battery. Toe device will resume normal operation .
  10. Basic specification of the cameraImage sensor: CMOS SONY 179-SensorLCD: 2′ Colour 16:9 HD LCD screen + Status screenImage resolution:16 Mega Pixels [4608~3456) – Ratio 16:912 Mega Pixels (4000″3000) – Ratio 4:38 Mega Pixels [3264″1448)- Ratio 4:35 Mega Pixels (2592*1936)- Ratio 4:32 Mega Pixels (1600*12{]0)- Ratio 4:3Video resolution: 4K Ultra HD 30fps / 2.7K 30fps / 1080P Full HD 60fpl / 1080P Full HD 30fps /720P HD 120 fps/ 720P HD 60fps/ 720P HD 30 fpsImage/Video file format: Video format MP4 / Image format: JPGVideo compression format: H.264Light Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz/ AutoWIFI: 802.11b/g/n for Android and IOS devicesLens: 170′ HD wide-angle fish-eye lensMemory: Slot for Micro SD card up to 64 GB (Class 6 or above)OSD Language: English/French/German/Spanish/Italian/Portuguese/Simplified Chinese/Japanese/Traditional Chinese/Russian/Korea/Polish/SwedishConnections: USB 2.0, Micro HDMIBattery life: 70-90 minutes ( 1 OBOP)Battery: Detachable 3.V Li-Ion 900mah , 3.33Wh


  • Video recording- (Driving mode /lime Lapse /Loop recording)
  • Photography ·(Self-timer/Auto 5hot/Drama shot)
  • Slow Motion

Note: These specifications may be subject to change due to upgrades or upgrade. Consider the current as standard specifications.

Optional Accessories



imperii Xtreme Sports 4K Ultra HD Camera Instruction Manual – imperii Xtreme Sports 4K Ultra HD Camera Instruction Manual – imperii Xtreme Sports 4K Ultra HD Camera Instruction Manual –

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