INFICON LDM150R HC Refrigerant Monitor User Manual

Operating ManualLDM150R Remote Sensor

Ammonia (NH3) H1 = 20 cm X = 50 cm Y = 20 cm
HFC, HFO, HCFC H3 = 20 cm X = 50 cm Y = 20 cm
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) H2 = 150 cm X = 50 cm Y = 20 cm


The LDM150R Remote Sensor is a range of gas detectors to be used with monitoring units LDM150R.



Used for

743-203-HFC / 743-203-HFCHV HFC, HFO, HCFC  0-4000ppm
743-203-NH3 / 743-203-NH3HV Ammonia (NH3) 0-4000ppm
743-203-CO2 / 743-203-CO2HV Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 0-10000 ppm


The sensor continuously measures the gas concentration and gives an analog signal to the monitoring unit, when the signal reaches the alarm thresholds an alarm will be activated.Alarm levels are always set in the monitoring unit.


The general rule is that the detector should be placed as close to the potential leak as possible, and at the same time consider the gas density and any air movements in the room. The detector must also be positioned in such a way that it is easily accessible for service. See Fig. 1 for suggestions on suitable placement. Installation is carried out according to Fig. 4.

Function Control

Testing the system is recommended to be done once a year.

Technical Data

Housing HFC / HFO / NH3: Grey polycarbonate (PC) IP54
Housing CO2: Grey polycarbonate (PC) IP67
Sensor cable (up to 50 meters): 3 x 0,75 mm2
Sensor cable (up to 100 meters): 3 x 1,5 mm2
Temperature: -40 °C..+50 °C
Humidity: 0-95% RH (non-condensing)

Please Note!The semi-conductive sensors used in the LDM150R Remote Sensor range of products are not gas specific. Care should be taken when installing the equipment to minimize any cross-contamination from other gases or vapors.For further guidance on specific applications contact us.

This product is intended for use in the industrial area.Specifications subject to change

743-203-xxx LDM150R Remote Sensor Operating Manual 200305


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