INLIGHT Low Voltage LED Puck Light Kit Installation Guide

INLIGHT Low Voltage LED Puck Light Kit

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Package Contents

Hardware Contents

Warranty5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTYThe manufacturer warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase. This warranty applies only to the original consumer purchaser and only to products used in normal use and service. If this product is found to be defective, the manufacturer’s only obligation, and your exclusive remedy, is the repair or replacement of the product at the manufacturer’s discretion, provided that the product has not been damaged through misuse, abuse, accident, modifications, alterations, neglect, or mishandling. This warranty shall not apply to any product that is found to have been improperly installed, set up, or used in any way not in accordance with the instructions supplied with the product. This warranty shall not apply to a failure of the product as a result of an accident, misuse, abuse, negligence, alteration, or faulty installation, or any other failure not relating to faulty material workmanship. The manufacturer specifically disclaims any liability and shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental loss or damage, including labor/expense costs involved in the replacement or repair of said product.Contact the Customer Service Team at [email protected] or visit

Safety InformationWARNING AND CAUTIONSWARNING To reduce the risk of FIRE, ELECTRIC SHOCK, OR INJURY TO PERSONS:– For INDOOR USE ONLY.– Do NOT touch LEDs. Do NOT remove the protective LED lens. Do NOT look directly at lighted LEDs for any length of time.– Do NOT touch, operate, or install fixtures while in contact with water. Not intended for illumination of aquariums. Do NOT mount over sinks or stoves.– Not intended for recessed installation in ceilings or soffits. Do NOT mount the light to cabinets having a material thickness less than 1/4 in.– The low voltage portable cabinet light may be installed inside or under a kitchen cabinet or other built-in furniture when the low voltage Class 2 power supply is located OUTSIDE the cabinet and is not concealed and when the line voltage power supply cord is not concealed or run through openings in the cabinet, walls, ceilings or floors. This requirement does not apply to the wiring between the cabinet light and the power unit.– Do NOT attempt to install while plugged in.– Use only insulated staples or plastic ties to secure cords, route, and secure cords so that they will NOT be pinched or damaged when the cabinet is pushed to the wall.– To reduce the risk of fire, do not install in a compartment smaller than 12 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches.

CAUTIONS– Read and understand all instructions and illustrations completely before proceeding with assembly and installation of this fixture.– All parts must be used as indicated in these instructions. Do not substitute any parts, leave parts out, or use any parts that are worn out or broken. Failure to obey this instruction could invalidate the UL listing, C.S.A. certification, and/or ETL listing of this fixture.– This fixture is intended for installation in accordance with the National Electric Code (NEC) and all local code specifications.– Use ONLY the supplied LED driver to power the fixture.– LEDs can be damaged by electrostatic discharge (ESD) shock. Before installation, discharge yourself by touching a grounded bare metal surface to remove this hazard. To avoid damage, do not remove the clear lens over the LED module.– DO NOT USE THIS FIXTU H A DIMMING CIRCUIT. If dimmer controls are present, remove them and replace them with regular electrical switches. If a three-way din present, replace it with a regular three-way switch. If unfamiliar with electrical installations, it is recommended a qualified electrician do the installation.–The light sources are non-changeable light-emitting diodes (LED). Do not disassemble this product.– Included led driver accommodates a maximum of 6 wattages only. Beware not to exceed the wattage of the LED driver, this is displayed on the driver.


PLANNING INSTALLATIONCompare all parts with the parts listed in the hardware included and pack contents sections. If any part appears missing or damaged, do not install and use this light. Contact customer service.


Installation (Section A) – Surface Mounting (Wires under a shelf or cabinet)

1 Prepare for installation– Place the wall switch to the “OFF” position. (Fig.1.)– Place either the main (Master) switch to the “OFF” position, cutting off power to your entire home, OR turn off the individual switch that provides power to where the fixture will be installed. (Fig.2.)– Carefully unpack the fixture. Layout all parts on a clean surface.

2 Locate the desired positions for all units– Locate the desired positions where the LED puck lights (A) and connection box (C) is to be mounted.

Note:Ensure the connection box (C) is within 6 ft. of an electrical outlet and the puck lights (A) are located within 6 ft. of the connection box (C).

– Measure and mark the corresponding placement on the mounting surface for all units. Make sure everything is properly spaced before drilling screw holes into the cabinets.

3 Install the backplate– Install the backplate (B) to the bottom side of the cabinet by inserting two mounting screws (AA) into the mounting holes on the bottom of each backplate (B). (Fig 1.)Note:Ensure that the screw’s heads are level with the backplate. (Fig 2.)

4 Install the LED puck lights– Snap the LED puck light (A) onto the backplate (B), it is held in place by a magnet.– Repeat steps 1 to 3 to install the remaining two LED puck lights (A).5 Connect the dimmer control unit and power cord– Insert the plug from the power cord (D) into the jack of the dimmer control unit (E).

6 Install the connection box and dimmer control unit– Attach the connection box (C) to the bottom of the cabinet using two mounting screws (AA).– Attach the dimmer control unit to the bottom of the cabinet using two cord mounting clips (BB).

7 Connect the cords– Connect the wires from 3 of the LED puck lights (A) to the holes marked as “output” in the connection box (C).– Connect the wire from the dimmer control unit (E) to the hole marked as “input” in the connection box (C).

8 Secure the cords– Excess puck light cords and power cord can be secured using the cord mounting clips (BB)Note:Proceed with caution when attaching the cord clips to the cabinet, make sure the metal nail does not pierce through the cord.

9 Connect the plug to an electrical outlet– Insert the power plug (D) into an electrical outlet and install is now complete.Installation (Section B) – Surface Mounting (Wires on top of a shelf or cabinet)

1 Prepare for installation– Locate positions where LED puck lights are to be mounted by following step 2 in Section A – Surface Mounting (Wires under a shelf or cabinet)– Use the enclosed template to drill a 1/2″ hole to pass the LED puck light cord through the shelf.

2 Install the trim rings– Install the backplate (B) as described in step 3 of Section A Surface Mounting (Wires under a shelf or cabinet)– Thread the cord from the LED puck light (A) through the hole, Snap the LED puck light (A) onto a black plate (B), it is held in place by a magnet.– Repeat steps 1 to 2 to install the remaining LED puck lights.

3 Connect the LED puck lights and connection box– Install the connection box and dimmer control unit as described in steps 5 to 6 of Section A – Surface Mounting (Wires under a shelf or cabinet).– Connect and secure the cords, then connect the plug to the electrical outlet as described in steps 7 to 9 of Section A – Surface Mounting (Wires under a shelf or cabinet)

Dimming Control

Press the on/off button to switch on the light and use the dim/bright button to adjust the brightness of the puck lights.



These lights use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to provide light. LEDs do not have a filament to burn out like a traditional light bulb. LEDs gradually emit less light over their lifetime, but will typically last 50,000 hours in a residential environment.

Periodically clean the fixture and diffuser using a mild, non-abrasive cleaner and soft cloth. When cleaning the fixture, make sure the power is turned off. Do not spray cleaner directly onto any part of the fixture or LEDs.

Installation within a cabinet requires 12V Class 2 transformers (included). Class 2 transformers are by definition “Power limited” (5 amps maximum) and “Inherently Protected” (fused). Primary wires to the transformer enclosure must follow normal NEC Chapter 3 wiring techniques. Non-enclosed secondary wiring and splices are not restricted in concealed spaces.

Questions, problems, missing parts? Before returning to the store,contact Inlight Customer Service[email protected]Retain this manual for future a trademark of Inlight Co. Ltd.


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