18033 Massage chair Insportline Scaleta User Manual

18033 Massage chair Insportline Scaleta


  • Keep your fingers or other body parts away from moving parts.
  • Use only grounded socket.
  • Please pull out the plug after use or before cleaning.
  • Please use this product only according to the manual.
  • Do not modify or use non-authorized accessories.
  • Please read this manual carefully before use.
  • Use this product as it is described in the manual. Other use can lead to injury.
  • It is recommended to use the product for 20 minutes.
  • Do not use the product if it is damaged.
  • Do not use this product if the ventilation hole is covered or blocked.
  • Do not put or drop other items on the product.
  • Do not sleep in the chair.
  • Do not use the product when drunk or sick.
  • Do not use it within one hour after having a meal.
  • Do not use too strong or uncomfortable massage to avoid injuries.
  • Do not use in moist or high temperature environments.
  • Do not use the product when the temperature change rapidly.
  • Do not use in dusty environment.
  • Use this product only in good ventilated room.
  • People suffering from osteoporosis, heart problems, carrying electronic medical equipment (peacemaker etc.), fever, skin disease should not use this product.
  • Pregnant women or children under 14-year old should not use this product.
  • Do not use this product when you have wet skin.
  • Check the voltage before use.
  • Do not use wet hands to pull the plug.
  • Do not use water or wet cloth to clean the electronic pats.
  • Do not allow the water to get inside the product.
  • Do not damage the wires or change the circuit of the product.
  • When the product stop working or works abnormal please top using the product and contact you supplier.
  • Stop using the product if you fell sick or dizzy.
  • This product is not suitable for people with reduced physical, mentor or mental capabilities, lack of experience or knowledge unless they are under adult and responsible supervision.
  • If the power cord or plug is damaged it should be replaced only by the manufacturer or experts to avoid injury.
  • Children should be under adult supervision when using this product.


  • This product should be maintained only by certain agents.
  • Do not disassemble the product.
  • After use please unplug the product.
  • If you plan to store the product, please curl the wires and store the product in dry and dustless environment.
  • Do not store the product in high temperatures, fire or exposed to sunlight.
  • If the power cord is damaged it must be replace by manufacturer or experts to avoid injury.
  • Please clean the product with dry cloth. Do not use thinner, benzene or alcohol.
  • Th mechanical components are specially designed and made and to not required special maintenance.
  • Keep away from sharp items not to damage the product.
  • Do not put the product on uneven ground. Lift the product when moving it.
  • Use the product with brakes after 20 minutes of use.
  • People sensitive to heat should use this product with caution.


  • If the controller is not working, please check the plug and socket if they are properly connected and make sure that the switch is turned on.
  • If the massage session is over the product will automatically shout down. If the product is overheating the temperature protector will automatically shout down the product and the product can be used after 30 minutes brake.

WARNING: The chair can be tilted by kids. It is forbidden to climb, jump or stand on the product. The product can tilt and cause damage and injuries.




1. Pillow pad
2. Control panel
3. Cup holder
4. Seat cushion
5. Footrest frame
6. Front cover
7. Bluetooth digital audio
8. Backrest cushion
9. Armrest
10. Backrest cover
11. USB port
12. Drink holder cover
13. Pocket
14. Power cord and plug
15. Wheels
16. Power cord socket
17. Power switch
18. Fuse box


  • This product has 2 sets of mechanic massage hands. One set is specially designed for neck and can be adjusted up and down. The second set can be moved up and down.
  • 3 simulation massage methods: kneading, tapping and combination of kneading and tapping.
  • Auto massage function: auto I, auto II, auto III and four demo auto modes.
  • Massage mechanism heads can be manually adjusted. You can adjust the heads according to your needs. Kneading and tapping function has 3 levels of speed.
  • Set neck kneading massage independently. Bidirectional kneading, one – way kneading. You can manually adjust next and shoulder massage heads position.
  • Air pressure massage function: Air pressure to calf with 3 levels.
  • Neck and shoulder heating function use carbon fiber as infrared heating source.
  • Mobile USB charger is in the front of drink holder.
  • Controller displays timing of the massage.
  • The footrest can be adjusted manually up to 180° and can use air bag massage.
  • It can play music with connecting smart device.
  • Digital 3D speakers equipped of each side.
  • Massage heads return to default position after turning off the machine.

To turn on plug the device to the socket and turn on the device. To turn off turn off the device and unplug from socket.



Press the red button to start massage. It will automatically start auto I massage. You can choose other massages.

Auto massage:
Description Button Massage features Display



Auto massage





Auto I: whole body massage, relax sore spot See the button light
Auto II: focus massage on neck and back See the button light
Auto III: focus massage on waist, buttocks and thigh. See the button light
Demo: 5 minutes of each massage See the button light
Manual massage:
Description Button Massage features Display



Press this button to turn on or off the kneading massage function See the button light
Press the button to turn on or off the tapping massage. Three levels: weak, medium, strong. See the button light

Massage position adjustment

Massage hands move up
Massage hands move down
Function Turn      on    bidirectional       kneading,       one-way kneading or turn off kneading massage. See the button light
Neck     and shoulder heating   Turn on or off the heating function. See the button light
Massage position adjustment Neck and shoulder massage hands move down
Neck and shoulder massage hands move up
Button air pressure massage:
Description Button Massage features Display
Air pressure Air pressure massage on buttocks, 3 levels: strong, medium, weak. See the button light
Skeleton rack position:
Description Button Massage features
Foot     rest up Press the button and the footrest will recline and will stop when releasing the button. When reaching the highest point, the recline will stop.
Foot     rest down Press the button and the footrest will decline and will stop when releasing the button. When reaching the lowest point, the decline will stop.
Bluetooth speaker
  • Turn on the auto search of Bluetooth devices on your smart device.
  • Then connect to IMCM-0066* and then confirm the connection.
  • Enter the password “0000” or “1234” and confirm.Every Bluetooth model is unique. Name can be IMCM-0066 or IMCM-0088 etc.
Installation of cup holder
  • Prepare the chair. (Fig. 1)
  • Take out the cup holder mounting plate from accessory bag and alight with mounting screw hole on the right armrest and screw with 2x M4x10 screws and pull out the USB from right armrest of massage chair. (Fig. 2)

  • Take out the upper cover of cup holder from accessory bag and align with slot in the armrest.(Fig. 3)
  • Press the cup holder down and make sure it is in correct position. (Fig. 4)

  •  After installing the cup holder, secure it with 2x M4x10 screws. (Fig. 5)
  • Connect the USB male wire to USB female wire which is on the upper cup holder assembly.(Fig. 6)

  • Take out the cup holder cover and align with cup holder holes. Secure it with 3x ST2.9 x10 screws. (Fig. 7)
  • When is cup holder installed properly screw the M4x10 screw. (Fig. 8)

Floor protection

After a long time stand of the massage chair can damage the wooden floor. It is recommended to use carpet or protection pad.WARNING: No not move the chair on transport wheel on wooden floor, uneven ground or when you do not have enough space. Chair should be lifted with at least 2 persons.

Moving the chair

Before tilting the chair on the wheels, make sure you do not interfere with any cables while moving. Fold the chair on the wheels and move it to the desired position.


Model A156
Configure 2
Name Massage chair
Rated voltage 100-120V 60 Hz
220-240V 50Hz/60Hz
Rated power input 60W
Noise <55 dB
Rated time 20 min
Safety structure Class I
Material PVC, PA, steel parts, electric and electronic parts


After the product lifespan expired or if the possible repairing is uneconomic, dispose it according to the local laws and environmentally friendly in the nearest scrapyard. By proper disposal you will protect the environment and natural sources. Moreover, you can help protect human health. If you are not sure in correct disposing, ask local authorities to avoid law violation or sanctions. Don’t put the batteries among house waste but hand them in to the recycling place.


General Conditions of Warranty and Definition of TermsAll Warranty Conditions stated here under determine Warranty Coverage and Warranty Claim Procedure. Conditions of Warranty and Warranty Claims are governed by Act No. 89/2012 Coll. Civil Code, and Act No. 634/1992 Coll., Consumer Protection, as amended, also in cases that are not specified by these Warranty rules.The seller is SEVEN SPORT s.r.o. with its registered office in Strakonická street 1151/2c, Prague 150 00, Company Registration Number: 26847264, registered in the Trade Register at Regional Court in Prague, Section C, Insert No. 116888.According to valid legal regulations it depends whether the Buyer is the End Customer or not. “The Buyer who is the End Customer” or simply the “End Customer” is the legal entity that does not conclude and execute the Contract in order to run or promote his own trade or business activities.“The Buyer who is not the End Customer” is a Businessman that buys Goods or uses services for the purpose of using the Goods or services for his own business activities. The Buyer conforms to the General Purchase Agreement and business conditions. These Conditions of Warranty and Warranty Claims are an integral part of every Purchase Agreement made between the Seller and the Buyer. All Warranty Conditions are valid and binding, unless otherwise specified in the Purchase Agreement, in the Amendment to this Contract or in another written agreement.

Warranty Conditions

Warranty Period The Seller provides the Buyer a 24 months Warranty for Goods Quality, unless otherwise specified in the Certificate of Warranty, Invoice, Bill of Delivery or other documents related to the Goods. The legal warranty period provided to the Consumer is not affected. By the Warranty for Goods Quality, the Seller guarantees that the delivered Goods shall be, for a certain period of time, suitable for regular or contracted use, and that the Goods shall maintain its regular or contracted features.

The Warranty does not cover defects resulting from (if applicable)

  • User’s fault, i.e. product damage caused by unqualified repair work, improper assembly, insufficient insertion of seat post into frame, insufficient tightening of pedals and cranks
  • Improper maintenance
  • Mechanical damages
  • Regular use (e.g. wearing out of rubber and plastic parts, moving mechanisms, joints, wear of brake pads/blocks, chain, tires, cassette/multi wheel etc.)
  • Unavoidable event, natural disaster
  • Adjustments made by unqualified person
  • Improper maintenance, improper placement, damages caused by low or high temperature, water, inappropriate pressure, shocks, intentional changes in design or construction etc.
Warranty Claim Procedure

The Buyer is obliged to check the Goods delivered by the Seller immediately after taking the responsibility for the Goods and its damages, i.e. immediately after its delivery. The Buyer must check the Goods so that he discovers all the defects that can be discovered by such check.When making a Warranty Claim the Buyer is obliged, on request of the Seller, to prove the purchase and validity of the claim by the Invoice or Bill of Delivery that includes the product’s serial number, or eventually by the documents without the serial number. If the Buyer does not prove the validity of the Warranty Claim by these documents, the Seller has the right to reject the Warranty Claim.If the Buyer gives notice of a defect that is not covered by the Warranty (e.g. in the case that the Warranty Conditions were not fulfilled or in the case of reporting the defect by mistake etc.), the Seller is eligible to require a compensation for all the costs arising from the repair. The cost shall be calculated according to the valid price list of services and transport costs. If the Seller finds out (by testing) that the product is not damaged, the Warranty Claim is not accepted. The Seller reserves the right to claim a compensation for costs arising from the false Warranty Claim.In case the Buyer makes a claim about the Goods that is legally covered by the Warranty provided by the Seller, the Seller shall fix the reported defects by means of repair or by the exchange of the damaged part or product for a new one. Based on the agreement of the Buyer, the Seller has the right to exchange the defected Goods for a fully compatible Goods of the same or better technical characteristics. The Seller is entitled to choose the form of the Warranty Claim Procedures described in this paragraph.The Seller shall settle the Warranty Claim within 30 days after the delivery of the defective Goods, unless a longer period has been agreed upon. The day when the repaired or exchanged Goods is handed over to the Buyer is considered to be the day of the Warranty Claim settlement. When the Seller is not able to settle the Warranty Claim within the agreed period due to the specific nature of the Goods defect, he and the Buyer shall make an agreement about an alternative solution. In case such agreement is not made, the Seller is obliged to provide the Buyer with a financial compensation in the form of a refund.


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