Saturn ASN120 High Airflow ARGB Case Fan User Manual

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Product Story

Inspired by the vibrant coloration found in some regions of outer space, the ASN120 Saturn ARGB case fans continue InWin’s breakthrough technological case fan development. InWin is the first company to develop modular case fans. By simply connecting the fans together, this not only makes cable management a breeze, but they are daisy-chainable too. Saturn offers newer features than even our previous Polaris fans. Improvements to the provided controller enhances the overall building experience.

Package Contents

Triple Pack

    1. Saturn ASN120 Fans x 3
    2. ARGB One-Click Controller PLUS x 1
    3. Screws x 12
    4. 6-6 Pin Fan Cables 100mm x 2
    5. 6-6 Pin Fan Cable 1000mm x 1
    6. ARGB Cable x 1
    7. PWM Cable x 1
    8. Main Cable x 1

Single Pack

    1. Saturn ASN120 Fan x 1
    2. Screws x 4
    3. 6-6 Pin Fan Cables 100mm x 1
    4. 6-6 Pin Fan Cable 1000mm x 1


* Specifications may vary based on different regions.* InWin products comply with RoHS regulations.

ARGB One-Click Controller PLUS Information

(Note: Only in Triple-Pack)

    1. M/B ARGB Port
    2. M/B PWM Port
    3. Main Cable Port
    4. ARGB Port
    5. PC 2-Pin Reset Port
    6. Special Specification Port
    7. Button

Cable Information


(Note: Please connect the cable according to the cable information.)

    1. Please make sure the power is off.
    2. Connecting the fans with each other by using d or e. (Chain a max of 10 ASN fans)
    3. Connect C to the 1st fan and the controller.
    4. Install the fans in your PC case and mount them in the designated areas.
    5. Connect the A and B to the controller and M/B.
    6. If you wish to adjust the ARGB Lighting effect via the PC case reset button, please connect the PC case’s 2-pin reset button cable to the controller.
    7. To connect more ARGB peripherals such as LED Strip, please connect the ARGB cable of the peripheral to the controller “ARGB Out” jack.Note: Do not connect “ARGB In” peripherals to the controller “ARGB Out” jack.
    8. Use the magnetic strip on the back of the controller to place the controller to the metal parts in the PC case.
    9. Connect the SATA Power Connector to the PSU’s SATA Connector.
    10. Complete installation.


How to use the ARGB One-Click Controller PLUS

(Note: The Controller only comes with the 3-Pack.)

    1. Switch on your PC after completing installation.
    2. Mode Switching:M/B Mode: The controller will automatically connect to “M/B Mode” if your M/B supports ARGB lighting effects. Now you can control your ARGB lighting effect via M/B software.Controller Mode: If your M/B does not support a 3-pin, 5V ARGB header, the controller will switch to “Controller Mode”, and you will able to switch thelighting effect by clicking the button on the controller or the PC reset button if you had connected the 2-Pin reset button cable to the controller.

Tap the button to change the lighting modes.

*InWin reserves the right to change the lighting modes.

Note: Tap the button (Controller button/2Pin Reset button) once under “M/B Mode” to switch to “Controller Mode” or you can hold the button for 3 seconds to switch back to “M/B Mode” under “Controller Mode”.

*For more installation instructions, please scan the QR Code below or watch the video in the website link:


If your fan does not operate properly, please follow the instructions below:

1. Please check your system’s power.2. Please make sure all the connectors are connected properly.

Important Notes

1. Please install the fans by following our instructions.2. When storing the fans, please keep this product away from high temperatures. Keep it away from machines such as heaters that might cause high temperatures.3. Please do not put anything in the impeller.4. Please do not modify the wires or the connectors provided by InWin.5. Please do not touch the fan blades when the fan is in operation.6. Please only use your fan in a computer case.7. Please keep this product away from any liquids.

Saturn ASN120 High Airflow ARGB Case Fan User Manual – Saturn ASN120 High Airflow ARGB Case Fan User Manual –

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