ipega PG-SW063 N.S Mini Audio Converter User Manual

ipega PG-SW063 N.S Mini Audio Converter User Manual

Product Features

  1. This product is suitable for extracting audio from N.S/N-SL/P4 console and playing sound through wireless connection to wireless headsets/speakers;
  2. Connect console to power supply, no need to charge or connect to
  3. her power sources
  4. Small size and easy to use;
  5. Support to connect a single BT headset or connect two BT headsets at the same time;

Product Diagram Show

Product Instructions

  1. Turn on the BT headset/speaker to enter the searched connection state;
  2. Connect the product directly to the N.S console, the product will automatically turn on, and the five indicator lights will be on for 5 Seconds at the same time
  3. Search for the paired BTⅠdevices:For the first connected BT headset/speaker, press and hold the BTⅠbutton for 2 seconds, the P1 LED flashes quickly, and the product will automatically search for pairing. After successful connection, P1 LED will always be on;
  4. Search for the paired BTⅡdevices:After successfully connecting to the first device, press and hold BTⅡbutton for 2 seconds, the P2 LED will flash quickly. and the product will automatically search for pairing. After successful connection, the P2 LED will always be on, and the P1/P2 LED are on at the same time, which means it has been successfully connected .The two BT devices play game sounds at the same time.
  5. Back connection BT devices:For BT headsets/speakers that have been searched for and paired, connect the product and automatically connect back. The LED light flashes slowly during the back-connection search, and after the device is success fully connected, the Corresponding LED light will always be on;
  6. If the product has been connected to some devices, when connecting to other new devices, press and hold the BTⅠbutton for 7 seconds to clear the previous connection information, so that the new device can be successfully paired quickly;
  7. Press and hold the BT I button for 16 seconds to force a reset and shutdown. You need to reconnect the power supply to turn onNote: When two groups of BT are connected at the same time, two groups of BT shall have the same decoding rate type or two identical BT speakers and headsets are required);

Electrical Parameters

Frequency range:2.402GHZ – 2.480GHZTransmission distance: 10 meters barrier-free transmissionBT version:5.0

Parts List

  • Audio Converter x 1
  • Manual x 1
  • USB-C to USB-A cable x 1
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Patent NO: ZL202030524851.2


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